WipeOut Is Back! Kinda…

WipeOut Is Back! Kinda…

In 2012, Sony closed its Liverpool studio, home of the WipeOut series and one of the oldest (and coolest) game developers on the planet. In 2015, WipeOut is back, in all but name.

Formula Fusion is a new game, already backed on Kickstarter, that is being made by a bunch of ex-Sony Liverpool devs, veterans of the WipeOut games on PlayStation consoles.

Anti-grav racing, futuristic vehicles, an electronic-heavy soundtrack…so far, so WipeOut. They have even gone and got design studio The Designer’s Republic to help out on stuff like logos, which WipeOut fans will recognise as being one of the defining features of the series’ almost timeless visual appeal.

Formula Fusion is being developed first for the PC, but there are stretch goals on the Kickstarter campaign for console ports.

WipeOut Is Back! Kinda…


    • Nintendo is getting fast racing neo at some point, which will scratch that itch.

      I’d also be happy with a “super Luigi u” total conversion of mk8 to turn it into f zero.

      I’d also be happy with f zero gx hitting the eshop.

      I want it all.

      • I have never played an “F-zero like” that scratches the itch F-Zero has left 🙁

  • Nintendo also has 90’s Arcade Racer on the way (Eventually maybe pending the game actually being finished and the developer’s desire to pass it through the classification board) .
    Might not be the same sensation as F Zero or Wipeout but it looks pretty.

  • Mmm. I said I would stop kickstarting games, but I do love me some hover car racing…

    • I backed a game called Planets on KS about a year ago now (just checked, it was backed in April 2014) , and at the time I didn’t realise how far away a release was, they’re only now getting around to an Alpha release for backers to try… Honestly, I still get emails, but I’ve just about lost interest…

      • Yeah, I have half a dozen games I backed years ago still in the works.
        And now my gaming habits/interests have changed and I no longer care about most of them.

  • Wipeout?! With DubFX collaborating on the soundtrack?! Yes yes yes please this is gonna be siiiiiiick!

  • In 2015, WipeOut is back, in all but name.
    Much better than the other way around!
    (I’m looking at you, shambling abomination who wears the messily-hacked-off skin of Dungeon Keeper, in a sickening perversion of all that is holy, a grotesque sin against man and god alike.)

    • Sure, but Dungeon Keeper was EA. Need I say more?
      I do? OK then, “c**k s**king motherf**kers”.

      Back on topic, I still throw on Wipeout regularly on my Vita, so really looking forward to this.

  • I’ve seen a few “Wipout clones” coming out of the woodworks but this one here looks as close as to Wipout as I think is possible, if it plays and sounds the same then I’d be a huge fan…or I could just go play 2097 again

  • I follow these guys’ work on a WipEout forum, along with other WipEout clones such as SlipStream GX. I’m so glad to see that this is here, it’ll make this known to more and more WipEout fans! really, WipEout didn’t die with Studio Liverpool, it kept on going, staying alive in the hearts of the fantastic fanbase and community we have.

    • Haven’t been on the WipeoutZone in some months now, but its where I first heard of this. So glad it got a decent amount of exposure, even if a bit late in the KS to do as much help as possible, because these guys have been slaving to get the concept off the ground. Keenly following it’s development!

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