Remember This?

I thought yesterday's Remember This might be a little too easy yesterday. So I was relieved to see that it took you all at least six minutes to guess it correctly!

Congrats to tr33t0ps for getting it first! It was Earthworm Jim.

Good luck with today's game everyone!


    The Lion King?


      I was going to go with that too.

        I was pretty sure it couldn't be, but it definitely evoked that for me. Then I couldn't find a single image with the sun in it when I went looking!

    Scorched Earth! looks good

      Damn! The one time I see the image, and my brain goes "I KNOW THIS ONE!" and I'm beaten to it.

      Kudos to you, sir.

      I knew I'd seen it somewhere but after playing it for so long I kinda just stopped seeing it.

      @#%&, I guess this yesterday! :P

        That's where I got the idea! Sorry, BUT THAT'S THE KIND OF MIND GAMES I PLAY ON REMEMBER THIS.

      Damn it! I knew this too.

      No kibitzing!

        When my friends figured out how to edit the "speech" config files we had the foulest-mouthed tanks around for awhile there. We thought we were so clever when we were 12.

    Ballblazer HD remake.

    Oh well, I can dream.

      Rocket League is all the Ballblazer we need for the new millennium.

    Edit: Meant to be a reply. Can I delete my comment?

    Last edited 30/07/15 12:32 pm

    I was gonna say Pac-man's super smash on Battlefield or something, from Smash Bros Wii U

    Elite Frontier or First Encounter

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