Games: When What You See In The Box Art, Isn't In The Box

It's not so much a problem these days with videos, screenshots and reviews everywhere for almost any remotely popular game, but before the internet, sometimes you just had to trust the publisher. And that meant box art. Dirty, damn lying box art.

The folks over at Outside Box have put together this amusing video that looks at seven games with somewhat duplicitous box art. As you'd expect, all the titles are from the early days of gaming.

My favourites, easily, are the ever-notorious Phalanx and Saboteur II, with the latter promising panthers, ninjas and motorbikes and delivering... well, let's just say you'd have been a very sad kid if your parents had given it to you as a present.

While we still have box art today, it doesn't carry the same weight it did before. No, now we rely on trailers, which may or may not be rendered in-engine, or be dolled up with effects that can't possibly be active if one expects playable framerates. The more things change... the more they stay the same.

7 Times Epic Box Art Overpromised Wildly [YouTube]


    Many hours playing the original Saboteur when Mum and Dad brought home the C64.

      Me too! I bought it on cassette (lol) for £2 on a trip to the UK with my parents and played the absolute shit out of it when I got home.

    If you went by box art alone the arati was the greatest gaming machine ever to exist.......

    NO! Epic was Epic and probably coined the phrase "Epic".. maybe. bloody brilliant game though.

    Sigh, so they pick a whole bunch of video games from the 80s 90s where 99% of game box art was like this.........................

    This is retarded. Isn't the whole point of the box art to capture the imagination. Bunch of friggin self-entitled wankers failing to be funny to appeal to people born after y2k who never knew what it was like to swing from green dot to green dot with your red square monkey. It was the picture on the box that transformed those green pixels into trees and gave my red square monkey a face!!!!

    I remember picking up Blast Corps in part because of it's box art. One of Rare's under appreciated gems.

    poor article, worse video :(
    expectations for a long weekend - met!

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