South Park The Fractured But Whole Gets R18+ Rating

South Park The Fractured But Whole Gets R18+ Rating
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Despite concerns that kids grinding on drunk men in a strip club might be a little too far for the Classification Board, Ubisoft has announced that all is swell for the upcoming South Park.

In a press release, Ubisoft announced that South Park: The Fractured But Whole had received an R18+ rating from the Classification Board, meaning that the game will go on sale in Australia. South Park has been banned, and consequently censored, in Australia before, with Aussies getting these warnings in The Stick of Truth:

Image: South Park The Stick Of Truth

Image: Supplied

The release goes on to say that Fractured But Whole will be “completely uncut and uncensored”, allowing players to fart in strip clubs at will.

Good job, Ubisoft. But honestly, I’m a little surprised. Let’s hope a Senator or MP doesn’t kick up a stick when the game comes out October 17 to force a re-review.

Update: Release date is October 17 this year; apologies for any confusion.


  • Let’s hope a Senator or MP doesn’t kick up a stick when the game comes out next year to force a re-review.

    Your wish is my command!

    [Removes Brandon O’Conner and re-instates Michael Atkinson]


          • What type of surprise tho, like yeah you got ice cream for everyone cool bro, or oh noes surprise buttsex noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. Ooo.. O…o

    • I remember how badly I wanted someone to send Michael Atkinson a copy of NInja Gaiden 3 with the giant black R18 sticker on it with the note -“we told you so”

  • Good news. But as you said, some moralistic douche will no doubt force their opinions on others come release time.
    I look forward to a news corp ‘article’ explaining how it’s destroying the fabric of society, right next to a story about how Muslims are eating your children.

  • Good job, Ubisoft. But honestly, I’m a little surprised. Let’s hope a Senator or MP doesn’t kick up a stick when the game comes out next year to force a re-review.

    Next year? Has this been pushed back again and I missed it?

      • Nah it didn’t – no worries, that’s usually my first suggestion to people too! 😀

        I googled after I read and could find no mention of it changing from 17/10, I was just wondering if Kotaku were privy to some info I/others hadn’t seen…

        • The closest thing i can find is that before the last delay the devs said it could be up to a year before release, iirc the last release date was Feb this year.

          Other than that i can’t find any evidence that it’s coming out next year.

    • That gif is the main reason people assumed it would be denied a rating. At least until it was koala’d over.

      Somewhat surprising it got through actually, happy that someone without a stick up their butt saw the sense that an 18+ rating was appropriate (as it is). I wonder how many wowsers on the panel will be complaining internally though.

      • for the most part i find their comedy amusing or funny. but there are just some topics that should be left alone. child sexualising being one of them. but im glad that they had the sense to actually rate it rather than bad it. whether or not ill play the game or like it or dislike it, doesnt really matter. but good to see them actually using the ratings system

        • Yeah, same here. While I think its tacky, and aprobably there just for the controversy, its still something the ratings should cover. People can make up their own minds then.

          Its R18, meaning its adults that make the choice. Let us choose based on OUR moral code, not someone elses.

        • The thing is though. Matt and Trey are not offensive for the sake of being offensive in South Park. They do it to teach you a lesson.

    • Matt Stone and Trey parker (Creators of South Park) are very anti PC. Nothing to them is too far and thats what i like them for. This is nothing compared to some of the stuff they have done in the TV show. I mean for their first awards show they got high on acid and went to the awards in dresses. That alone shows you the zero fucks they give about people being offended by what they do.

      • Yep, the TV show went further than the GIF at the top of this article.

        I remember years ago there was a particularly controversial scene, that made it through to Australian TV, where Mr. Garrison Gerbil’s his leather-clad BF in front of a class of children. Now THAT is proof they Trey Parker and Matt Stone don’t give a toss about who they offend!

  • Honestly shocked it made it through. Very happy I don’t have to get it from overseas to play what the devs intended though.

  • It’s sad that we as adult gamers have to hold our breath when we see a game incoming where we feel it may be censored or banned. It’s additionally pathetic when we know that in almost every other country without a second thought it is likely to get the stamp of approval.
    They seriously need to get those guidelines in check…
    But regardless this is damn good news! Bring on October!

  • Maybe the ratings board should just give the titles like this a R70+, to at least let them on the shelf… since 18+ is not old enough for them for allot of titles……

  • We have to assume as well that the scene in question was probably the one of the worst scenes that wouldve been brought under media fire if the game had been released otherwise. Honestly itd be hard to imagine a the censor guys sitting down and playing a game in context

  • I do remember that you could disable the censorship on PC in about 30 seconds due to it being just a tweak in the settings file

  • so is this cause for celebration though? If it’s predecessor was censored due to being to “south park” meaning outrageous, rude, crude and amazing, yet ubisoft are celebrating the r18 for FBW does this not maybe indicate the devs have not crossed the line this time? meaning “staying safe”?

  • Next test for the censorship board…
    I’ll be a little surprised if it gets through. Let’s hope common sense prevails.

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