Redout Could Be The New King Of Anti-Gravity Racing

Redout Could Be The New King Of Anti-Gravity Racing

Anti-gravity racing is a genre that doesn’t get love nearly as often as Wipeout and F-Zero fans would like. Developer 34BigThings smothers the genre with affection with Redout.

Redout is a low-poly anti-gravity racer that recently launched on Steam to rave user reviews. It’s a tribute to the anti-gravity classics, combining elements of those games into something that’s both familiar and brand-new.

Redout is an unforgiving racer that demands the most of its pilots. From the start of career mode, players must juggle steering, strafing, braking and turboing in order to earn first place. Progress through career mode nets cash used for upgrades and power-ups, allowing players to create a racing machine tailored to their style. Then it’s on to the second of four racing classes to do it all over again, only faster.

Here’s a race on a course I’ve raced through several times, in a vehicle I’ve broken in:

And here is a race on a brand-new course, diving my first car in the next racing class:

Redout features an extensive career mode with 20 tracks and multiple modes to attack them in, four different vehicle classes each from six racing teams and online multiplayer racing for up to 12 people.

As an added bonus, Redout also features VR support. As a massive fan of the genre who has tried this, how do you feel about getting really queasy?


  • RedOut is brilliant. There is so much content in the game, I can tell that it’ll last me forever. Controls are spot-on, the music is brilliant and the course design is excellent. Love it so much.

    I’ve got BallisticNG for my old WipEout kick, and now RedOut for those later WipEout cravings.

    The lack of any real weapons is a plus for me, as I’d just turn off weapons in any other WO game anyway. There are a couple of defensive upgrades, but by-and-large, there’s no weapons. Just racing, and I love that 🙂

    • Aww man I was hoping for kickass weapons. There’s way too few racing games with that kind of action.

      • Maybe best wait for Formula Fusion then, if you want weapons. If you can handle PS1-style throwback graphics, get BallisticNG on Steam – it’s free (not free-to-play). It’s got all the WipEout weapons in there with the same physics. It’s brutal though, I’m warning you now 🙂

    • Absolutely no contest, haha. I got gifted Radial-G from a friend a while back because they knew I loved my anti-grav racers… after a few racers, I threw the controller down in disgust, and deleted the game from my hdd, haha 🙂

      • I bought it, I think when it was on sale maybe, because the demo on DK1 was pretty cool. And it’s still pretty cool, but there’s some glaring design flaws in some of the tracks, and a number of other issues I forget. Not bad enough to make me not play through to completion, but ultimately left me just missing F-Zero even more 😛

        • As an F-Zero fan, I can understand maybe being disappointed in it. But as a WipEout fan, for me, it’s damned near flawless. What flaws in the tracks are you talking about? I haven’t come across any so far.

          • Ooooooohhh! Yes, we’re on the same page now, haha.

            Radial-G was just boring for me, there’s nothing there to sink your teeth into, it’s just a one-note, shallow experience that never evolves. No clever mechanics, no track design (I’d hardly call the courses on offer ‘designed’ at all), just all boring.

          • I found trying to keep your speed up as high as possible hitting every boost you can while dodging the slowdown parts to be fairly fun, plus being able to look around in VR is neat. But yeah, otherwise fairly flat and generic.

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