GTA V Recreated In Real Life Los Angeles Is Pretty Great

GTA V Recreated in Real Life Los Angeles Is Pretty Great

The only thing missing is Soulwax FM. People have been making filmed real-world tributes to the Grand Theft Auto games for years now. But this one from the folks at Corridor Digital is eerily spot-on in how it mimics the camera movement and angles from Rockstar's hit open-world game.

The fact that it uses the real-world locales that inspired various Los Santos landmarks is a plus. Dude really should have used the funky bike physics for a crazy stunt, though.


    knew I should have waited for PC version instead of PS4 :(

    holy shiz this is good work. but what about the bit where you are on top of a really high building and cant be bothered climbing down so you walk off the edge?

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