Hey, Remember That New Fire Emblem Game? It Still Looks Great.

Hey, Remember That New Fire Emblem Game? It Still Looks Great.
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Just in case you’d forgotten, Nintendo just released a brand new trailer for Fire Emblem If. It still looks great.

The trailer features a number of those gorgeous cut-scenese alongside footage of the game being all sexy and what not.

Fire Emblem If come out on the 3DS June 25 in Japan, but us Baka Gaijin must wait until 2016 to have the pleasure. That’s gonna be a difficult wait. How long does it take adult human being learn kanji? I’m asking for a friend.


  • So hyped to have feet in my fire emblem now!

    But Nintendo also released a new trailer for devil’s third, which is itagaki’s take on the CoD formula. It’s coming out in August in Japan, and it looks gloriously insane!

    • The trailer gameplay looks a little bit clunky. Might be because it merged shooter with 3rd person action fight but I’m curiously how the final product will be.

      • Oh it definitely lacks a budget (relative to western shooters), but it’s a very Japanese CoD, which is probably going to have some really interesting gameplay in spite of that roughness: The chicken chase, the fruit blending, the stupid slides and melee fighting, the base building…

        You’d never pick it, but it looks like Nintendo is really helping out the genre; Splatoon is brilliant fun.

        • Finally got my hands on splatoon it’s great I turned the motion control off and was noticeably worse off with it everyone else could aim sharper than me. I never thought to play a shooter as a half way point between a controller and a mouse. The motion controls + thumbsticks makes it feel very different from other console shooters I’ve played.

          • I’m rubbish with dual analogue, but I really like how the gyro lets me correct my aim really intuitively. It’s also good for covering distances with ink, just a couple of shakes like you do with a garden hose and the whole lane in front of you is covered.

  • Depending on your knowledge of Japanese, a basic grasp of common kanji would really only take a few weeks. That would be your most basic kanji though and for very specific words (Basically it’s pattern recognition). The biggest problem with learning kanji other than the sheer number of them is that most have multiple meanings that are heavily context based so slight variations in the sentence give the kanji different meanings. Personally I always hope for furigana. (The hiragana that they put near kanji to tell you what it is)

    • Learning enough Kanji to be able to play games in Japanese would take at least a year of really solid practice, probably 2-3.

      Wish games had Furigana. I can nut my way through most text eg manga that has furigana, but without it I’m ending up looking at a dictionary every other word.

  • Despite its longevity, I still feel as though Fire Emblem is a vastly under-appreciated series outside of Japan. I can’t say that I’ve played many of the instalments (I guess I’m part of the problem – what a hypocrite) but the ones I have played have been great and I’m certainly looking forward to this one.

    • Fire Emblem Awakening absolutely annihilated Nintendo’s sales expectations which is why it was so hard to find a copy especially in the US. They didn’t print enough to meet demand. It’s never done fantastically well until Awakening. I think they managed to hit the perfect conditions really. Nothing else like it on 3DS, 3DS had a big install base and it’s a fantastic game that’s a lot more inviting to newcomers than previous installments. Also Nintendo actually marketed it for once.

  • …and, this is where I smugly point out that I know Japanese, and can read Kanji… and have an import 3DS.

    The game’s fun, in case you were wondering. Not that I’m rubbing it in (much).

    I also know French, Spanish and Mandarin. Not relevant, I just feel like bragging, I don’t get to do that often, so just let me have this.

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