Remember This?

Okay, new clue. Y'all need it since no-one guessed yesterday's Remember This.

And for reference, here's the original image!

Good luck chums!


    Nah, I got nothing.

    Last edited 25/06/15 12:27 pm

    Creature Shock?

    Was Bioshock guessed yesterday? I'll go with Bioshock.

    Final Fantasy 7!

    Considering the recent E3 stuffs I wouldn't be surprised if there is a theme to the most recent Remember This's (These?) :)

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      You guessed Final Fantasy 7 so I will guess Final Fantasy 8

        That was like a week ago so a pretty remote chance :)

          True that was the cloud one right? Had completely forgotten about that.

        I was going to guess that. Looks a bit like the gate where the was the fight with Edea and squall got stabbed.

    beneath a steel sky or rex nebular and the cosmic gender bender

    Dunno why, but I'm getting a Balder's Gate vibe.

      Was thinking the same. One of those isometric RPGS from that era....super zoomed in

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    Perfect Dark Zero?

    Using the farsight gun?

    One of the late 90's Tomb Raiders or Resident Evil?

    Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay?


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