An Australian Video Game About Terrible, Terrible Jobs

Knuckle Sandwich, by Melbourne based developer Andrew Brophy, is a video game about all the terrible jobs you've ever had. And let's face facts — we've all had them.

An RPG in the vein of Mother or the Mario & Luigi games, you play as a young man, moving into the city for the first time, starting a job at a random rundown diner. Soon he is dragged into a strange mystery involving cults, missing persons and a mysterious figure called The Number One.

It all sounds fascinating.

According to Andrew, it's all based on a series of terrible hospitality jobs he worked during his late teens. His aim? To make something relatable to anyone who has ever had a terrible job, which is pretty much every single one of us, let's be honest. Another goal? To deconstruct RPG tropes and mechanics. There's turn-based combat in the game. One of your moves? The ability to curl up into a ball when someone attacks you, which is pretty much how I would defend myself in a real life physical altercation. That or 'run away'.

He's released a huge number of GIFs that give you a great idea of the style of Knuckle Sandwich. I love the look of it.

You can follow the development of Knuckle Sandwich on this blog.


    Looks great, will definitely keep an eye on it.

    Nice to see someone enjoys the style of Earthbound, too.

    This sounds super interesting! Keeping an eye on it for sure

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