Cancel Video Games, We Have First-Person Drone Racing

First-Person-View Drone Racing Looks Like All Kinds of Fun

Here's the thing: the only reason we ever had video games in the first place was because first-person drone racing wasn't invented yet. Now that first-person drone racing has been invented, I think it's time to cancel video games.

This video was shot by ABC's Lateline in an abandoned warehouse in West Melbourne. It looks insane. These drones can get speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour.

A quote from Darren French, one of the folks taking part in the races: "It's addictive. It's like playing a video game. It's fast. The more you do it the more you want to fly."

See what I mean? No Man's Sky. Cancel it. The Last Guardian. I know it was just uncancelled. Re-cancel it.

It's over. The gig is up.

First. Person. Drone. Racing.

Game of Drones [ABC News]


    Looks sweet, but it really makes me think about flocks of killer drones swooping down on me and trying to shoot me with poisoned darts...

    I wonder if they got something like that in Perth?

      The old power station in East Perth would be a great location.

      I'd be keen to get a drone and give it a go. Surely there's as Facebook group or something?

      Perhaps this is the place to enquire:

      I'd be down for that for sure! I've been looking for a reason to buy a FPV quad lol

    This has to become a thing.
    If I could find people to race with I'd so go out and buy a drone.

    Lol these articles keep popping up and suggesting this is something new, been going on for years now. is a great place to get started and ask them about builds

    Traditionally you had to buy a kit quad, build it and then attach all of the FPV gear (cameras, transmitters etc). You'll also need some sort of video receiver/monitor or video goggles to view the streamed footage.

    The quad side of things is getting more and more accessible because companies are releasing RTF (ready to fly) racing quads. I scoped out building it and buying all of the stuff and if you own nothing it can get really expensive off the bat (ballpark 1k-1.5k for quad, camera, receivers/transmitters, radio controller, spare parts, batteries etc). If I was to get one of these now I'd just buy an Immersion Vortex ( because they are ready to go with fpv camera built in.

    You'll still need to have your own radio, batteries, video receiver (vtx) and either a monitor or goggles but knowing that I'm plunking down several hundred for a purpose built racing quad is still pretty cool, taking that out of the whole equation makes it more attainable to the masses.

    Checkout this dudes video, the speed is INSANE haha

    Racing games are so bad, boring, and dull. Do not see the point.

    360 camera in cockpit and VR....

    I would totally be down for this! Been itching to get an FPV quad for sometime now, but they are in the upper limits of my price range :(

    Now all we need is to cross this technology with AR technology and develop a Mario Kart like game.

    Now we only need them to be able to shoot flight impairing projectiles.
    Imagine a RL Mario Kart of the skies!

    I don't think I'm giving up video games... Not until we get holodecks... but this does look pretty fun.

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