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    I don't like Scholar of the First Sin on PS4. Enemy placement is bullshit and tailored for Co op.


      Added to that they've removed the point where they'll give up chasing you so now will chase you until they die. So speed running g is out as if you stop to pull a switch you're suddenly surrounded by 15 enemies.

      They've literally changed the mobs to high level Knights and surrounded them by archers you can't reach. Then repeat. It's a slog trying to get through solo now.

      I thought they were meant to fix enemy placement, not break it even more.

          So Dark Souls 2 is a complete write-off at this point?

          Excellent, I can go back to not being able to play Bloodborne.

      Damn. I was looking forward to firing that up.

      The enemy placements have been patched into all the earlier versions too, haven't they? So I can't even replay on 360 without having to deal with the new regime.

        I'd be lying if I said I knew.

        Let me know when you start playing, maybe we could start running it together. Had fun when I have had help, even just the NPC summons.

          Yeah, that'd be cool! I'll let you know for sure.

    MORNING. I flew a plane for the first time on Saturday :D definitely something I'd recommend anyone to do if you get the opportunity.

    Now to decide whether to get The Witcher 3 tomorrow or wait until more funds are available

      Many EXCITES!! I Preloaded over the weekend. :)

      How old are you and where did you fly??

        Soon to hit 31. I flew partly over Moreton Bay but it was lightly raining over that way so we turned around and flew over the Glasshouse Mountains instead

    Morning peoples, how were your weekends?

    I mainly worked, but was able to squeeze in a few hours of AdVenture Capitalist. Also watched Russell Peters - Notorious stand up comedy routine on Netflix last night, was pretty funny.

    Anyways, Witcher 3 tomorrow, Wooo!

    Also, have any of you guys seen this trailer for Magicka 2? It's kinda funny.

      I periodically checked in on AdVenture Capitalist over the weekend. I unlocked all the businesses and managers then reset when I noticed I would get 34 Angel Investors. Now I see that some upgrades take billions of angels to unlock, so I don't know when it is actually a good time to reset. Presumably as I reset repeatedly and gather more investors it goes faster and faster each time. I mean, this just goes on and on, generating a number so I can make bigger numbers? I guess it's an amusing distraction but to keep me amused for any longer it would really need to, I dunno, do something else. Be funny. Something.

      And of course it's a freemium game so if you want to pay ludicrous sums of money you be buy gold to unlock everything and completely subvert the point of playing, I guess? Does anyone ever do that?

      Anyway, I bought into the hype, checked it out, and now I think you're all loonies.

        I generally do a reset every time my angel investors either equals or exceeds my current total of investors.

        What's the point of incremental games? What's the appeal? I'm not sure, really. Loonies is probably right.

        MONDAY MORNING PHILOSOPHY! If you want to get potentially too deep, I think part of the appeal stems from the fact that you can observe incremental progress towards a goal, with your late-game gains making your previous struggles seem insignificant by comparison.

        Guaranteed progress with persistence and measurable improvement? That's something that we don't often get to have, in real life.

        Additionally, the 'reset' mechanisms allow you to have a 'do-over', re-visiting your earliest trials but with the benefit of experience and resources, allowing you to perform better. That's a recurring fantasy for a lot of people, too. ("What would you do if you could go back again, knowing what you know now?")

        They also neatly provide an alternative to bypassing the plateau that you reach and experiencing that rush of rapid gains again. Anyone who's ever reached a plateau (in their career, artistic skills, gym training) knows how frustrating that can be and how much they'd love to be able to bypass it. So that's another itch scratched.

        It's a different kind of skinner box - a simplistic mechanism for scratching psychological itches we can't so easily (if ever) scratch in our real lives.

          I think all of that is true and it's how games with those progression/reset systems work but here in particular (and I guess with cookie clicker too, though I never "played" that, I watched a friend of mine do so for several hours) it's progression for the sake of progression. It doesn't feel like a goal is being worked towards. There's no apparent terminus, so there's no reason why I couldn't buy a few lemonade stands, hire a manager to run them, then never revisit the game again.

          At least once I prestige is Call of Duty I have a little emblem that tells people I've done with all before but in this game there's no multiplayer, no leaderboard. You're doing it entirely for the sake of yourself. I mean there's a "swag" screen that's just a dude, presumably your in-game avatar, standing in an empty field next to a bag of money. The only part the changes is the banner that says "millionaire" or "trillionaire" or whatever to reflect the highest "-aire" you're reached. What if I could use my trillions to build a house or fund a hospital or something? Apparently such pursuits are beneath me. When I log into the game after an absence the game gives me the money I earned while I was away then reminds me I can use the money to buy more businesses and make more money which I guess creates jobs or something.

          If anything it reminds us that because we don't have the ability to go back and do things better over and over into absolute perpetuity that time is precious and we should use it spending time on things that have meaning or matter, which emphasises the pointlessness of the game to begin with. Why would I do this when I could be playing a game that's actually entertaining? Or watching a film, looking at really weird porn, or reading a book?

            Hey, I never said there was any virtue in it... just that it scratches an itch. People like scratching itches, even (especially?) when that turns out to be more harmful than leaving it alone.

            (Also, you do get more swag as you gain more money, house, boat, clothes, uh... moonbase. You just need to earn several times more money than actually exists in the world. Like millions of angel investors.)

            But really, if you want to go there... what is the point in doing anything? Is there REALLY that much more virtue in leaving a 'prestige' sign for a community of others who have surpassed your achievement or don't care and either way definitely won't remember it or you?

            Watching a good movie is JUST as pointless. No-one will know what you saw, played, read, or even did... maybe a few dozen people, a couple hundred if you're locally noteworthy. And even then, that 'living memory' is finite. Without exception you will die, your memory will fade, it will serve as a point of interest.

            EVERYTHING we do is a temporary way to please ourselves, and even if it's the basest of psychological manipulations, that doesn't logically leave it without as much merit.

            Nihilism is the logical progression of that line of thought. What is all of human existence if not the pursuit of the self-delusion that we in some way matter? What are ALL leisure pursuits if not a momentary distraction from the awareness that we are mortal, that we and our name and deeds will pass, fade, and be as nothing? We can try to attain some level of genetic immortality by creating children to leave behind, we can turn to religion to believe that we will persist on some level past death... but ultimately, all activities, all 'achievements' are a placebo, distracting us from their ultimate futility and insignificance.

            *thumbs up* Cheerful Monday thoughts! :D

              I understand where you're going but I wouldn't go that far. Ultimately everything is pointless and fruitless, but what makes things important is a degree of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. Doing something fun or difficult. These things give your time on earth some meaning.

              AdVenture Capitalist seems to simply underscore that fact that time is being wasted.

    Morning All!
    I had a lovely weekend.

    Friends over for dinner on friday - Made Lamb Shanks in our slow cooker - followed by Cards against Humanity.

    Saturday I Baked all day - Had friends over for boardgames(Star trek attack wing - 1 TOS ship each, followed by Cosmic encounter) and dinner (Baked Vegan crepes with Vegan Ricotta, Spinach, tomato and Zuchinni filling) and Dessert (Vegan Key Lime Pies) and Charlies Angels (Because we can!)

    I lost both games, I had the win stolen from me in Cosmic encounter. everyone turned against me at 4 VP's Bastard. I thought I had won. but no, someone Zapped a power :(

    Sunday was relaxing, Haircut, and 5 hour marathon of House of Cards

    Food was awesome, so say the Carnivores at the table, as well as the vegan :)
    How was everyone elses weekend?

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      Sounds like an amazing food and fun weekend.
      Love playing Cards Against Humanity with our friends. One of them insists on always picking the least gross/offensive cards because he feels bad picking the bad ones. It's like he's trying to lose!

      You made Cards Against Humanity in your slow cooker? :o

        well it does sound kinda like gluten free bread

        Putting Cards Against Humanity in your slow cooker seems like the best use of the game.


    "saturday is this what australia was like"

      I'm pretty sure it's a documentary.

        It's rammed home when you watch the version with David Attenborough voice over.

      They're mainly out in the wasteland because the trees are where all the thousands of species of animals that can kill you are.. Only out in the wasteland is where one can truly escape the horror of the drop bears.

      "saturday is this what australia was like"
      "absolutely" (interchange with " 'kin oath mate!" "too right!" "stone the flamin' crows!" etc etc at will.)

      Last edited 18/05/15 10:38 am

        whenever I'm told to do an australian accent I go straight to the bad british accent and sayings thereof. Pip pip cheerio, bangers and mash, etc.

        Sometimes, they don't notice the difference. :/

          Man, the number of times I would be playing against Americans in COD or BF3 and be asked

          "Are you English?"

    Mornin' all.

    I'm stuck in that weird position of waiting where I'm not sure what to do until I can play either The Witcher 3 or Life is Strange ep. 3. Considering curling up with a book, or maybe looking through the 2013 (?) New Avengers (?) run (the thing that leads into secret wars) since I have some of it the other day. Dunno though, dunno.

    Had a good weekend, made a veggie lasagne and cupcakes, so I'm feeling very domesticated, but they both turned out well. Now I'm trying to think of barbs for my mother, since she wanted to get up at a normal time today (trying to readjust to work hours), and she's still in bed.

    How are we all?

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      I really love the majority of that New Avengers run. Ends on Seige, which is a lot better than Secret Invasion.

        (Actually there's a nice special one shot issue after Seige that actually sort of has an ending, which is nice. You know, because super hero comics always end on a CLIFFHANGER)

        Marvel confuses me with all their stuff.

        That said, at least I haven't come across any 16 part crossovers like I did trying to read new 52 Batgirl.

        I should probably just stick to reading Ms. Marvel (I'm a fake comic book nerd).

          What's confusing?

          I used to read single issues, so I guess it's easier to keep up month by month rather than trying to read oddly collected TPBs.

          Best part of singles was not having to buy the shitty filler issues. The worst is storing the fuckers.

      Man, these morning posts are so homogenous, much like the milk I've added to my first attempt at cold brewed coffee. *starts shaking from caffeine*

      What sort of cupcakes? also, what do you put in a Veggie lasagne?

        The cupcakes were white chocolate (which I still refuse to accept as chocolate, but hey), and the lasagne was eggplant, sweet potato and zucchini, it was supposed to have capsicum as well, but after roasting them I promptly forgot about them, and so they were just sitting on my bench when it went in the oven (I think sweating the eggplant made a huge difference to its overall taste). Both really good recipes that Bish gave me.

      Considering many others will be jumping on the Witcher bandwagon, it might be fun to come along for the ride and have some interesting chats about it. I find that can be half the fun of jumping on the bandwagon early, engaging with the community as they share their experiences in hopefully spoiler free ways.

        Yeah, it's one of the reasons I like Dark Souls 2 more than I probably should, since I was playing at the same time as other people, and we shared our hatred of the Shrine of Amana together, whereas I was well late for the DS1 bandwagon.

        Still, I'm off work this week so I may end up steaming waaaaaaay ahead of most players, which will be annoying.

          Split your time between a few different games? That way you make plenty of progress on multiple fronts, and won't steam too far ahead of everyone else. Haha

      I really cant get into the current run of Marvel comics tying into Secret Wars; too close to DC's multiversal revamp crap. I'll probably jump back in once this event has passed on and the Marvel universe is somewhat back to normal.

    Boodstained & Hooks-Laylee, woooop!

      I still have issues wrapping my head around putting $40 down now and not seeing anything until 2016/2017.

      Bloodstained looks like it'll be a great game and has an excellent pedigree. But that wait time...

        I just didn't think about that part.
        I only backed Bloodstained because it offered a backer only physical edition.
        Yooka can wait til it's up on PSN.

        Yeah, have to hold off on buying Shovel Knight now because I've blown my budget.

          I blew my budget on the weekend... picked up Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD for PS3.

          Still playing Bravely Default, have Xeno 3D and Majora 3D waiting too... =/

            apart from Xenobladder, all great choices.

            Budgets suck :-|


              Might back Bladstan tonight if funding date lines up with a payday.

                Bladstan: Stan evacuated his bladder

    So our Dwarven Paladin of Vengeance decided to read a random scroll. Several weeks later he turned into a woman.

      Better than the story about a Gnome Psionicist who read a scroll and turned into a cat. He ended up staying as a cat because his character's stats actually improved. :P

        We were in an area of random chaos magic effects with pools of chaos lakes. The damn wizard, paladin and bard wanted to play around in it. The wizard ended up turning his familiar into a Nothic. Then swapped bodies with it. Then swapped back and turned into a sheep with wings.

        They started sticking objects and themselves into the chaos lake. So the paladin got a blue arm and his hand turned invisible.

          "Let's stick body parts into this weird magical lake. Nothing can possibly go wrong."

          Do these guys just flail through the game and somehow succeed? Random magic can go all the way from changing colour to now you're on the Plane of Fire to having a unicorn spawn inside your torso. If I was playing a character with even a modicum of intelligence I wouldn't touch such a thing with a 10-foot pole.

            Speaking of Unicorns...

            They drenched their weapons in the stuff. Now whenever the paladin uses his handaxes he rolls on the chart. The first handaxe got cloud fog on himself twice, so we've determined that's what it does. The second handaxe was used by different people and both times summoned a Unicorn.

            Also the wizard was playing around in the stuff so much it's now replaced his blood. He's making chaos rolls after every spell now.

              Jesus. At least you'll always have some excitement because the wizard is now the magical equivalent of dynamite. You never know when he's going to explode in everyone's face.

                The wizard was thinking about doing that. We saw a legion of orcs marching and he was thinking about what would happend if he jumped into the middle of them and chugged his snakeskin of chaos magic he nicked behind everybodys back.

                The DM pretty much answered him that he would kill the entire legion, but would guarenteed to explode and die.

            They've all got low wisdom and intelligence scores perhaps?

              There's a difference between someone being stupid, someone willingly gambling with fate, or someone being almost wanting to die.

              It's like the Deck of Many Things. It's a magic item that has potentially bad stuff and also potentially good stuff on each and every card. Generally the wisdom is to hope to god that you pull the ace and get showered in riches or power or what have you. I have read far too many stories of people drawing 20 cards from the Deck at a time which summons demons, transforms themselves, or just outright kills them. Magic that has no control is downright scary.

                Its how lucky do you feel, id probably be tempted to do it. Its like if you find ye olde slot machines of life hidden in the tavern on the edge of the world. I doubt it exists but someone has to drop the gold coin and cross their fingers for free spins

    Morning TAYbees.

    Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I did, played lots of GTAV & Witcher 2. So pumped for Witcher 3 this week! xD I also picked up Towerfall Ascension on steam for like 5 bucks, this is an awesome game, looking forward to playing multiplayer with friends sometime.

    I'm still chipping away at 3-star cups for 200cc Mario Kart 8, i've managed to do 5/12 so far.
    Went out for breakfast and had some fantastic potted eggs with chorizo and tapenade. So good!! Making me hungry just thinking about it!

    What were your weekend highlights?

    So after more than 5000 resets, it finally happened:

    Yeah, totally shiny. Trust me, it's not just because I've gone crazy and started seeing things.

    Then the gods of RNG were taking pity on me after such a long stretch, and a few hours later:

    That's more like it.

      Grats. The crazy part is I read 5000+ resets and think 'yeah, I should totally try for a Shiny Legendary sometime'.

        I've had 3 in the 400s, a 700, 1500 (missed at 1200, second chance at 1500), 1600, 1800 and 5200.
        It shouldn't normally take that long. Statistically speaking, it's a 50% chance at around 1850 resets. This one was just all the more nasty since you have to watch and listen at the initial encounter otherwise you could miss it. I'm not going to miss listening to that musical pattern 5000 times.
        Every other shiny doesn't need sound, since it's pretty obvious.
        Thanks to the big one, that's over 13,000 resets for 9 encounters, so I haven't got the best strike rate any more, but I am still below the 50% tipping point.

    Top of the mornin' to ya TAY,

    Yesterday I scored a goal for my Sunday league team, watched the A-League Grand Final and watched The Snowpiercer upon @janexo's recommendation. I didn't know whether to be charmed or repulsed by the movie, absolutely loved it.

      I watched Snowpiercer a few months ago, was awesome. Definitely something different for Chris Evans, especially when we're used to seeing him as Cap.

      Yeah, that movie was great! I watched it late last year. Had borrowed a projector at the time and watched it with a bunch of mates.

      Can't believe they were eating jelly bricks made of cockroaches!

        I actually liked the look of protein blocks, I think I'd eat one lol.

        Man, my takeaway from that movie was that Captain America ate babies.
        Like, that's supposed to be a big thing, and it is a big thing, but I genuinely feel like the significance is more pronounced because it is Chris Evans.

        Last edited 18/05/15 9:19 am

      So great right?! I knew you'd enjoy it :D

        Thanks for the recommendation :)

        There were parts when I was enjoying the banter between characters, nek minut I'm watching a pregnant woman get stabbed in the neck. I don't think I've ever seen a movie where a pregnant woman has been killed, or wielded an uzi lol

          Ohhh I know! And then Edgar dying, oh noooo. That fight in the dark was just, oh man, so so good.

    Just read this in the description for The Witcher 3 on Wikipedia.

    The game also features a dynamic beard growth system, in which the beard of the playable character Geralt will grow when he travels between regions.

    Why don't more games feature a dynamic beard growth system?

      They will after this, I bet.

        Aye and then they'll call it innovative when they put it in their respective AC/CoD/Destiny game and sell the crap out of it at E3! Yay for PR and marketing departments!

    Good Morning TAY!
    Well, Mrs Fizz and I are back from our adventures in Japan.
    What an amazing country, I loved every minute of it!
    Here are the pics I took around Ghibli for those interested :o)!1614&authkey=!ALCb1eLgqlwfafA&ithint=album%2c

    Morning all long time no post. Surely you've all missed me. Im one hour away from my weekend and Witcher 3 is out tomorrow so yay.

    Also I just go to complete a alarm response with the note "Whole Bunch of Cats" was like 8 of them.

    Good morning! Saw Mad Max and omgholyshithahahwow.

    TAYfolk, for those who know a lot about cats... Are domestic shorthairs usually so highly predatory?
    Because Max has been chasing the antenna cable on my radio, and I don't wamt her getting zapped.

      Misread that as "cars" and was wondering how the hell your car was chasing an antenna.

        Same, but I clicked as soon as I read "domestic shorthair".

      All Most cats are.

      That being said, I doubt a radio antenna has enough voltage in it to actually zap the cat or you for that matter. Probably get a better tickle from a 9V battery to the tongue.

      Research is showing that unlike dogs and livestock, cats are only partially-domesticated and may in fact never actually be fully-domesticated.

      Those murderous instincts are strong. Some of the stories of house-cat survival in the wild are quite gruesome and even chilling in their predatory cunning.

    Weekend win. Spent Friday night at a mate's place hanging out, talking shit and generally not doing a lot. Spent about 5 hours at the range with said mate on Saturday, spent about 300 rounds, made progress with my new rifle and breathing/aiming techniques. Still a long way to go, but really enjoying it. Next comes my Remington 700 Police in .308 if the taxman is good to me.

    Spent Saturday evening and Sunday on Diablo 3, BF4 and Guild Wars 2. Sought out cow portals in D3, and items for my Monk's new dash build, and have almost completed it. Can solo mid 30's Grifts which is making me happy.

    Feel much happier finding a hobby that gets me out of the house for better part of a day at a time, and then can spend the rest of the weekend chilling out and playing video games. Feels like a much better balance. Plus when the zombies come, I'll already have guns, ammo and knowledge on their use. Win win.

      What's the current rifle? I've only ever fired handguns. Though one of them was the 1911 which I'm a fan of so that was cool, surprisingly heavy too.

        My first rifle, it's a Ruger 77/22 bolt action (.22LR), with the 10 round rotary magazine. Only planning on target shooting at this stage. Had it for a month or so, and been to the range twice, for about half to full day each time. I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would, and it's a lot of fun to boot.

        Although, the urge to step up to a bigger calibre is soundly in place, and it's going to get expensive. But - good thing is, if you look after a rifle, it's basically for life and you don't need to upgrade.

        Never fired a pistol - they're difficult to get a license for and maintain, in Victoria at least. 1911s are beast, would love to have a crack at one someday!

        Last edited 18/05/15 9:51 am

          Step 1 go to Thailand. Step 2 get in a tuk tuk. Step 3 say you want to go shooting. Step 4 walk in sign name fire gun.

            Oh man, I went to Thailand once, and tuk tuks are the shit. Except when they're going dodge on you at major tourist attractions and telling you they're closed - and then trying to take you to indian fabric shops and get you to buy stuff.

          How much was it to get your rifle licence and stuff? I wanted to get a handgun licence but like you said they are difficult to get. Last gun I fired was 6 years ago and it was an MP5sd sub machine gun at the WA rapid response training centre

            You're Victorian too, from memory?

            Cost wise it wasn't that much - 5 year license was about $250, plus about $9 for each permit to acquire (permit you have to get for each gun you're going to buy) and that's about it.

            You just have to do a safety course at your nearest police station that runs it, and then it's about 4 weeks (28 day cooling off period) from submitting your license application to getting your approval on paper.

            After that, you get a photo, pay your $250 and wait for them to send your card - that part takes a week or so. It's not terribly difficult, just takes time. So all up, about 5+ weeks from sending the form to having the plastic license in your hand.

            Number one tip if you're going to do it is to post your permit to acquire for your first gun along with your license. Otherwise, there'll be a second 28 day waiting period for the permit to acquire to clear after the license itself.

            Last edited 18/05/15 12:30 pm

              Yeah Victorian

              Thanks for the tips ive also gotta look into gunranges on the peninsula as well as guns haha

      What's the GW2 draw atm? (I guess besides trying to get expansion beta drops?)

      I haven't played since S2 ended.

        Well it's mostly that I only played off and on in the 2 or 3 years I've had it because I didn't know anyone else that played. Got my Necro to max, pottered around and quit because I couldn't break into high end stuff like fractals or explorable modes.

        This time around a friend has started up, so I've got someone to play with. Busying myself building ascended gear, finishing world exploration and levelling an alt or two. Got the precursor for Twilight, and debating making it for my Mesmer - plus Necros will be able use GS in the expansion.

        Got pretty lucky with the beta drop - got one in Silverwastes after half an hour or so of just doing events which I was already doing for ascended materials anyway.

        Last edited 18/05/15 1:50 pm

    @popdart5 @pupp3tmast3r
    I won my first PvP game of HOTS last night!
    And it was with the character I was most interested in trying out, Sgt Hammer. :D
    I think I lost so many times I got a low enough rating to smash now, and they kept underestimating my damage in siege form, kiting with the knockback and mines, and her ultimate is kinda like Ezreal's where it passes through enemies in a line, I thought it was like Jinx's at first, being a rocket and all and it would explode on the first hero hit. Still, lots of fun to play

      I find the napalm strike to be a more reliable form of damage but there is a lot of satisfaction from firing a massive rocket.

      If your passive is up as Ham girl, you can Z and boost your way straight out of siege mode to give yourself more mobility and quickly get out of danger. Took me a while to realise that but it's so useful.

        Wait you can use that while in siege mode?! I had no idea of that!
        I was mainly doing supporting fire with lifestealing splash shots, being able to destroy forts and turrets from outside of their range is very useful, and putting mines in blind spot brushes is also hilarious when they try to jump me and they get 3-5 mines in the face with strong slows.

          I find that strategy works okay until you get a jumper or a blinker. I hate Illidan for this very reason as he can shadow himself or something and make himself immune to damage for about 2 seconds. Can completely negate your mines while he jumps onto your face.

            Yeah Illidan did try that on me several times, I shoved him back immediately with my knockback shot, by the time he got back within face hugging range I had backup.

            Yeah Illidan has an ability call Evasion which negates all incoming damage from "normal" attacks for about 3 seconds. It can be boosted to provide him with a shield that scales with level but most Illidan players only skill into that if they're expecting a lot of burst damage from normal attacks (so shouldn't be able to avoid mines).

            Experienced Illidan players also won't go for Metamorphosis and instead go for the other ultimate "The Hunt" aka Spiritbreakers ulti from Dota 2. It basically makes it impossible to run away from him @tech_knight so something to watch out for against experienced Illidan players (they usually have colored skins to warn you early).

      Hahah nice one dude =] Hammer is a very weird toon to play in a team based objective oriented MOBA as she primarily focussed on creating lane pressure and toppling some towers early game to get your team the XP lead.

      The best Hammers I've gone up against use that jet ability/cloak (pretty sure they have a temporary cloak) and the movement in siege mode talent. I've never played her but I do enjoy killing her as Nova/Illidan xD My advice to you if you like her as a hero is play a few matches as the heroes you have the most trouble against; it'll educate you on what those heroes blindspots are how you can take advantage of that as hammer. (e.g. I now run two separate Illidan builds based on the enemy team's heroes)

      I'm also starting to reach that stage in the game where I'm aching for ranked modes with experienced players. Once you learn the basics of how to boost team level (i.e. towers/hero kills/early game ganks) it gets very frustrating to play with people who decide to go farm merc camps.

        The merc camp thing is why I've taken to going Bribe on most heroes that have access to it. Buccaneer Bay becomes very interesting when you can speed clear siege giants once every few minutes.

        I also run a few different builds depending on the hero but I tend to stick to a primary build eg. lane creep buffer/pusher Azmodan and auto-attack Valla. I've actually had more success going a full-tank Sonja and a damage-based Diablo considering I originally built them the other way around. Heal bot Uther is also funny considering his after-death heals can be very frustrating.

          Is bribe even worth it? The only decent times I've noticed where its worth looking at mercenary camps if when the enemy team is down 1-2 heroes and you want to push the advantage but not risk another fight.

            I've found bribe is useful on maps where heroes get taken out of lane a lot (which is almost every map now that I think about it). Particularly on something like Dead Mines where you can bribe the mercs to push the lane while you tussle in the mines for skulls. Allows you to push the lane without you having to be there.

              The only decent use of siege giants I've seen is when you grab the spawn point behind enemy lines (each map has at least one) and have those giants chip away at the enemy forts without them realizing it. Most of the time when I've seen bribe its seemed to expensive when there are better alternatives in that skill tier to be taken *shrug* to each their own I guess =p

              I just get pissed off when there's a team fight and the team uther is busy standing in a camp of neutrals healing himself trying to solo it while the whole team gets wiped! (Happened to me in 3 separate games over the weekend and it was always a fucking uther!! :@)

        As in a full ranked team? I'm far from ready to do that yet, I'm just still running random and playing what I get and try to make it work (I like this challenge with HOTS). But yeah that's how I was using her, basically a nuisance to make them keep abandoning objectives to try to deal with me, I jet off and knock my enemy back, rinse a repeat. hehe

          Haha no HotS has two ranked modes; both of which only unlock at player level 30, I'm only 26 at the moment and I'm craving the solo ranked mode. I.e. quick match but with ranks.

            Oh right :P
            I would be up for ranked modes too, once I figure out what the heck I'm doing at last 10% of the time :P

              For what its worth I'm still learning new stuff in Hots and I'm slowly approaching that stage where I'm learning how to use blindspots on the different maps and tactics on manipulating locations for the different objectives. You know you're getting there when you can anticipate where a Nova/Zeratul are likely to be in a team fight =P

                Indeed there's so many blind spots in a game without warding.

                  For what its worth I believe Tassadar is able to reveal invisible units; and a few other heroes have abilities that'll force them out of hiding like Zagarra's Hydralisk DoT.

    Hola Tay

    Had a good weekend. Finally knocked off Witcher 2 on Friday- turns out I was closer to the end than I'd thought. Saturday did laundry (yaaaay.) then went to the Hungry Hippo with a Lady Friend and some of her friends. Obviously made an impression, because I went to hers and boardgamed some more on Sunday. That's not a euphemism, you pre-verts.

    Then I went home and packed a bunch of stuff for Brisbane. I WILL SEE SEVERAL OF YOU AT THE BUFFALO BAR AT SEVEN. BE THERE OR...DON'T BUT I'LL BE SAD

    A monday morning question: Now we're here on Witcher eve, what other property deserves a blockbuster game? "fantasy novel x" is a cop out answer.

      So a none fantasy series.
      Well the obvious answer is Jurassic park.

        Make it open world (i.e. the entire Island).
        Give me a quad bike.
        Let me hunt the bloody T-Rex.
        I'll be very happy with that.

      A game about the rise and fall of the Blockbuster Video empire.

        Reskin an existing Kairosoft mobile game and you'd nearly be there...

        If you wanted it to be 8-bit, F2P on iOS and Android...

      Out of curiosity, which path did you take for Witcher 2?

      Also, I won't be able to make it tonight sorry. Been roped into something else tonight (which also means no Pathfinder but something else entirely made that impossible).

        Roche. Iorveth did nothing to impress me.

          I went with Iorveth. Some prior choices I made led to me being absolutely against Roche and I didn't feel like I really owed him for saving my life back in prison.

          Iorveth didn't impress me at all either, but Roche actively made me really mad.
          At the end of Chapter 1 by being a complete idiot. Which sucks because up until that point I kinda liked him. But seriously... Geralt has Letho cornered with a scoia'tael commander and a unit of archers. No matter how good Letho is, he's not walking away easily from that.... right?

          But what does Roche do? Charge the whole lot out of nowhere and start killing everyone who was keeping the Letho pinned, giving the Kingslayer - the very man he'd been hunting - the perfect opportunity to escape. Why? Because he saw a bunch of elves in one place and got greedy. Completely lost his priorities. When I saw Roche charging, I actually cried out loud, "What the fuck are you doing?! You IDIOT!"

          On top of that, when he loses a bunch of his men in open fighting, that gives the Commander in town the perfect excuse to unleash a racist bloodbath in the name of his ethnic cleansing.

          Iorveth is a terrorist and a sadistic murderous prick to boot (ants? Seriously?), but oh my God. I almost wanted to make the boring trek to Flotsam then back to the Elven ruins JUST to plunge a sword through Roche's idiotic face and cleanse the town of all the murderous racist goons on my way out. I may even look up a wiki to see if that was an option and go back to do just that, if so.

          That moron Roche was directly responsible for Triss' capture. If he hadn't been a greedy/hate-blinded half-wit, they wouldn't have been in that situation.

            The game had a good contrast between the two choices. Roche was all about maintaining stability of the kingdom even if goes to the extent of massacring known terrorists and their support networks while enabling a complete prick of a town mayor. Seriously, that mayor was a massive prick.

            Iorveth on the other hand actually had a modicum of reason but he realised that the Scoia'tael had to continue playing up their role as terrorists because appealing to be freedom fighters wouldn't work thanks to the Elven kingdom under Francesca Findabair (basically a puppet for the Nilfgardians). And I have to say that it plays into things very well with the second act in that Iorveth wanted to enact change regardless of the potential collapse of all society while Roche was all about the status quo, no matter how screwed up it was.

            Regarding that last point,

            I totally didn't go and save Triss in my game. Made the final confrontation with Letho all the more interesting.

              There's no winners in either of their politics, and I don't particularly care about them. What I REALLY care about is that fucker Roche screwed up my sting operation and jeopardized my girl!

      I know that it's a cop-out answer, but I had this grand plan for an ongoing open world series a few years back.

      Hogwarts, the game.

      Basically, since Hogwarts is easily the best part of any Hairy Porter game, I envisioned a game where you turn up as an ickle widdle first year, get sorted into a house, and then play out a sort of Bully like game with this entire goddamn magical playground around you.

      Original plan was to set you up as either one or two years younger than Hairy Porter (so you see recognisable characters, but you're engrossed within your own adventures because goddamn you know that some shit was going down outside what the books told you), and you'd get to experience the uprising at Hogwarts, evil defense against the dark arts teachers, and then fuck it, why not another Tri Wizard tournament? BECAUSE THE LAST ONE WENT SO WELL, THAT'S WHY!




        I don't ever want to hear more about how the HP world works, because the more you think about it the more it falls down.

      Did she blow on your dice for luck? Giovanni would.

      The hunger games really needs a game. Chose your sector, customise your character, train in the facilities and go head to head in PvPvE may the odds be forever in your favour.

      Ugh, I really need to play the Witcher 2. Its been sitting on my desk still in the plastic for years.

    Had a pretty good weekend. Finished Bloodborne (reluctantly) and also the campaign in GTAV. Thought I'd clear the decks for Witcher 3 (whenever it arrives in the mail) but then thought, nah, I'll totally be able to finish Metal Gear Solid 4 before it arrives. I found out I'm looking at about 20 hours so I'll have to rush it as much as I can!

    In other happenings, I learnt how to make an origami boat with my younger daughter, fixed up a bike for her, made date scones, watched Return of the Jedi (stupid song replacing Yub Nub at the end), ate pizza, drank beer, read about 200 pages of my next book club book, played Playstation Allstars Battle Royale with the kids (also Tintin and Tokyo Jungle) and spent some quality time with the missus ;-)

    Had to go out Saturday night with a bunch of my wife's friends whose names I barely know. Had an OK time.

    Feeling a bit burned out. I feel like I'm due for some time off work but the way things have been going around here I'm worried my undeserving colleague will sneakily get promoted when my back is turned so I don't dare take leave. I know that's not how things work but this bullshit has really got me on edge.

    New Destiny content has been fun, can't wait til the DLC proper unlocked tomorrow - though apparently the DLC won't go live until about 8 hours after the daily reset, so, around 3am here. Guess I won't play it til Wednesday night.

      I'm still on the fence about the new bounties... but then I may be a little burnt out after spending a solid twelve hours farming for treasure keys on Saturday. Loot obtained: 4 legendary engrams, 3 treasure keys, about 120 special ammo synths, and every possible inventory slot on three characters (including vault and lost items) filled with undecryptable blue engrams. Can't wait for Wednesday so I can start actually using my inventory again. :P

        I wasn't farming very hard but I have a lot of blues, two purples (both for heavy weapons) and no keys. I hope keys will drop inside the Prison of Elders itself and these chests aren't the only way to get them.

          From what I hear, keys have a relatively high chance to drop from the PoE boss. But you can only use one key per PoE run, so any extras from these events will just be backups should one not drop from the boss.

            Hmm, I thought there were more chests than that. Besides which, I understand when you open a chest it opens for your entire team? I think?

              Maybe... like I said, don't have much information to go on, as everyone's been sworn to secrecy about the PoE treasure room. Going mostly off the IGN podcast for the moment - no way for me to verify what they're saying. Would be cool if one key opened the chest for everyone... would mean I can run the PoE six times in the first week :P

                I think you can only get rewards once per week, but apparently the rewards don't stack at each difficult level, so you have to run it at each level (I think 30, 32 and 34) to get each set of rewards.

                I have as much information (or possible misinformation) as you, I guess. We'll find out in two more days!

                  Yep, rewards don't stack, but the level 28 one is repeatable. 32, 34 and 35 will only drop rewards (ie the armour core/weapon core/etheric light) once per week, but there will be a chest at the end that's only openable with a treasure key; so your second time through the (eg.) 32 PoE, you won't get another armour core, but if you've got another key, you'll be able to open the chest again for an exotic or legendary item. Gives an incentive to help others through if you've already done it that week, I guess.

                  I guess we'll find out on Wednesday, and sort the rumour from the fact for ourselves.

    I have borrowed the DM Guide from my friend for the latest edition of D&D. I give up. No-one else is going to DM so I guess I'll have to get back into it :(

      I like some of the variant rules in the DMG for 5E but it seems the book is mostly about giving tips on how to construct an adventure and a campaign. Good for new GMs but if you've had any experience (which it sounds like you have) it's not really that helpful in my opinion.

      That said, I share your slight annoyance at having to GM because no one else wants to. My other gripe is time as I always want to run more games but I'm restricted to once a week at most with my in-person group.

        Kotaku hates me replying to this comment and keeps checking if I'm a robot.

        That article really hits the nail on the head. I admit I am a lazy GM and generally rule things on the fly but I enjoy it because I can tell a story. Sure the story often goes on wild tangents and has silly things because PCs happen but that's part of the fun as well.

        I used to love GMing but sometimes you just want to actually play as a character in someone else's world

    So I have started on a new bookmark series. This one is Katamari.
    So far I have done prince and Ichigo. Next one, is Dipp.
    Question. Should I start putting a watermark on the preview images?

    Last edited 18/05/15 10:06 am


      Last edited 18/05/15 6:41 pm


      Last edited 18/05/15 6:41 pm

      Yes watermark. Also

      Na, na na na na na na na, Katamari damacy!

      Yeah definitely watermark them; always better to be safe than sorry! (Might want to update links once done)

      You should definitely put some sort of watermark on the preview images. Even if you don't care about being ripped off from a financial perspective it'd be a massive bummer to have some shop start selling them using your designs without even asking. That sort of thing can be a huge blow to your motivation to do anything creative at all. Plus it doesn't hurt to have a store watermark or something people can track you down with if they want to buy one.

      Also if you're taking suggestions one with a tiny little Prince pushing a Katamari core on the end that hangs out, so when it's in the book it looks like he's rolling your book, would be hilarious. Sadly I'm not really a book guy so all these designs are wasted on the likes of me. =(

        I think that bookmark would require being hand made. You could always display the bookmarks as art, if that's what you prefer

    My weekend was kinda all over the place with good things. Sold my old car for scrap and scored $350 which I felt was pretty good considering it was 18 years old and the gearbox was on its last legs. Then my internet dropped out due to a line fault and Optus says they'll fix it sometime before the 28th. :( Unfortunately this means that there will be no Pathfinder tonight for the players.

    Yesterday was the Eagle Farm markets in the morning which was nice until it started to rain. Then I had Dark Heresy for the rest of the day.

    My players are actively avoiding combat because they are super paranoid about what I'm doing. I had a Dead Space scenario aboard a space station and they immediately cut their losses and evacuated. Although this was after I threw a Beast of Nurgle and a swarm of Nurglings that came bubbling out of the plasma generators and cut their life support so it was probably a wise choice on their part.

    It's all good though. As much as I want to take them down a couple of pegs, members of the group are becoming more insane and corrupt so I'm winning the battle against their souls. And, for every one of their "victories", Papa Nurgle's presence is growing stronger. A space station of 25,000 people only managed to evacuate 3,500 so that's a very hollow victory to deny the enemy. This was also after they orbital bombarded a penal colony into the dust because of a huge flesh beast that had grown from the accumulated buried dead. Chalk up another 50 million deaths of convicts.

      How awesome are the Eagle Farm markets?

      I could go there and just eat food for hours... then buy fresh everything go home, cook and continue to eat for several more hours. Then eat whatever it was I cooked.

        They have a tonne of really nice food but the bakery stalls are just the best. It's better than the Queen Street Markets by far.

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