Nintendo Officially Announces Star Fox Zero

Nintendo Officially Announces Star Fox Zero

Nintendo promised a new Star Fox was coming, and, yep, a new Star Fox game is coming.

Star Fox Zero looks familiar to other Star Fox games we’ve played in the past, though obviously it’s the first time Star Fox has appeared in high-definition, thanks to the Wii U.

The big change with Star Fox Zero is a transformative ship:

Your options? The arwing, landmaster, and gyro wing.

The game is also taking advantage of the GamePad by allowing you to see what’s around you on the TV, and using the GamePad to control precise aiming.

Nintendo said this is not a remake or a direct sequel to any of the other games.

To get a better sense of what Star Fox Zero is trying to accomplish, here’s some gameplay:

Nintendo even spent some time speaking with designer Shigeru Miyamoto about his original inspirations for the Star Fox series, and how the cancelled Star Fox 2 influenced this one:

(What’s stopping Nintendo from releasing Star Fox 2 on Virtual Console, by the way?)

We’ll have hands-on impressions with Star Fox Zero in a couple of hours, too.

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  • May be wrong but didn’t the footage of the original star fox concept have a transforming ship? I think its in the did you know footage

    • I think that was part of the footage they were using to sell the idea of the chip to Nintendo.

      • Right. That was the development of Starfox 2, which was actually completed (more or less) in dev but never reached release.

  • Of all the franchises Nintendo has, this one imo is the one that needs the most evolving. It just, could be so much more but it’s clear the Wii U just really isn’t worth all that R&D. And the graphics… =/

      • Disregarding the fact that that’s never been how Nintendo titles worked, why the hell should people “want” to buy this? We’re essentially getting Star Fox 64 reimagined for a new generation that is half arsed. Not to mention they only just redid Star Fox 64 for the 3DS.

        • Uh, as someone who hasn’t played a starfox game, I want it. Not to mention bad graphics don’t bother me if the game play is good

          • Then good, at least they’re doing something right in capturing new players, and I honestly mean that.

    • It does look a bit lacklustre design and graphics wise. Looks like a side project/low budget game instead of going all out. I was hoping it’d be more of a large scale world, imagine a star fox done as an open universe type game.

      • It doesn’t need to be open universe but definitely expand on the premise, They essentially have their own version of Star Wars/Star Trek but haven’t done anything to it to build on the franchise since Assault. This is essentially a reimagining of Star Fox 64 with more vehicles (we’re pretty much playing the same first level for god’s sake)… =/

        I mentioned last year (or was it the year before?) that not having a Star Fox/Metroid title was a shame because space is the perfect setting to showcase shiny graphics (The vastness of space does wonders in creating illusions and altering visual perceptions) but seeing this… I don’t even know why they bothered. What is the point? After Zelda Wii U’s gorgeous preview we’re left with this…

  • (What’s stopping Nintendo from releasing Star Fox 2 on Virtual Console, by the way?)

    I don’t know, maybe the fact it was cancelled before it was finished?

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