It’s A Tale Of Two Season Passes

It’s A Tale Of Two Season Passes

Briefly: 2K Games announced a second season pass for Evolve -- five new characters, one new monster -- while io Interactive told Videogamer its new Hitman will not have a season pass at all, as the game's extra content is free.


  • Puzzled with Evolve. Played it for 30 hours on the PS4. Gameplay had a lot of promise and games were fun with the right party. Finally gave up after struggling to ever find a complete party to play with. Matchmaking was shonky at best and I never seemed to get through a full evacuation mode without places being filled with bots.

    The publisher seemed to really get the public offside from the get go with all the weird dlc offerings. All the maps were free and I did think there was enough to keep me occupied without spending more but it seemed to take an age from release day to get it patched and spectator mode added. Gamers don’t seem to have the patience any more to put up with supposed balance issues for months on end.

    With a game like Evolve that needed a healthy playing base to keep it going, these issues turned it into a ghost town within two months. May pick it up again if it ever comes on sale but having another round of paid DLC is not conducive to healthy numbers.

    • Same, i played it alot for the first 3 weeks… but it felt like the same thing over and over again. Land… sprint like crazy… find monster… trap… kill(or runs away, and everything starts all over again). It’s tense and there is barely a moment you can rest and just stand idle, but after awhile the repetition becomes a bit monotonous. New monsters, new classes, doesn’t really change anything. If i had a solid group of friends i could do this with together every time it would be awesome fun. But there are only 1 or 2 playing at any given time. So yeh… feels like following down the path of titanfall to me. This game would be a superb game for lan parties. I would play it all day making snide remarks to everyone. But i don’t play it in such an environment. Woe is me.

      • Exactly. Superb game with a bunch of friends or when you are lucky with the matchmaking.

        The business model seemed wrong. It should have been at least half price (for 12 hunters and 4 monsters) and free (for 4 hunters and 1 monster) with everyone able to access all the maps at any time. Then there could have been a good player base, a lot more positive buzz about the game and people could have spent more if they felt invested in it. If they wanted it as an eSport like they were talking, then they needed a free model to get the punters in the door.

  • Played and enjoyed Evolve for about a week. Knowing so much content was coming that I’d have to pay for kind of helped to turn me off it.

  • More importantly everyone, let’s applaud IO INTERACTIVE for doing such an awesome thing with Hitman!

  • I was actually really excited for this game when I first saw it; and then I saw 2K’s business model closer to release and avoided it completely. Hearing about a second season pass I’m glad I did just that.

    Now if only I’d had the same sense when it came to Destiny 🙁

    • Same. Wanted to support Turtle Rock but when they came with a Digital Monster Race edition that cost almost $200 AUD on Steam. They can eat their own DLC. Not even going to buy it at 90% off.

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