How Shitty Is Each Of These Destiny Moves?

How Shitty Is Each Of These Destiny Moves?

Anonymous Destiny teammates come and go. They’re here for a game or two, gone forever afterward. Some of them are cool, valued companions. Some are total arseholes.

The more Destiny PvP I play, the more aware I am of certain player behaviours — ways people celebrate and taunt, abuse the rules or simply abuse one another. I’ve had some interesting discussions with fellow players about just how shitty the various shit-moves in Destiny are. Is one worse than another? Are there some circumstances in which one is justfied? Seems like something to ask our readers about.

If you play Destiny, I hope you’ll vote on the various types of player behaviour listed below. Is teabagging worse than leaving a match early, or not as bad? Or are they equally weak? Let’s decide.

I welcome further thoughts on how you voted in the comments, as well as any other (arguably) shitty moves that I didn’t include.

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