Reminder: Just Cause 3 Is Explosions And Insanity

Just Cause has done some cool things with video game trailers. First the exploded stuff. All of the stuff. Then they did that interactive trailer thing. That was cool.

Then they did this series breaking down the character of 'Rico' and I was like, 'really'? Shouldn't Just Cause trailers be about explosions and people being insane?

It's almost like they heard my plea. Because the latest Just Cause trailer goes back to basics. It blows things up. A lot of things. I think that makes more sense. Definitely on-brand.


    I love how crazy Just Cause is.. it's like a James Bond movie on drugs. It's like Far Cry on drugs.. it's awesome.

      I think of it like if the Third Street Saints tried to play Tropico

    Yeah, looking forward to this one too for sure, amigos.

    They should have done a comedic look at Rico's personality explaining how he really enjoys killing people and how explosions give him an erection.

    Are the buildings generally destructible? Or just selected points like JC2? Hard to tell from footage.

    If they are destructible then it truly is an upgrade and not just the same thing rehashed.

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