Professional Drone Racing Looks Like Real-Life Wipeout

Professional Drone Racing Looks Like Real-Life Wipeout

Now this… is pod racing.

Sorry, I mean drone racing.

Honestly this set-up is super cool. It’s the first drone racing league, which I don’t really care about. What I care about are the insane set-ups they have for these races. It’s video game-esque.

In this video they’re racing in the Miami Dolphins stadium and they’ve set up all these checkpoints complete with FUTURISTIC LIGHTING and whatnot. The overall effect is just badass.

It’s funny, but Drone Racing seems to be more like Esports than any other sport out there. The players are using tags instead of their real names. Just the editing, the competitions, everything. It reminds me a lot of Esports to be honest.

Either way, it’s all very entertaining.


  • Now to just somehow merge this with Robot battles and then we will have a real sport of the future! Flying death machines duelling it out for mass enjoyment.

    • I was thinking you could cross this with Laser Tag, disabling the drones when they got shot. That would still be cool, and wouldn’t damage their expensive toys.

  • I have been following the scene for a little while now and really want to get into it so i have started off small with a Nano Quad to get the hang of flying, next step is a smallish quad with FPV…. then I’m going to build my own FPV racer!

    • In the last 6 months ive picked up a nano, and also a V959 for flight training, and currently looking at picking up my first FPV in the next few months, looking at something entry level and form what i can see this is one of the best options atm

  • Man that looks fun! They need to cross this with that slot car set with the weapons and computer controlled AI.

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