A Full Match With Overwatch's Newest Character

Earlier this week Blizzard unveiled the latest character to join the already overflowing cast of Overwatch. That character is Soldier: 76. I'm gonna say that compared to some of the other standouts, he comes off a teensy bit dull. But how does he play? That's the most important question, and one this gameplay video attempts to answer.

The verdict? I think he looks like an absolute blast to play. He comes across as an all-rounder, one of those characters with weapons that are simply fun to fire. To be perfectly honest, I see myself jumping into games with randoms, completely eschewing teamwork and setting about increasing my K/D ratio with this guy. He looks like a character suited to precision-based, skillful players.

That's not me. I suck. But I totally love pretending that I'm a skillful and precise player so yeah, Soldier: 76 might be the guy for me.


    Gotta admit Marvels Cable...... sorry i mean Blizzards Soldier: 76 looks pretty cool.

    Wall hax
    Aim bot
    Noob tube

    What has happened to shooters?

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