How Shitty Is Each Of These Destiny Moves?

How Shitty Is Each Of These Destiny Moves?

Anonymous Destiny teammates come and go. They're here for a game or two, gone forever afterward. Some of them are cool, valued companions. Some are total arseholes.

The more Destiny PvP I play, the more aware I am of certain player behaviours — ways people celebrate and taunt, abuse the rules or simply abuse one another. I've had some interesting discussions with fellow players about just how shitty the various shit-moves in Destiny are. Is one worse than another? Are there some circumstances in which one is justfied? Seems like something to ask our readers about.

If you play Destiny, I hope you'll vote on the various types of player behaviour listed below. Is teabagging worse than leaving a match early, or not as bad? Or are they equally weak? Let's decide.

I welcome further thoughts on how you voted in the comments, as well as any other (arguably) shitty moves that I didn't include.


    I just chose "Irredeemably shitty, fuck you if you do this" for everything, just because it's the internet and that is the standard response for most things.

      I was wondering how dancing got so many of those votes.

      Yeah I was going to say, these vote results are flooded with hyperbole. Though teabagging is literally you putting a giant sign over your head that says "I am a moron who laughs at potty humour, I am not a sexually viable candidate of my species". Definitely a 5.

    If someone teabagged me mid-map, there's nothing wrong with a little revenge. All it does is single you out and make people more determined to kill you.

    The demands some people put on prospective teammates though are ridiculous but highlights how badly Bungie got the weapon (im)balance in that you need Gjhallamahallajahorn to do Prison of Elders or a raid or you need Thorn to do Trials of Osiris. It's even more ridiculous when the rewards dropped from Skolas or Trials don't really justify that kind of behaviour

      It's really weird.
      I could always understand that better weapons are preferable in raids etc But many in the Destiny community took it in to the realms of elitism.
      I remember when Xur sold icebreaker not long into Dark Below and people who demanded that players take icebreaker in to the match would ask if you "earnt" it or just brought it from Xur, it was insane.

      As for balance, I got the Mythoclast before it's original nerf. I went in to Crucible to test it and absolutely destroyed the other team.
      Now I suck at Crucible, so when I can wipe a team multiple times like some kind of one man army, something is off.

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        How do you 'earn' the Icebreaker? It's a random drop. Like almost every other exotic it doesn't reward skill or time spent playing the game. People take Destiny way too seriously but Bungie don't do much to make them think otherwise.

        I was thinking on it yesterday, the Mythoclast when it first dropped for people and Youtube videos of people smashing through a team on their own, that's what exotic weapons should have been imo. Weapons that you think 'holy shit, I want that gun, but it's fairly tough to get it so I'd better work my ass off'. Instead Bungie made a shedload of other 'exotics' that aren't really much different from legendary weapons or they made them drop as a result of a RNG. No reward for skill at all.

        It'll be interesting to see how they approach Destiny 2. They've said your guardians will roll over, but what about weapons? I'd be in favour of you starting from scratch with weapons and making exotics hard to get and an actual 'badge' of your skill so if someone sees you with one they want to steer clear of you, not 50%+ of people running around with Thorn. It won't happen though I don't think.

    Never been much of a fan of teabagging but I admit I have done it a few times.

    Funniest Destiny experience I had with teabagging:
    We had just started Rusted lands and we were moving from A to take B. I arrived first and instinctively threw a solar grenade in to the small ground level corridor next to B. The grenade just missed another Warlock and landed behind him and he was able to kill me before I could react.
    He started teabagging but while retreating to the safety of the corridor. He walked back in to my grenade and got killed by the dot.

      Or when the bagger is so busy acting like a tool he gets shot in the face right after he kills you while he's in the act.

    Haven't played Destiny but it was pretty easy to look at this as a generic vote on online shooters. However, I think I need this explained:
    "Paying someone to carry you to Mercury in Trials of Osiris"

    Why is this irredeemably shitty? Isn't this just someone getting taxied? Or does it affect other players somehow?

      It's because a lot of these guys advertise with a guarantee that they will carry you through to Mercury. And for them to guarantee it, they are pretty much using lag switches or DDoS to cheat their way through.

    I'm still shocked every time I see someone tea bag. I mean ten years ago when people were new to online gaming it was obnoxious but I could understand why people would think it was funny. Now it's just tired and lame. The only people who seem to do it anymore clearly take way too much pride in minor victories.

    The only time I ever see teabagging in Destiny is either when I join a match where they are already so far ahead new players joining the match may as well quit and look for a new match (or just wait it out until it finishes)
    When there's a particular player you kill over and over again - then when they finally kill you - you see them teabagging your body - that means for the rest of the match you can keep killing them and teabag them back - it becomes like a game of tag.. but with your balls... mutual respect through :).

    I'm surprised by how many people said, "Fuck you if you do this," to quitting a strike that you've done a million times.

    One day I had Cerberus Vae as my random eight times in a row. Eight. Times.
    'Fuck me' for quitting at that point, in disgust? You expect me to do that again? No, fuck you.

      Eight times is a bit much. I was grinding out some Dragon strikes last night and the Dust Palace came up more often than not. I just sucked it up and went to town with Universal Remote/Vestian Dynasty to get kills for my Grimoire. Now that a lot of end-gamers are farming strikes for Hopscotch Pilgrim or Dry Rot, it doesn't take very long to steamroll through them.

    Oh man, heavy ammo grabbers in Crucible upset me. Always some doucher that just runs and grabs it when team mates are just far enough away for it to not drop any ammo for anyone else. I mean if you're under fire and you can deny the enemy team, go for it - if not, dick move.

    EDIT: Also, teabagging. Not a dick move, just makes you look a child. It usually comes from some idiot I've killed ten times in a row who finally kills me back and goes the 'bag.

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    If I get bagged, I make a point of hunting that person down for pretty much the rest of the match and bagging them long and slow (I really hate it haha), otherwise I never do it. I'll do a dance if its a especially good game, but then I'll dance after any good match... heck I dance for just about anything lol
    When playing with my mates, we'll kill each other with sparrows, push each other off cliffs, shoulder charge/fire palm into danger... but that is only with mates, and we're all trying to do it to each other lol anyone who goes AFK in one of our matches is bound for a long drop off the nearest cliff lol
    As for quitting early, I don't like it, but it aint the end of the world, more often then not someone else will join again anyway
    And finally on Trials, I didn't get carried, but we have a dude on our team who is just insanely good, so he does a lot of the work, but thats not to say the rest of us don't hold our own... he is just stupidly good lol

    I would love to know how many of these kids do the teabag for realsies. Must love it too if they do it in gametime. Maybe its just me but it doesnt do anything for me to rub my nuts over some unsuspecting persons face. I'd hate for a handful of pubes to get stuck in their teeth or something. Its just stupid, maybe they should introduce proper actual teabagging into sports of all kinds. Wait a minute, then it'd just be considered molestation and there'd be jailtime. I'm holding out for the game that actively detects crouching over a body and penalises the whole team for it.

    I do like it when some unsuspecting adolescent is busy crouching over a body when someone comes up behind them and takes a cheap kill because.. well, they deserve it.

    I have never, and will never engage in the rubbing of my nuts over a corpse. In game or otherwise. When I feel the need for a proverbial "take that" to my opponent, I'll unload a clip or drop a grenade on their inanimate body.

    Edit: Should also say that dancing is the bomb. More games need a victory dance.

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      I'm.... not entirely sure what I just read.


      Nothing worse than going to the dentist for a shave. My guardians just keep making appointments...

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