Rock Band's Tracklist Has Me Very Excited Indeed

I'm going to withhold judgement of Guitar Hero Live until it's released, but I have been disappointed with the tracks they've announced so far. Rock Band 4? The precise opposite. Its tracklist gives me hope. Clearly Harmonix still gets it. They still get what the core audience is after, and has an understanding of what works well in rhythm games. Today they announced new tracks for Rock Band 4. I am excited.

The tracks announced were...

Aerosmith – “Toys in the Attic” The Cure – “Friday I’m In Love” Dream Theater – “Metropolis - Part 1 “The Miracle And The Sleeper” Foo Fighters – “The Feast and the Famine” Judas Priest – “Halls Of Valhalla” Live – “All Over You” The Outfield – “Your Love” Ozzy Osbourne – “Miracle Man” Paramore – “Still Into You” St. Vincent – “Birth In Reverse” Van Morrison – “Brown Eyed Girl”

This is more like it.

Don't get me wrong: I love pop music, but I'm not sure Ed Sheeran belongs in Guitar Hero, that's what I'm saying. It doesn't fit and plays like a desperate play for a mainstream audience. At this point I'm feeling a little more enthusiastic for Rock Band 4, based on the tracklist alone. Even the pop music songs on Rock Band 4 feel like they'll work better in a game context — like Uptown Funk. Who doesn't want to bust out that bassline? I know I do.


    Metropolis Pt 1?

    I'm in. Done. Sold.

      Yep. thats enough for me too. I remember losing my shit when I found Pull me under in one of the Guitar hero

        Guitar Hero World Tour. It was a complete surprise when that came on as the credits song.

        Metropolis could end up being the Green Grass and High Tides of RB4. That's a hell of a thing.

      This. So much this. I just had a musicgasm reading this. Screw it Harmonix just do the entire Images & Words album PLEASE

      I have a question. Do you play guitar?

      It's just that I've found people who like these sorts of bands already play guitar, and likely already play these songs.

      I never understood their purpose in games like this. These games should be better served either shining a light on lesser known tracks like the first Rocksmith did or allowing those who don't traditionally play guitar to "recreate" iconic guitar songs.

      I think the player base as a whole tends to forget that these are first and foremost party games. While you (or another player) may love Dream Theatre, there's a low chance their friends do or care about playing those songs in a party or group context.

      They can add songs to the list in service to fans of this music, but at the end of the day it is a specific type of person who loves this stuff and focussing too heavily on them instead of the group gathering / party market is what killed these games in the first place.

      It's no coincidence that Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock was the final nail in the coffin for the franchise (until now). Any game that thinks anyone other than someone who already plays guitar wants to hear Steve Vai is doomed to fail.

        I have no musical talent whatsoever. Of all the people that I've played Rock Band/Guitar Hero with, only one was competent with any instrument and he was a drummer. Many of us could play on Expert.

        The party game aspect of rhythm games is huge but there has always been a challenge element to them too. There has always been a small group of people out there who want to be able to play Through the Fire and Flames on Expert. I never got that far but I can promise you that I enjoyed the hell out of trying to get good enough.

        There really is no relation between being good at rhythm games and being able to play guitar. Just like there is no similarities between being good at Madden and sportsballing like a pro. There may be some overlap in appeal but nothing really reliable.

        Adding Metropolis to the track list means that people like me aren't forgotten. That doesn't mean that the party crowd has been ignored. Look at the other songs listed, they seem to fit in just fine for more casual players. Look at Smash Bros. It's a casual party game that has a competitive element. A balance between the two is possible and guarantees an engaged market of happy players.

        It doesn't hurt that people like playing songs they recognise. Me? I'm one of those pretentious wankers that likes prog metal. Even if the songs were relatively simple to play, I would be happy to see their inclusion.

          Yeah I'm more or less making the same point as you have here though. There is no overlap. And generally fans of metal-esque genres appreciate the technical ability most of all. That's something that is generally only recognised fully by other guitar / drums players themselves. So like, say you love, I don't know, prog metal, and you're a guitarist. And all your friends love it too, you would get far less out of playing those songs on guitar hero or rock band than you would just picking up instruments and forming a band. That genre of music lends itself to playing for real, not playing on a plastic instrument.

          I'm not saying don't have that diversity, but all of these games tend to skew way too far in the direction of these niche, technically orientated genres in their tracklist as opposed to songs with really strong melodies and riffs that everyone can hum along to. Or choruses that are catchy and fun to sing. I don't think it's debatable that these games are at their peak when played in a casual, friendly environment, and prog metal, unfortunately, is not casual, and not friendly. And previous games (like the aforementioned Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock) have made these mistakes.

          Of course, don't take out all of this stuff. Variation is good, and like you said, Dragonforce as the "final boss" in previous games was wacky, hilarious and challenging end goal. Working towards that was the equivalent of that postive difficulty loop of Dark Souls.

          I'm just saying even though it can be tough to step back from your own biases and tastes to ask what is the best tracklist for this game and its continued success; that's what fans and developers really need to do. A lot of hardcore gamers gravitate towards these very insular and alienating genres like metal and its ilk, so they can't be the primary concern.

          (This is all speaking very generally and based on stereotypical situations. So if it doesn't apply to you specifically try to see past that and look at the bigger picture. But then, that's is what marketing is all about.)

            You seem to assume that people that like progressive music are likely to be musicians themselves. That's simply not true and I've seen nothing to back up that assumption.

            I enjoy playing prog metal in Rock Band form for the same reasons that fans of Foo Fighters enjoy playing their songs in RB. It's fun to play these games and it's even more fun to do it with songs you like. The fact that the same songs scratch my itch for a challenge is a happy bonus.

            The best tracklist for these games caters to all of the audiences that play these games. That's the hardcore fans that want a finger melter to beat. That's the casual fans that want to head bang to Bohemian Rhapsody and everything in between.

            I have my bias towards the difficult songs. You have yours towards the party songs. That's cool. From what we've seen, this game has a good balance of both but I'm definitely going to celebrate one of my favourite songs being included in the game.

            For the record, The Beatles: Rock Band is the pinnacle of the genre and one of the easiest titles.

              Yeah I agree. Beatles Rock Band was amazing. I think that it's because it spanned the career of a band literally inventing dozens of rock subgenres as they went. The early material was my favourite to play, but stuff like Helter Skelter was awesome too. Basically the variety in music that game had should be the blueprint going forward. Fun, iconic pop songs against instrumentally interesting ones as well. All I want is a healthy balance, and in my opinion Beatles Rock Band's the only game that's pulled that off.

    The fact that all the previous Rock Band songs (as far as I'm aware) will also work with the new version is a winner for me. There's not a lot of 'classic' guitar tracks on the new GH or RB, but that's most likely because they were all used in the original bunch of games.


    That was my jam when I was, like, six. Holy God damn, this setlist is turning out to be ace.

      I feel so old.

    So Mark, excited about the prospect that there is no AU release date yet? ;)

      I must admit, I'm terrified at the prospect of paying a bajillion dollars for a full band set up.

    this looks great and makes me want it all the more but there has yet to be any mention of its release in Australia and considering its mad cats doing the release itl probably be another rock band 2 fiasco.

    Yeah, I really really want it. But I've had no finding any info on an Aus release. It's even available for pre-order in NZ on Mighty Ape, but nothing for us.

    Last edited 14/07/15 12:15 pm

    Yes, signs of a good mix of stuff here instead of just insufferable (or is it the fans that are insufferable?) metal and classic rock. The Cure, St. Vincent. More like this.

    What i'd like to see is some modern indie rock on the playlist. Cloud Nothings would be awesome. FIDLAR have some really fun melodies. Twin Peaks, Making Breakfast, I dare anyone to hear that song and not love it immediately:

    Judas Priest – “Halls Of Valhalla”*ears perk up*

    So. Anyone know of any Aus retailers, online or otherwise, that will be stocking this game? I'd quite like to buy a new guitar since I've swapped from 360 to PS4 - but if it's going to be super spenny then I'll hunt down some old PS3 guitars.

    Guitar bundles is 259.99 at Mightyape :(

    For the record, I emailed EB Games over the weekend to ask if they had any news on an Australian release (I figured if anyone was going to have it, it'd be them.) They didn't have any information to share - which is a worry, given that it's out in 3 months. I suspect it'll be an import - which is a pain, given how DLC regions work on the PS4.

    Live's All Over You? Sold!

    But yeah, quite concerned over the fact that no one has any Aussie release info. I hope this isn't Rock Band 2 all over again!

    i went to the EB up close event at garden city a few weeks ago and spoke to someone from EB games buying staff and they are trying to get bundles for us but mad catz arent playing ball if they do get them he said they will be EXTREMELY! limited

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