Tips For Playing Skiing Yeti Mountain

We have an extra special tips post this time, as this one comes straight from the developers. Who better to guide your perilous path as you snake down the slopes?

Cheers to the two-man team at Featherweight Games, consisting of Dylan Bevis and Tim Kaldor, for providing these little morsels. I'm about 100 levels into the total of 800, and I've ceased to hear that wonderful dual ding sound effect that plays when you win the gold coin. One ding isn't enough, dammit.


Your skis have more resistance the harder you turn, so try to avoid unnecessary turning to keep up speed. You can also use this to make quick stops in a pinch to avoid hitting a cliff or ice patch in the wrong direction.


As you carve down the slopes you slowly build momentum, and on the right level you can pick up some serious speed by getting your turns just right. When you make a sharp turn the momentum is lost very quickly, so where possible try avoid them. To really optimise your times it’s often best to make a wider, early turn around a flag to create a longer period of building momentum.

Cliff Jumps

Obviously you can’t change directions after jumping off a cliff, so it is important when cliffs are approaching to come off it in the direction you wish to travel. This usually means going wide early and making your turn before you hit the cliff. Also, the flags are more forgiving if you fly past them in the air, so you can use this to shave off some more milliseconds.


Challenge Mountain deer levels can be some of the craziest, deers only start moving as you approach and startle them, so work out the best path through each herd and this path will work the same even if you have done the start of the level faster or slower than before.

Tweet at the characters

In most games I don’t bother to read the tutorial text because it’s easy to work out the game just by playing. In Skiing Yeti Mountain, the tutorial ends very quickly and is replaced by a humorous story that we think is well worth reading. Also you can tweet at the characters you meet and they will almost always respond.

You can check out Skiing Yeti Mountain on Android and iOS.


    Oh god, Ski Free? Is that you? :o

      Pretty sure Ski Free wasn't that pixelated :P

    Woah....I'm up to level 40, thought it was a bit easy. 800 Levels!! I have a long way to travel.

      I know, right... I got up to 80 and thought for sure I was close to the end, haha.

      And have you seen the fucking yeti?

    You mean 'Deer'? There is no 'S' in deer plural. Lol

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