Tell Us Dammit

I don't normally like making 'Tell Us Dammit' specific to one game or one series, but while I was sick yesterday I spent the whole day playing Metal Gear Solid 3. It got me to thinking about all those incredible/confusing moments I've had playing the Metal Gear Solid series — what are some of your favourites? Anything you completely hated?

Favourite moments for me are...

— The entire Tanker level in Metal Gear Solid 2. The whole thing. — The boss battle with the end. — The Metal Gear Solid flashback in Metal Gear Solid 4. — Metal Gear Solid 4's second act. — Psycho Mantis. No explanation necessary.

Weak moments?

— The convoluted end of Metal Gear Solid 4. — Self indulgent cut-scenes in 2. — The clunky opening hours of Metal Gear Solid 3

Man, I think that's enough from me — over to you guys!


    I have never played any MGS game, do I win? :)

      Glenn you are far from a winner and the smiley proves it.

        “Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.” But Air Boss Johnson was to deny the request. “Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full,” he said.

        “You can be my wingman anytime, Air Boss Johnson,” Ghost Rider said, still approaching the flyby closer still to the “dangerzone”.

        “Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full!” Air Boss Johnson repeated with a certain hothouse conviction.

        Sorry, Jonathon, where was I? All over the place if I don’t say so myself! What calamity! Writing the script for the amateur dramatic society’s upcoming stage production of Top Gun is driving me to despair and folly. Be that as it may, I still feel a need for a measure of courtesy - as much as I can muster - when approaching persons in a more social context.

        What say you, Johnathon? I better approach for a better tomorrow? You could be your very own Top Gun when it comes to courtesy! What a scoop! What say you, old fellow?

        Maybe something like:

        “You are winning Glenn, yes, I really think you are! And I know a winner when I see one, let me tell you. I appreciate the smiley face at the end of your comment, it reminds what a sunshine day it is to be; happiness means a lot to me.”

        You’re a good fellow, Jonathon; I can see that. A genuine Top Gun. Anyway, I’m busy trying to get to the bottom of the relationship between Goose and Maverick; I mean, it’s central to exposition and development of the narrative’s tangled story threads. It’s not easy, Johnathon, let me tell you.

        Good day, friend.

        Kipperton Beaumont.

          I'm.... I'm not sure I understand....

      Nor have I. I will, however, be picking up a copy of this collection at some point in the near future... don't know when I'll get to it, tho.

      Same here. I got a copy of Twin Snakes back in 2005 or so, but it's never made its way into my Cube :P

    OMG yes the Psycho Mantis fight was awesome.

    "Why can't I read your thoughts?"

    My favorite part was using octocamo to blend in with some statues in a plaza somewhere near the beginning of MGS4. Snake strikes a pose and tries to pretend he's another statue, whilst holding on to the penis of one of the other statues. If you hold this pose for too long, he breaks the penis off the statue.

    Hilarity ensues.

    Also, I loved everything about the Tanker section until you have to sneak through the briefing. Most anxiety-inducing moment in stealth gaming ever!

    Crawling in the air vents in the beginning of MGS, showing my mates for the first time the different things you could see upon looking down.

    The first time I got stuck looking for the radio frequency. Threw me for a good while that evening. GameFAQS was barely a thing so couldn't ruin it for me then.

    Slipping over on pigeon poo.

    While it was less tactical stealth and more action oriented, I enjoyed MGS3 so immensely that no one part stands above the others right now.

    The opening act of MGS4 was pretty pure MGS, and much enjoyed.

    Been playing PeaceWalker (the only mgs i havent played).. its so awesome.
    More of an arcade feel, but its so addictive. Coop every level.

    "It's my destiny, to be here... IN THE BOX!"

    The whole skitxz-out of the AIs in the final part of MGS2, 'Fission Mailed' included

    To be honest, the WHOLE of MGS3. Not the first Metal Gear game I played, or the last, but the best one in my opinion. Creative Kojima and Business Kojima working in perfect synergy.

    Those first few levels of Portable Ops, while the giddy joy of having an 'actual' (read: kinda sorta) MGS game in the palm of my hand. That wore off quickly though.

    The sniper duel with Sniper Wolf in MGS1, there's just something frantic about it that later games lose with their better controls. Wolf knows where you are, you know where Wolf is, it's about ho gets to the trigger first. It's pure.

    Bits and pieces of Peace Walker. True, the game wasn't really standout in it's own ways, but the Monster Hunter missions were cool. Not to mention co-op sneaking.

    I loved the return to Shadow Moses island in MGS4. First the dream sequence where you replay the opening minutes of MGS (complete with PS1 era graphics!), and then the journey through the facility... seeing all those old areas again but years later in their neglected, falling apart condition, but with the little flashbacks to MGS1, and the music etc. I don't think I've ever had a stronger feeling of nostalgia when playing ANY game.

      I can't believe I forgot about that.

      The music. The way it was handled. When he looks up at the camera and it breaks.

      Just perfect.

      I, unashamedly, love MGS4. Love it so much.

        Yay! Me too.

          As a huge metal gear sold fan, it has been my goal to get STEALTH on all the main games 1 thru to 4. Loved it on 3 and 4. Dont get seen by anyone for the entire game. Added the very sneaky stealth aspect that i loved.

      Oh and I can't believe I forgot that other bit near the very end of MGS4 when Snake is dragging himself down that corridor, getting fried as he goes and you're desperately hammering the button to try and get him to drag himself those last... few... metres...


      Games aside, I don't think I've ever felt a stronger sense of nostalgia doing ANYTHING else!

    I had a golden shower. Then caled up my co-workers to brag about it.

      Sounds awesome.

      Got any favourite MGS moments you want to share, as long as you're here? :P

    Oh, also some of the humorous conversations that could be had with SigInt in MGS3:

    Sigint - Snake, why are you naked?
    Snake - Because it feels good.
    Sigint - Yeah, you can select NAKED in CAMO. But it doesn't help your CAMO INDEX and you lose stamina faster when naked.
    Snake - What about my pants?
    Sigint - Say WHAT?!
    Snake - My pants can I-
    Sigint - Oh HELL no, this FOX unit is a nutfest!



    I have MGS2 and 3 on a PS2 I have borrowed and playing 2 for the first time. The Tanker stage is done and so far I had to disarm some bombs in the bathroom on the Big Shell. I am struggling to want to keep playing though. I want to play it before the apparently great MGS3 but yeah, feels like a slog.

      Mate you probably were better off playing 3 before 2 if you didn't have first. Doesn't matter now, there should be a feature somewhere in the MGS2 menu explaining MGS1s events. It will make a lot more sense when playing MGS2.

      Oh and all MGS games start slow, you'll grow into all of them, trust me.

        Ahhh righto.

        I've beaten Twin Snakes twice, so the story MGS1 isn't an issue.

        I'll keep at it, just seems droll at the moment. I know it's the grand-daddy of stealth but I've played a lot of more recent stealthy games that crib elements from MGS.

    MGS 1 was the first game whose story really surprised me with a genuine twist. That moment after you put the third PAL card in and everything turns on its head is pretty darn amazing.

    MGS 2 is seriously the most academically-study-able mainstream game of all time. There's so much going on philosophically in that story (the plot suffers a little for it, but still impressed me).

    MGS 3 remains the only game in history to reduce me to an emotional blubbering wreck.

    MGS 4 in general left me a bit cold. Overproduction is a hallmark of the series, but it really started to hurt in the latter stages of MGS4.

    Man, it makes everything about the game SOOO confusing!

      Don't worry, actually playing it doesn't really make it any less confusing :P

      Then go play the games instead of complaining to us? I don't know, it just seems like an issue where the onus is on you, not us.

        Ease up, chuckles.
        I'm pretty sure he was just making a joke, not complaining.

          The humorous tone is lost in translation when i post so many serious thoughts.
          Like the crisis in Iran.
          The plight of the wales
          The cure for cancer!
          The teeth of Sarah-Jessica Parker

          Boy, i could go on for days!
          So many woes in the world, and MGS is amongst my foremost and most pressing!

            Plight of the wales = not enough sheep, choir halls and rain?

    The best would be the first time i fought the end. A three hour fight that i lost, only to start again right away for another 2 hour fight.

    Oh, and the result from constantly ringing Mei Ling in MGS1. That sort of extra-gamey content was much appreciated by me throughout the franchise.

    Never could get into them, keep buying them because they look good, but dont have the patience needed, and just for the record, on PSP it was to hard to play by myself.

    -The Fight with The End. Amazing.
    -the sheer head asplodeness of the end of 2
    -"Come on Mr Foxhound, the Commander is waiting"

    Cool topic My favourite bits:

    The AI glitching at the end of MGS2
    The nuclear explosion in MGS 3, cause it looked rad.
    The fight in the white flowers in MGS3
    The fight with the End
    The part where the guy from rat patrol has nervous diarrhea in the drum in MGS4
    The microwave tunnel crawl in MGS4 (so intense)
    No place for Hideo

      Oh and the part where Raiden fight the bi-pedal cow metal Gears in MGS4
      and the part where Raiden embeds the sword in the dock to stop the floating haven. amazing.

    MGS1 was the game that brought me into the series. The weapons, the story, the gameplay. All revolutionary for their time. And the story was brilliant too.

    MGS2 stood out on the tanker for me. The shell is where it fell apart for me. Got tired of Raiden being a little crybaby. It did reduce me to tears when Otacon finally reunited with EE only to have her die in his arms.

    MGS3 is the absolute pinnacle of the series. New features introduced that made it awesome. No more relying on the radar. It was your sight, movement and skills that mattered. The End boss fight goes down as my favorite of the series. And Eva is always easy on the eyes.

    MGS4 was a great game for me. Camo switching could be done on the fly, CQC was tightened up and the setting made it fun. Need to go back and replay it sometime. Felt horrible for Otacon in 4 for reasons everyone who's played it should know.

    And a special mention to Egoraptors Metal Gear Awesome parts 1 and 2. The jokes are bad at time but it never fails to make me laugh.

    MGS3 from beginning to end was sheer unadulterated perfection for me. I enjoyed the others. I have my issues with all of them. Kojima's decisions for MGS2 I'll never agree with but II still had a lot of fun with the game.

    One of my favourite moments from MGS2 was the 'ininitie ammo' line from Snake. I smile every time I see that scene.

    Aslo some of the best moments of MGS for me have been the trailers. That certainly fed into the things I didn't agree with about MGS2 but really, besides Kojima, who else would pull a stunt like that? I think gaming at large is better for it.

      That "infinite ammo" line was great. It let me know that Meryl was safe.

    The End is still the greatest boss battle of all time. Intense 2 da max.

    Returning to Shadow Moses.

    Big Boss being told his future in Portable Ops: "Your son will bring the world to ruin... your son will save the world." :~~~(

    The "microwave" scene in MGS4.

    Worst scene: Otacon hamming it up and crying in MGS4 when a certain someone dies. Nearly had to get up and walk out of the room in disgust. But, that's MGS for ya.

    I was looking at the HD collection this morning actually, could someone let me know if I picked up the HD collection and MGS4 would I get a pretty good coverage of the story? MGS4 grabbed my attention a while ago but I was reluctant to play it without playing any other game in the series.

      Pretty good? You'd get 3/4s of the story from MGS2/3/4. And a continuation of Big Boss' story in Peace walker. You can always read up on MGS1 and Portable ops at the MGS wiki. On top of the HD collection you also get Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 in their MSX incarnations so you basically get 5 metal gear games in the MGS HD collection

      You can also grab MGS1 pretty cheap off the PS Store in the PS1 section to complete the set.

        Like I told the other guy, there is a feature somewhere in the MGS2 menus where you can read up on the events of MGS1. I did get a friend to play MGS1 and he initially thought it was utter crap, but after putting into perspective the time the game came out and playing it more, he began to enjoy it.

        So if you can, MGS1 is the best start.

          Please play through MGS1 first. To not do so would ruin the MGS2 experience.

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