Remember This?

Wow, major apologies to littlejulesy. He guessed correctly on Friday and I must have skimmed past it. Sorry mate! Anyway, congratulations. Yesterday's Remember This was Clock Tower on the PS1.

Good luck with today's effort!



    Beneath a Steel Sky

    First thought was Full Throttle too, but gotta chuck a "The Dig" in there too.

    I'm getting a Fieval Goes West vibe.... was that even a thing?
    After googling...apparently it was.

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    I got a Full Throttle vibe too, but I'm going to go with the Dune adventure game. Backup guess, the Dune 2 RTS.

    Another world

    The Dig.

      He's back!

      I stole your thunder last week when it actually was The Dig... sorry buddy.

        The single opportunity for the man to shine in all his glory, and you stole it away from him.
        I pity your fate ;)

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