UFC Stars Hate How Much They’re Spending On Clash Of Clans

UFC Stars Hate How Much They’re Spending On Clash Of Clans
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We can hone our bodies and minds until they’re razor sharp — perfect tools of fistic destruction — but in the end we all fall to the same foe: mobile game micro-transactions. Just because you spend 8-10 gruelling hours every day training to punch other dudes in the face for a living, that doesn’t mean you can’t also find time to be a video game addict.

Cases in point: UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and UFC lightweight fan favourite Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. On a recent episode of UFC’s “embedded” series, Weidman refused to stop playing FIFA even with a giant acupuncture needle sticking out of his head, and on the most recent episode he and Cerrone commiserated over absurdly popular money sink — er, mobile game Clash of Clans.

“How’s your clan coming along?” asked Cerrone as the two met up before this weekend’s UFC 187 event, where they will both be fighting (but not against each other).

“I’m actually… I gotta stop spending so much money,” Weidman replied.

“I spent a hundred dollars [while playing] at the pool yesterday,” Cerrone admitted.

“I taught myself I’m done spending money,” said Weidman, “but then there are these times where I’m like, ‘You know what? Who cares? I’m gonna make myself happy!'”

“I can go to the movies with my girlfriend and get some popcorn or I can spend $US50 on this game. It makes me just as happy,” Cerrone joked.

So there you have it: UFC superstars — who, I might add, make hundreds of thousands of dollars per fight — hopelessly overspending on Clash of Clans, to the point where they’re worried about it. Whether rich, poor, or able let someone punch you in the face and then flash a cocksure grin and say, “Now look at your hand” and then they realise that you ate it, everyone has to deal with mobile game micro-transactions. They’re the suffering that unites us all.


  • Fuck I hate weekends…..

    So much dross comes out of the US site it becomes too damn obvious…

  • I deleted Clans after a year of playing, I never spent much on it, maybe $60 all up, but it was weird, a week after I deleted it, the relief was amazing.
    I told myself I was enjoying it, but I wasn’t really, it was just a monkey on my back.

  • You would need the brain damage aquired by repeated punches to the head to shell out $ on mobile dross like this so im not surprised really. Then you also deserve repeated punches to the head for shelling out $ for mobile dross like this. The circle of stupidity is complete. Hooray for natural selection!

  • I play this game, am in a clan of local players and it’s a good bit of fun. Never spent money on it either. I love the people that do though, they power level up their bases really unevenly and are easy pickings!

    They must have a lot of people paying though, as I read the company makes over $5 million a day. That’s Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day.

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