Just Cause 3 Comes Out December 1

Briefly: Just Cause 3 is coming out on December 1. It's got a better grappling hook, a wingsuit, car surfing, explosions, a new island, unlimited C4 and more explosions. Looks great.


    Was good to get the new wingsuit footage, Explosions and mechanics look good, there was recognition of the JC2MP mod, but sadly no MP. but SP should hold up,, quite excited for this.

    Wife is due Dec 2nd, twins, doh.

      Haha good luck getting any gaming time in although they do sleep heaps at the start so you may get lucky! And obviously congratulations!

        Ta, got 2 under 5 already. ;) so yeah, we're screwed.

          Oh man, I only have one and I am struggling to find the time! If you manage to get some gaming time in you must teach the rest of us! ;)

            Single player, quick save and the pause button are your friend... So is cooking dinner for the family and disappearing whilst they eat.

              Gotta stop staying up when everyones in bed myself - But the Witcher got me enchanted!

      Mate we had our second on April 3... I decided it was about time to start Shadow of Mordor which I bought when it was released....
      I finished it by April 17 -
      Platinum trophy... How?! There is plenty of time when trying to let her rest overnight... Do the overnight shift, take baby in when it needs a feed and the rest of the time just hold that baby in your arms and play away all night! Lol - its the most time ive had to play games in the past year or two

        Apologies - I just re read twins... Yeah you may not be able to play the night shift.... lol

          Finally I will have a crew for Artemis. Looking forward to the LAN parties ;)

          The twins are probably more exciting than JC3.. re-reading it also..

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