South Park: The Stick Of Truth Gets A Sequel

Surprise! We're getting a new South Park RPG, and this time it's based around the superheroes Coon and Friends.

This one is developed by Ubisoft San Francisco — guess they wanted to do it internally instead of relying on Obsidian again — and it's called South Park: The Fractured But Whole. No word on release date or platforms.

On stage during E3's Ubisoft presser today, host Aisha Tyler asked South Park co-creator Trey Parker what happened to his vow that they wouldn't be making any more video games.

"The big thing is, we're kind of whiny babies," Parker said. Watch the full clip:


    Day made! Loved Stick of Truth, pretty excited for this. And anyone else get the urge to shout "Lana! Lana! Laaaannnnaaaa!" whenever they see Aisha Tyler?

      I would be so mean to that poor, nice lady if I ever saw her walking down the street. =(

        Look up the tabletop Cards Against Humanity game on YouTube, I got the impression she's actually much more Archer-ish in real life :-P

    extremely concerned that its not being made by obsidian and one of its inhouse production teams, AC:Unity anyone?

      Uhhhh no? I think is how I want to reply to this? The impression I get of Obsidian is that they have woeful management and I don't even know how they continue to operate to be honest. Give it to a team who can properly manage themselves.

    Very much enjoyed the first one but this time they need to have the option to play as a girl please.

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