Remember This?

Apologies for yesterday! I accidentally posted Remember This at 11.15am instead of 12.15pm. I'm going to go right ahead and blame jetlag.

But congrats to all the people who guessed it right! Falkirion001 seemed to be first, not counting versatile_bfg who reminded me you could get it via reverse image search.

It was Final Fantasy IX. I think I discovered a game I haven't done in Remember This. Man, I've been doing this job for a long time!

Good luck with today's effort.


    Hey Mark can we get the full screenshot you used for yesterday's Remember This. I'm curious just exactly where in the game it was taken from.

    Todays looks like Metal Gear Solid to me.

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      Not sure if that's what was reversed imaged yesterday

        Thanks Dimoxinil (props for an awesome name).

        So I was completely wrong about where I thought it was. That's at the start of the game, preparing to "kidnap" the princess

          I was certain it was FFIX but knew it wasn't the Lifa Tree. I was struggling to think of it yesterday but a moment of clarity today :-D it's been a while since I played it but it my favourite FF

    One of the later Tomb Raiders

    This is a better one! No google search result! ;D

    ps: got the result I wanted from doing that yesterday ;)

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    Akuji The Heartless
    (I think it was called that, a tribal dood escapes he'll in the GEX 3D engine)

    Probably not even close but the colours remind me of Soul Reaver or Something from legacy of Kain series.

      Soul Reaver was going to be my guess, the colours do look very similar.

    have you ever done Final Lap Twin, because you totally should see if anyone guesses that game.

    and I want to say Legend of Dragoon, not because I think it is the right answer, but because I haven't though of that game in a long time.

    Perfect Dark.

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