Tell Us Dammit: Are You Excited About Metal Gear Solid V?

It's pretty crazy. Metal Gear Solid V comes out in August. That's next month! Are you excited? Indifferent?

Remember the release of Metal Gear Solid 2? Honestly, it was massive. Ridiculous. At the time it felt like a launch on par with a Grand Theft Auto or a Halo. Now? I can't help shift the feeling that Metal Gear Solid V is just another video game. Seems like people were more excited for games like The Witcher 3.

Why is that? Has everyone just moved on from the Metal Gear series. Has it been too watered down with the Peace Walker series? Was Metal Gear Solid IV that much of a disappointment?

For me, as someone who loved Metal Gear Solid IV, I'm starting to get pretty excited for the sequel. Outside of the weird controversies, silly overblown cut-scenes, terrible dialogue, etc, Metal Gear Solid games are always incredible stealth games. The best really. I can't wait to experiment with all the systems.

How about you?




    Been playing ground zeroes over and over again and also started playing through earlier MGS titles (again) too (PW, MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4).

    Hells yes. Peace Walker is one of my favorite MGS titles, and to see parts of it being integrated into the next MGS excites me no end. It's been so long since MGS4, which is probably my second favorite. (Sorry Mark, I love MGS3 too, but damn - MGS4!) And that still looks amazing today.

    *hyperventilating intensifies*

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      I actually prefer Portable Ops /o\

        POps and POps+ were fantastic. No derision from me. \o/

    Okay, it is time to own up, the last MGS I played was Sons of Liberty on the Xbox, I loved MGS on the PS and MGS2, but for some reason didn't get into the newer ones. I am really excited for this release though, maybe it is the Red Dead Redemption vibe from it?
    Some of the best gaming I ever had was in MGS, so I am keen to give the series another try.

      Oh dude IMMEDIATELY get SnakeEater. Seriously. While 4 was ok (really, it was ok but not revolutionary) SnakeEater is the bomb. It's seriously awesome. In my books (and a lot of others) honestly it stands as the pinnacle of the series. Then play 4 obviously, a lot of references etc you'll get once you go 3 then 4 :)

        i have played all MGS games pretty much because they are so popular but i never really enjoyed them.
        Except for snake eater. that was freaking fantastic

          Yeah, Snake Eater was just *special* in all the right ways, a truly transcendent game.

    Did anyone ever play that GameCube one? It was on my radar but never ended up grabbing it at the time.

      It was just a remake of MGS, with a few little differences in the way you could attack enemies. That said, my brother and I still went halves in a Gamecube and copy of the game, just to see what was up. And then I got play Animal Crossing :D

      People really really love it ( @redartiface ) I wasn't overly impressed. Seemed solid though (no pun intended).

      Mate. MATE.

      Snake does backflip onto a rocket and rides it like a surf board.

      Tweak your radar and hone in on that bad boy.

      It's magic.

      It's been sitting on my shelf for... probably the past decade, actually.

      Still haven't actually played it >.>

    Never played a Metal Gear Solid game until I got Ground Zeroes for PS Plus a few months back. I would be lying if I said that I really enjoyed it but I think I need some patience with it because I like to play stealth games but the demo videos at E3 etc are getting me very excited.

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    Not super duper excited, but yeah, I am.

    Will be out of the country when it drops, won't play it til a month later.

    Looks like a great game, Ground Zeroes is heaps of fun.

      Ha! I totally missed MGS2's release, played it months later when a friend brought it round.

      MGS1&3 I was on top of.
      4 i was too busy with life to care much about, I didn't even own a PS3 yet.

      I absolutely adored portable ops, so when Peace Walker was released I got really excited. Again, life got in the way, I didn't get around to playing til the HD release & I still haven't finished it. Too shooty, those bosses are crazy hard for me.

    Not at all. Still tainted by first game on NES. Was a terribly easy game. Will get the free one off gold next week and see if that changes perspective. Always been wary of Konami.

      Holy shit dude, you have no idea what you are in for. Please please report back.

      well if it's too easy just get something like MGS2 and jump into European Extreme with auto game over on spotted if it offers it. Sure has hell wont be easy that's for sure.

      On topic I've enjoyed all of them but do love the themes presented in MGS2 and it's relevancy to the modern information regards to natural selection of information and the lack thereof.

      And super on topic yes I'm looking forward to MGS5. I'm taking a week off for this bad boy.

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      Get the HD collection and play the msx version, not very hard but still lotsa fun.

      But... Kojima didn't even make that one, it was a cheap port. You might as well play one of the actual games before you decide. Also, Castlevania and Suikoden are excellent games if you've got a Konami backlog now

    Sorry, isn't the release date September 1?

    I'm only excited about it when I'm playing Ground Zeroes. I think at this point everyone knows where they stand on Metal Gear. Fans are comfortable with the idea they'll get a great game, non-fans feel like they can safely ignore everything about it. It's a bit of a shame because I feel like MGSV is going to be a lot more accessible. Sort of like how MGS3 was pretty much stand-alone.
    I guess the odd numbered sequels are accessible, the evens are really caught up in their lore, and the even sequels have been presented as huge events and system sellers. Makes you wonder what people would think of Metal Gear if 3 and 5 switched places with 2 and 4. Would people still think Metal Gear wasn't for them if they'd played 3 instead of 2 or 4?

    Meh. Played Ground Zeroes, found it pretty uninspiring. I'll pass unless I get bored and desperate.


    So excited that I refuse to start playing the new batman game fearing that it will "interfere" with my MGS V playing time.

    I am, i have the MGS themed PS4 pre-ordered & can't wait!
    I thought it comes out September 1st though, am I wrong?

    I suspect the apparent lack of buzz around MGS5 may be more to do with the imbeciles currently running Konami going cheap on the marketing and promotion rather than gamers not looking forward to it.

    Mark! Doesn't it come out first of September? Unless they pushed the release date forward?? Don't get my hopes up !!

    Wait, what? I thought it was out on September 1st.... Are we getting it earlier?

    Yes, and I might add- it's perfectly timed for Father's Day!

    I've wanted it since I saw that first trailer set in the hospital. Then when I saw the Sins of the Father trailer at the top of the Xbox conference I really wanted it. Then when I saw that the Fulton Recovery System was back and you could use it on everything I had to have it!



    Holy shit, though, got the PS4 Overpriced Red Plate Edition and Petite Arm Edition pre-ordered.

    Spendin' cash like it's the Philosopher's Legacy.

      I understand all these references


      First up, Dan, never ever change.

      And what the what, it's August now?! I thought it was September 5th, same day as Mad Max?!

        According to my main man Greg O Ogle, it comes out September 1st.

        Can't floppin' wait.

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