Sadly, Geralt Doesn't Have A Penis

Sadly, Geralt Doesn't Have a Penis

In the Witcher 3, Geralt is one swinging dude. He must have some libido! Seems he doesn't have much of a weenie — or, for that matter, any whatsoever.

Note: Some readers might find this content objectionable.

Website PC (via tipster James) installed a free-camera mod that allows players to explore the in-game world and the world of Geralt's crotch. (Previously, we saw how this mod showed that NPCs get freaky when you're not looking).

It's not surprising that this character model is penis-free. Video game dicks are hard!

But, in case you were wondering what Geralt's nether regions looked like, here ya go:

Sadly, Geralt Doesn't Have a Penis
Sadly, Geralt Doesn't Have a Penis
Sadly, Geralt Doesn't Have a Penis



    Dicks are hard? CD Projekt Red need to speak to Robert Yang. :)

    Just wait, a week or two from now and he will have a huge penis modded on to him.

    Just imagine, combine it with the inevitable 'naked mod' and you'll be able to witness his modded monstrosity as you ride horses, unicorns and women all over the countryside.

    Maybe they can include a slider for 'size' in the options, so we can make him jealous of Tyrion Lannister, who told us to guess again about the size of a dwarf's donger.

    Edit: And apparently I'm already too late with part of this post: Possibly NSFW

    Last edited 29/05/15 10:57 pm

    Jesus, this needs an emergency mod right away!!!

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