Remember This?

Well, no-one explicitly got it, but I dunno if I want to deal with the backlash when people are like I GOT THIS ON THE FIRST DAY! So congrats to onakogo and B-ob who guessed Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid respectively!

The screenshot was actually from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, but close enough. Especially since it's Metal Gear Solid recreated in the style of Metal Gear Solid 2. I'll give both you guys the benefit of the doubt!

Good luck with today's effort.


    Hmm, that's pretty blurry, but looks like it might be Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.


      I'm feeling Rollcage too

      Talicca in for the win! Rollcage confirmed.

        dammit I just missed getting in first when I returned from lunch! >.

        dippa guessed it first @12:16 PM . it's the first comment, but congrats to both Talicca and dippa. :)

          I swear that wasn't there when I first commented! Might be time for new glasses...

          Congrats to both!!

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    Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed I reckon

    Actually no, I think it could be Rollcage?


    ill just leave this here too.

      Pretty sure the car combat games we all want to see are Interstate '76 and Rock 'n Roll Racing.

        you just made me weep.
        bravo sir, bravo.
        although, really, i would just want a visual tweak on interstate 76, but leave the gameplay the same. Rock n roll racing i would just love them to port it to steam or pc for local co-op - i could emulate, but yeah, you know.

          Yeah, I've often wondered whether it would be possible to do a good I76 remake... getting the characters, the gameplay, the tone... everything would need to be perfect. Like you said, keeping the same game with updated graphics would be the best bet.

          Online multiplayer for RNRR would be up there with World Peace as the best damn things in the history of everything.

    Giant Flying Frog Tycoon

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