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    It's now been a month since I sent my graphics card away for a warranty repair. From my perspective, this would be considered an "Unreasonable amount of time". In line with the unbelievably shit wording of the law, this mean I can claim a refund.

    What's the bet I don't get one, and they suddenly ship it back today?

      If it's ASUS, maybe they'll ship it back still broken, like happened to me twice! :D

      "Card tests OK on games on our machines, it must be your PC."
      "It runs fine on SOME games on my machine, too, but isolation testing has proven it to be the card. Try WoW."
      "Huh. OK, we're getting that now, too. Fine, we'll send it away to ASUS."
      "How long?"
      "Three to four weeks."
      "Yeah, that's too long to be without a PC, can't I just get a replacement?"
      "They're really expensive and not that common. How about a loaner?"

      *6 weeks later*

      "OK, card's back, there you go."
      "Yeah, it's still broken. Did these guys even test it?"
      "We gave them pretty clear notes, but I guess we'll try again."
      "No, don't try again, I've already been a month without a gaming card, I didn't drop a couple thousand dollars to be running low-end; just get them to send a replacement."
      "Well, fair enough, we'll get them to do that. But they'll want to verify it before they'll accept sending a replacement, though."

      *8 weeks of dodged phone calls later*

      "OK, here's your replacement back."
      "THIS IS THE SAME FUCKING CARD AND IT'S STILL BROKEN IN THE SAME WAY. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Screw the manufacturer. I bought from YOU, so YOU replace this now or I'm onto fair trading."
      "Oh. Uhm. OK, we can't actually source that model anymore, maybe that's why they just replaced some parts of it... uh. How about this slightly new/different version?"
      "Is it the same price or higher than what I paid for a card I haven't been able to use for nearly half a year which depreciated in value by a few hundred bucks? Because if not, I want a REFUND, not a replacement, so I can buy something at equivalent cost."
      "Oh. Well. Yeah, we can do that, too."

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        Wrote the warranty claim out like I used to back when I actually worked in warranty claims, including results from testing the graphics card with a different monitor, PSU and cables...and results from testing a different graphics card with the original monitor, PSU and cables with no fault found.

        If they send it back broken I'll be filing a formal complaint immediately.

        I had a similar problem with a monitor from Acer

      The problem with the 'Unreasonable amount of time' is that it is dependent on many factors, such as the product, the testing involved, shipping times and destination, etc. It also isn't just defined by the consumer, if the company can justify the length of time it has taken, it doesn't count. From previous experience doing RMA's for the computer store I used to work at, a month isn't really that long. From memory, 6 weeks was the norm, at least it's not RAM..when we had to RMA the Corsair RAM with the lifetime warranty, we wouldn't see it back for at least 6 months!

        I know, I used to do RMAs too. I also used to argue with manufacturers all the time. If I was told it would take 6 months to replace any hardware for a customer I'd do it in store and bill the supplier, who would happily pass it on to the manufacturer.

          The problem I came across was they would never admit it would take 6 months, there would just be multiple delays that kept pushing out the date.

          But yes, we just used to replace the hardware and sort out the warranty ourselves/with the supplier.

      Last time that happened to me I'd learnt my lesson. Graphics card was intermittently playing up when it hit certain temperatures - artifacts, the works. Card was fucked. But not totally fucked. So I just ensured it received a nice, big static charge and it was well and truly dead before I took it back. If it doesn't work and isn't physically or obviously damaged, they can't do squat.

      My local won't RMA it if it doesn't work in their test rig, they'll just replace it outright if it's completely dead - whereas if it's intermittent, you're subject to 4-8 weeks of no hardware, and 4-8 weeks of your warranty you don't get back.

      EDIT: I had issues with my Asus ROG laptop warranty as well. One time I sent it back, they took 6 weeks to fix it. Not happy.

      EDIT EDIT: I love Asus gear though. Will always buy it as long as it's as good as it's been for me, but damn, their warranty service can be super-poo at times.

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        Based on personal experience, Asus support was only beaten by Samsung (computer) support in terms or sheer uselessness. Requesting weird steps as part of RMAs, backflipping on decisions, stalling etc.

    You've all gone quiet today.

    So what have you been reading?

    I'm reading Ancillary Justice, by Ann Leckie. Cool space opera thing so far but I get the impression that it's still tablesetting 100 pages in


      (Actually, I joke, but I've been working my way through every comic Deadpool has appeared in on Marvel Unlimited.)

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        Re: Ding

        We have not been able to replicate the specified Ding, however a beeping has been observed when the microwave completes a cooking cycle. Consider switching alert mechanism to a standardised format.

          My supervisor and I have commenced a passive-aggressive campaign against those who leave their food in the office kitchen's microwave then leave it there for ages, beeping every thirty fucking seconds. They now appropriately respond with guilt, but they still haven't changed their goddamn behaviour yet.

            Food not claimed within 90 seconds shall be consumed by the hungriest person. It'll be a game. Of hunger.

              I shall write a number of books about it, readily adaptable to movies. It shall serve as the inspiration to a generation of young'ish, relatively-well-off, white, male office nerds everywhere.

                I volunteer as inspiration! It can be a tribute to my relatively-well-off, white, male office nerdiness.

        Cable & Deadpool was good fun.


          Cable is my favouritest thing. WTB Ray Stevenson Cable movie. kgo.

      I am continually guilt-ridden I don't read much anymore. Used to be a book sponge until 5-10 years ago. Now struggle to find the enthusiasm or motivation to read, despite feeling wretchedly guilty that I don't anymore.

        I'm exactly the same, and I can't figure out why. So many books I'd like to read and I just have no motivation to do so. Hell, I haven't even attempted Game of Thrones despite my wife being most of the way through them...

          I think there might be too many instant gratification distractions at my disposal. Games, movies, TV shows, etc. Require little real commitment and can be accessed in an instant. That and I think my attention span has... changed as I've gotten older. Not gotten better or worse, just different.

            I know exactly what you mean here. I find I have too many tv shows, games and movies at my disposal and waste time deciding what to play/watch so end up reading instead. Also commute to and from work, and reading before bed to give my mind a chance to slow down so I can sleep is plenty of time to read.

              Reading before bed would be a nice habit I'd like to get back into. Reducing screen time immediately prior to sleep would be beneficial for me, I think.

                I have found getting to sleep a lot easier and I am less likely to wake during the night if I give myself an hour away from a screen before bed. Previously I was gaming until 10mins before I was trying to get to sleep (just enough time to brush teeth, go toilet, etc before bed), then it would take me 45mins to an hour to get to sleep, and I would make 5-6 times during the night.

        I'd happily read if I could find anything new but whenever I go to bookstores all I can think is "I have no idea if this is going to be any good, I'm not going to spend $25 on it".

        It was so much easier when I was a kid and there were all these great books I hadn't read yet.

      Recently read Apollo Justice game.

      Currently reading something that I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to talk about or not... how cryptic.

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      How to negotiate - a book from 1996 to try and help with my sales and talking skills

      I read the latest tech news via a reader account every morning. Does that count?

      A friend (big book reader, works at a book store) had covered a few tables in books to give away, so I picked up The Messenger (because The Book Thief was good enough for me to assume I'd like anything by Zusak, and it's been on the list for ages) and Clariel (I have a soft spot for Nix, so I'll probably enjoy it, despite reviews being relatively negative).

      Based on my parenthesised words though, you'd be right to assume that I haven't actually started reading either of these, since I think I'm in a bit of a book slump at the moment.

      Still need to go back to The Lies of Locke Lamora, put that down two months ago and just haven't gone back...

        You need to go back to Locke Lamora, those books were fantastic! Can't wait for the next one to be out!

          Yeah, I was enjoying it, but ergh. Just not feeling books right now.

          My optimum book situation is to spend a day with a tub of ice cream and a good book, and to just lose the world for as long as possible, and I haven't been able to manage that lately.

            Also, it fails the completely unreasonable and hugely biased bar that literally every book I've read in the past however long it's been has failed to reach.

            It's good, but it's no Mistborn.

              Haha Mistborn was great.

              I have a long commute to work, so I read to and from work on the train. As well as I find that I have trouble sleeping if I watch anything or play any video games an hour before I go to bed so I use that opportunity to read as well. That coupled with being a very fast reader, I go through several books a week! Also gives me a lot of ideas for my D&D campaign.

              You need to get yourself out of that mindset though, or you won't enjoy books for what they are! Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks is a good competitor for Mistborn though, as well as The Powder Mage Trilogy by Brian McClellan.

        Read The Messenger back in HS, found it a bit twee for my liking.

      I am currently reading The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker. One of those series where the first 3 books were available in a pack for $0.99. It is actually very good and I have enjoyed it immensely. Regrettably I am nearing the end of the 7th book and only have one to go after that. So will be finished probably by Thursday/Friday.

      I recently read The Powder Mage trilogy by Brian McClellan and this was really good. I highly recommend it.

      The World Wife Wrestling RPG rulebook.

        Goddamnit autocorrect, why do you always change that to get me in trouble. I'm not changing it.

        Wife wrestling? man, single dadding for two weeks has affected you more than we thought

      Going to start rereading American Gods soon. Haven't read it in ages, so it's high time I read it again, particularly with the tv series coming out soon.

        Super happy that Bryan Fuller is running that series

      A time of omens - Katherine Kerr

      I find her books weird, I can get super engaged in the story and then it loses me when it goes grand scale but then the grand scale starts to mean something but then I'm into a microcosm again. I'm never sure how much I like them

        I've had a copy of Palace by her sitting on my shelf for probably 7 years at this point.
        As I've told the mate who foisted it on me, it's not going to happen.

          Well I will say that Palace is very very good. Mrs Tigs also really enjoyed it

          The series I'm reading has reincarnation of souls and magically enhanced lifespans for some characters and it jumps back and forward in time and some characters referencing a character and relating to what they did 2 generations ago

      Last few Terry Pratchett books.
      Great as always but I'm gonna have to find more stuff to read soon, which is always a hassle.

      Oh wait, I have a list. Time to add things to it.

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    So, there's a new Anno game coming out in November... now I understand why 2070's been about $8 the past week. And in one fell swoop takes care of my weekend plans for the final two months of 2015.

    Those times when you couldn't quite splash the $7 for something in the Steam sale, but then it pops up in a $2 bundle with some other decent odds and ends :3

    for anyone else who's been after a copy of Burnstar:

    Max is eyeing off the sparrows, and meowing that she wants to go and chase them...

      I find it so creepy when my cat sits at the balcony door when there's birds out there picking at our aloe vera pant, trying to mimic their chirping.

    Starting to get back into FFT Curtain Call. I'd forgotten how much fun it is, and how much bullshit it will occasionally throw at you in terms of difficulty scale. It's also starting to tempt me to pick up where I left off on my FFVII HD 100% run...which, if I remember correctly, required me to level every materia and character to max. Why do I feel like I should go back to that insane grind?

      Because they made the grind fun, something a lot of modern RPG's seem to have forgotten about.

      Biggest thing I miss is being able to use that grind to break the game and make yourself stupidly powerful but now they put restrictions on how much you can do it until you're forced to do it for some arbitrary difficulty spike. Then it's no fun.

        This so much. If I want to grind for ages to trivialize the battles then fucking let me do it.

        You can still do it via materia grinding, but yeah it has multiple adjustments for character grinding. Not really sure why they did that.

      I can't stand grinding in games anymore. I need some kind of substance to keep me going through it. It's probably the reason I don't play JRPG's or MMOs (except for SWTOR) anymore.

        This is something I really like in the Trails games. They're set out so that the monsters in an area are a certain level range, and while you're lower than that range you get tons of XP, but as you get above it it tapers off until you're 2-3 levels ahead at which point they're basically not offering any XP any more. If you get to that point always (usually just by exploring the areas thoroughly) you'll be ready for the next boss. It seems like such a simple thing but it tells you when it's time to move on and hardly anything is tuned as well. Older Tales games used to have that same really careful tuning too but the last few haven't been as carefully done.

    Ok, finally alive again. Weekend was pretty good. Went up to Katoomba on Friday with some friends I haven't seen in a while. We raided the candy shop there, I grabbed a bunch of cinnamon flavoured stuff just because it was there. Actually had the presence of mind to get some presents for people - found these tequila lollipops with a worm in them, figured my sister would like that so grabbed one. And there was this ginger and lime dark chocolate that sounded pretty good so that'd work as a bribe for the parents. Damn expensive though, but I tried some yesterday and yeah it's pretty nice.

    We had some boardgames to play, ended up running through Cluedo of all things though while it was a newer version than what we've got at home, it wasn't the extremely new one that my sister's friend brought around to play the other night which was weird and stupid. This one had a kind of "random death" mechanic, where the players would be killed off one by one if too many of a particular card was drawn which made it kind of interesting but at the same time it was highly exploitable since players were forced to draw those cards any time they were accused. Two of us got taken out by it (I was nearly the target but managed to talk my way out of it by making a point of the phrasing of the ability they were trying to use to do it :P), but in the end the game was ruined when someone went to guess the answer and only read the first letter of the room card, throwing them down excitedly only to realise the room they guessed wasn't the room at all. Also then found out that some people had ruined the game already by announcing they had none of the suspected cards when in fact they did. Bah :P

    Actually, when we started my friend was saying how she ended up joining in with these "weird game playing people" not too long ago, and how they had like a whole wall full of all these board games and would meet up to play them all the time and I was just sitting there laughing at the description of this weird and strange world she'd gotten a glimpse into :P She was talking about the game they played, figured out it was 7 Wonders they played. Sounded like she was just as bewildered by it as I was when I played it with you guys the other month.

    But, um. Yeah. So I had some sense of suspicion about this whole invitation dealie being a setup, and I was starting to feel I was correct when (as mentioned in weekend TAY) the next game was decided to be Truth Or Dare. And I was certain about it once I was dared to make out with the one other person there who wasn't part of a couple. Though funnily enough it was by a person who wasn't even aware of the secret plan. Later on when everyone had gone to bed, I asked the girl if the whole thing was in fact a setup, and had it confirmed. We ended up staying up all night talking >.>

    Came back home Saturday, died due to lack of sleep. Woke to find messages from... hmm. I need some kind of a code name. Flute Girl? That'll do. So I had some messages from Flute Girl and we ended up organising to hang out the next night. Then wound up staying up til it was time for Splatfest, so booted up Splatoon and started playing that for a while.

    Sunday, I managed to work my way through to 50 Splatfest matches and got my XP to max, 37 wins to 13 losses *flex*. Then it was time to leave for... I guess it was a date? Had dinner at Grill'd, where I spent most of the time saying "what?" and getting everything repeated to me thanks to a speaker blasting music directly into my ear. Then we went up and saw Inside Out, which was pretty good. It's been ages and ages since I've been to Miranda, it's all weird and shiny and new. Also the car park is creepy, reading your number plate. I guess it went pretty well though. Since I got home at about 11 the next morning >.>

    And then got to be dead again.

      Worst. Hermit. Ever.

        I even dressed up for the part and everything and it still didn't help!

          The hermit look is in! Everyone loves beards!

      I dunno about you guys, but I think all this popcorn consumption is giving me acne

      Every time you say you stayed up all night "talking" all I can think of is Scrubs.

      Hopefully you let the poor girl finish a sentence or two, though.

      Yeah Miranda has changed a lot. The number plate thing I didnt that was that new but maybe north shore was first area to get it.

    Having a brand spanking new office is amazing - clean, tidy, roof doesn't leak, quiet, air-conditioning works, toilets flush properly, ceiling tiles are all in one piece...

    Except for one thing...

    My PC screen can now be seen by anyone who walks in and out of the only entrance to the office and my back is to the entrance.

    Going to need Daredevil level hearing so I don't get caught TAY-ing too much.

      I TAY on my phone, got to keep my computer looking business-like.

      I'm still working out how I can take naps on the bed without people noticing though.

        You're probably pale enough to pass as a corpse.

          I work at a medical centre, not a morgue (plus I'm not that pale).

        Wear one of those "I just gave blood" stickers. If anyone asks, you're dizzy and someone told you to lie down.

        They may get suspicious of this after you "donate blood" every day for a month, though.

          You can get away with that as an excuse every two weeks.

    Ugh, my finger won't stop hurting. I think I stabbed it deeper then what I originally thought. Typing is kinda painful.
    I'm taking a break from sewing, instead, I'm making and cutting sequins.

      Ugh, my finger won't stop hurting. I think I stabbed it deeper then what I originally thought.THIS ONE'S JUST TOO EASY, SCREE! :'D
      #PageR18+ #NoOneIsSafe

        It would be funny if it wasn't so painful =(

    The First In A Series Of Fantastic Posts In Which Negs Describes The New Anime Season Shows So You Don't Have To Watch Them.

    July is upon us and that means new anime started last weekend. So many sequels this season! But there's some new stuff mixed in there as well.

    New show written by Key's Jun Maeda, author of Angel Beats, Clannad etc. A lot of the Angel Beats staff are on this and it's PA Works so it had a fair amount of interest going in. Main character has a superpower, allowing him to take control of the body of anyone he has line of sight with for five seconds. Being a devious shit, he uses this ability to hop between the bodies of all the smartest students in all his exams to cheat his way into a prestigious high school and try and hook up with a girl he's interested in. Trouble is, he's noticed in the process. It turns out he's not the only one with strange abilities, and he finds himself strong-armed into transferring to another school to with the student council there, who all have similarly supernatural abilities. Overall I thought this was average, but I generally don't like Maeda's writing. Guy seems to always write about sarcastic loner assholes with deep family issues, to the point that I suspect that it's at least partially self-inserted. Hopefully it's more internally consistent than Angel Beats was. Going to give it a few more episodes to grow a plot before calling it.

    Classroom Crisis
    This surprised me a bit. Set in the future, mankind has colonized many of the planets and moons of the solar system. The core cast are a special class at some kind of school on Mars. I'm not completely sure but I get the impression that their entire colony is owned and run by a corporation and the students are all employed as basically engineers in training. Trouble is, they're wasting millions of dollars on their engineering, so a new transfer student is sent to the class to get things back on track. I liked this a fair bit. Brought to mind late 90s / early 00s science fiction anime like Twin Spica or Stellvia. Nowadays just about all the SF anime is either all dark and depressing robot stuff or near-future Earth stuff. This might be a regular for me if it stays decent.

    Gave me a strong Black Lagoon vibe. Darker-edged violent action anime about a pair of assassins that work for the highest bidder. One of them is your typical cool and collected guy, the other is a bit of a nutjob that likes to slice people up with a sword. The interesting twist is that the guy is nearly deaf, which is pretty uncommon in anime. Anyway, not sure where this is going to go but the first episode was pretty good. Definitely worth watching a bit more.

    This actually has a ridiculously long subtitle but let's just call it 'Gate'. The main character is a nerd who uses his job as an officer in the JSDF to support his hobby. While in Tokyo to attend a doujinshi convention, he is caught up in organizing the evacuation of the area after a magical gate from another world is opened in the center of the city and an invading fantasy army of knights, orcs and dragons came through. The invaders are quickly dispatched when the JSDF arrives - turns out that your dragon-rider might be rad, but against a modern helicopter gunship it's going to come off second best. Incensed by the unprovoked attack on their citizens, the Japanese government creates a special task force and sends them through the gate to the other world to ensure they'll never be attacked again. This one seems great. Remember playing Civilization and rolling over dudes that are still in Dark Ages tech with your mechanized infantry and tanks? That's what this is like. Really enjoyed the first episode and this is straight onto my regular watch list.

    Okusama ga Seitokaichou
    Short-form (8 minute episode) show that's basically a dumb comedy with a side of smut. Main character is defeated in the student council elections by a girl who pledges to abolish the school rule about students not being romantically involved. Punctuates this by throwing out handfuls of free condoms. Then it turns out that the two of them are part of an arranged marriage and her parents are out of the country so she's got to live with him. Stupid anime bullshit. Not going to watch any more.

    Ranpo Kitan
    Mystery anime often doesn't work, but when it does work, it works really well. I'm hoping this is one where it works. This show is (kind of loosely) adapting selected works of Edogawa Ranpo, a Japanese author from the early 20th Century who is considered the father of Japanese mystery novels. He created a long-running mystery series for teenagers starring a school-aged genius detective, Kogoro Akechi. This has a really interesting and slightly creepy presentation where characters are all blank silhouettes unless specifically introduced and stuff. The first story is an adaption of Edogawa's 'The Human Chair'. A boy wakes up in a classroom with a bloody hacksaw in his hand and the dismembered corpse of his homeroom teacher in one end, with the body parts arranged to resemble a chair. Seems very promising but will need a few episodes to see how it's being handled overall.

    Rokka no Yuusha
    Seems to be basically B-tier fantasy. Every few hundred years, a Demon King awakens and threatens the land. Six warriors are chosen by the goddess, branded with a mark of a flower, and tasked with fighting and defeating the demon king. The main character has trained from birth to fight it, and declares himself the 'strongest man in the world'. Whether that's actually the case remains to be seen. The world in this is atypical for fantasy stuff - it looks like pre-conquistador Mesoamerica. Depending on what they do with that it might be okay, but it felt very B-tier to me.

    Symphogear GX
    Symphogear is fucking nuts. This is actually the third season, so if this sounds of any interest then you'd want to go back to the first. Basically if you want to thin-slice it, it's a magical girl show. Except it has constant action and things are exploding and everyone is always singing and it's all stylish and hot-blooded like Gurren Lagann or something. At one point in this episode they're trying to stop a space shuttle from crashing and it's on a collision course with K2 so naturally they have Hibiki stand on the front of the shuttle and punch the mountain to bounce the shuttle back the opposite way and this basically annihilates a slice of it and they're all "guess it's the third-highest mountain now!". It's not a great series if you examine each part. The writing's average, animation's a bit ugly, Aoi Yuuki is a fantastic actress but she can't sing, and so on. But the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. Guaranteed to be a regular watch for me.

    Shimoseka / Shimoneta / 'A Boring World Where The Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist'
    I feel like the biggest issue this comedy series is going to have is that there's a fair bit of cultural and language nuance that's lost in translation. Basically the setting is near-future Japan. Government censorship has cracked down to the point that pornography is contraband even saying naughty words will set off an alarm on your mandatory collar or wristband, calling in the public morality cops to take you away. The main character transfers from a school considered to be one of the most morally corrupt in the country into an elite school so pure that the student body apparently have absolutely no idea that sex is even a thing. On his way to his first day, a series of events results in him encountering a 'terrorist', blue snow, a crazy girl who wears panties on her head to hide her face and shouts rude words everywhere. It turns out she's the vice president of the school council and wants his help to overthrow the current oppressive regime, because a world where you can't say dirty words is boring.
    The big issue it has is that a lot of the jokes are language puns. Also a lot of them are censored - I'm not sure if it's a deliberate stylistic choice or if these are actually words which are considered unfit for broadcast on Japanese TV (which would be amusing if it were the case). Because the jokes don't translate that well and we're not coming from a particularly sexually repressed culture (despite perception to the contrary, Japan is almost puritan in a lot of ways) it doesn't really work that well in English. The premise is a bit too far fetched and the comedic timing is just not there. If you want to watch an anime which is basically just a long string of perverse innuendo then watch Seitokai Yakuindomo, it's a better show. Probably won't watch more of this.

    Ushio to Tora
    This is actually an adaption of a really old manga from the early 90s. Going to run 39 episodes so presumably they're adapting all of it. Violent kid Ushio's family are the caretakers for an ancient shrine. Ushio's father is always going on about a monster that their ancestor sealed away with a holy spear, but he doesn't believe it until after his Dad goes away on a trip. While clearing out the old storehouse he discovers that there's a sealed basement. Unsealing it, he encounters Tora, a giant tiger-like Monster that's pinned to the wall with a spear. Unwilling to free the creature, he leaves it in the basement, but with the doors broken Tora's evil aura begins to seep out, attracting many small youkai which start attacking Ushio's love interest. He unseals Tora by removing the spear and in so doing reveals that he can control it, just like his ancestor from five hundred years before that had sealed Tora away in the first place. This basically scares Tora into submission and the two work together to take out the Yokai in the area. I'm not completely sold on this yet. It's animated well - MAPPA are former Madhouse animators - but the story didn't grab me hugely yet. Going to give it a few episodes though, since shounen stuff like this often take a few episodes to hit their stride.

    Wakaba Girl
    Another 8-minute show. This is about a cute but airheaded girl who... goes to school. With her friends. And they chat a bit. So it's a show about cute girls being cute. Pass.

    Season 3 of one of the better comedy series of the last few years. Working (or Wagnaria in the US for some reason) is about the daily lives of a bunch of weirdos who work at a family restaurant. At this point the cast's grown fairly big but the jokes all still work. Technically the central character is Takanashi, who is a strange guy who has a thing for stuff that's small and cute, presumably because of childhood trauma growing up with a bunch of sisters who are all giants - his 12-year-old younger sister is taller than he is. He's initially approached to work at the place as a waiter by an upperclassman at his high school, Popura (i.e. 'poplar' as in the tree) who despite being several years older is extremely short and has a complex about her height. Among the other characters is Mahiru, a waitress who has an extremely violent fear of men, usually resulting in her randomly punching Takanashi in the face, and Yachiyo, a complete airhead who used to be part of a delinquent gang and carries around a katana but is completely infatuated with Kyoko, the manager of the store who does nothing but wander around and eat parfaits. The two chefs are a chain-smoking taciturn dude who has a secret crush on Yachiyo, and a guy who basically knows everyone's secrets and acts as a constant shit-stirrer because it amuses him.The store's owner is Otou-san (a pun, means 'father') who is rarely around because he's busy searching for his wife, who has such a terrible sense of direction that she went out one day several years before and never returned. This is the source of a lot of comedy. Finally there's Yamada, a girl who is obsessed with soap operas and after watching one decided to run away from home and attempt to convince Otou-san to adopt her. She lives in the store's attic. Basically each episode is a series of comedic vignettes. It's fairly brilliant, almost like an anime take on The Office if it were a bit more ridiculous and set in a restaurant. Already knew this would be a must-watch going in.

      I loved the first and second season of Working! Definitely need to watch this too.

        Did you ever watch the other one adapted from a manga by the same author? Servant x Service, about a bunch of public-sector workers working for the government in a small town in Hokkaido.

          Yes! I had no idea it was by the same people! That explains a lot.

          I didn't get quite the same chortles out of Servant x Service, but it was still pretty good. For all the similarities I noticed in government work, the contrasts in culture are... striking. It really is a different world.

            Yeah, it's not as funny. I think partially because the cast aren't as perfectly weird.

      Yeah, I had a pretty good oldschool vibe from Classroom Crisis, too. I'm... wary, though. Asshole for the sake of being an asshole looks like he might be an unfortunate focus for the show, whereas I would totally watch the rest of that crew goofing off on their own. For realsies, set the show a couple years earlier and I'm in.

      I'm also really looking forward to Gate.
      It's not gone crazy absurd (yet - and yes, all things are relative; versimilitude, people) with the whole 'what if orcs and dragons invaded Earth today' temptation to let super-powered badass magical girls do all the killing of tanks and soldiers and commence the end of humanity in Tokyo. It really does go about like what you'd expect it to... minus predator drones for some reason. Can't let the humans have too much of an edge, I guess? Seems like that army-slaying magical girl shit might still be on the cards, though. But all the same... there's lots of resisted tropes there. Gives me hope it'll stay even-handed and steady. I'm getting an 'ensemble cast' vibe from the intro/outro, really hoping for something almost Patlabor-Lite'ish.

      Working!!! is a no-brainer. Expecting this to be worthwhile every week.

      Same conclusions as you about Okusama ga Seitokaichou (tripe) and Wakaba Girl (yawn). Haven't seen any of the others yet.

        I bet that they'll melt the asshole manager's heart with their antics and remind him there's more to life than profit margins.

        From what I've been told about Gate, a lot of it is a culture battle. Because they're not just more advanced in weapons of war, they bring education and modern medicine and everything. The world over there is run like the Roman Empire and basically I think the protagonist turns out to be amazingly well equipped mentally to deal with everyone there because it's a stereotypical fantasy world and he's a huge nerd.

        One of the best things about Gate actually was the bits around Tokyo. The attack happens in Ginza and the protagonist is heading to Comiket at the Big Sight in Odaiba, and to get there you need to stop at Shinbashi station and take the Yurikamome monorail. That was all right by the hotel we stayed in Tokyo so it looked incredibly familiar. Like "I know where those stairs are" familiar.

        EDIT: About the only reason to watch Okusama ga Seitokaichou is if you were really, really desperate for some anime boobs. Especially since the token boobs show this season (Toloveru Darkness' 2nd season) is apparently full of our friends Foggy, Mr Light Bar and Black Misty.

        Last edited 07/07/15 6:11 pm

          I love that about having been to Japan.
          All these scenes in anime where I'm now familiar with where/what it is depicting or what inspired it.

            Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Especially since a lot of modern stuff they use photographs for references when doing the backgrounds.

            Yeah, I paused some the other night during just a pretty standard establishing shot to marvel at how much it looked like some of the streets I walked down in Kyoto.

              Hibike! Euphonium had a whole bunch of Kyoto shots that were pretty memorable.

        Oh and Japan weirdly enough doesn't seem to have invested in drones for combat. You'd think they'd be all over it since it's some Ghost in the Shell type shit but they only seem to use UAVs for recon and as targets. I'm sure if they wanted them they could get Predators / Reapers from the US but it's not something they've done.

      Man, Gate has the potential to be so damn good. A rather underexplored but satisfying story of a modern army taking on the armies of a fantasy world; there's also a fair amount of politics and world building. I remain wary, though, the main character is refreshing but the show makes his passion for his hobby a bit too stereotypical, when in other mediums it's meant to play him off more as a everyman. Makes me think some subtlety will be lost for adaptions sake.

        Yeah, I've been told they seemed to dial the otaku up a fair bit compared to the manga.

      First episode of GATE seemed a bit average to me, but the premise is interesting enough that I'll keep watching.

      Oh shit! I didn't realise they werr making a Gangsta anime! Love the manga, Nick and Worick just work well and love the setting. Will have to watch the anime now

    Ever wanted to play Kantai Collection but that silly lottery system they have for getting an account put you off? Well, as of the server upgrades they completed last week, the lottery is gone!

    Seriously though, don't play it. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.

      I'd need to know Japanese to play it, right? I'm safe.

        It's pretty playable without Japanese knowledge. There's a wiki to help:

        Also you can use a viewer like KCV3 which runs the game in a window and then adds some extra stuff around the edges to track some unsurfaced data, translate the names of things and so on.


            Make sure you pick Murakumo or Fubuki as your starter. Samidare is arguably the best stats-wise and right now Sazanami has special art, but Fubuki and Murakumo have the best long-term value right now due to having high-level upgrades.



              Going down the New Vegas mods rabbit hole was bad enough!

              I might just read up a little is all.

              Last edited 07/07/15 7:36 pm

                Did you actually end up doing it?

                I can provide some tips if you did...

                  I have read some wiki. There is an awful lot of japanese on those screenshots.
                  It's helpfully discouraging! :D

                  @transientmind: There's not really a lot to it though. I don't know what most of the things say (though I've gotten to the point I can read the ship names most of the time, though a few still trip me up) I just know what buttons to click and use the wiki for anything specific eg figuring out requirements for quests & expeditions.

                  There's no story or anything, but the girls have lines responding to different things. I do understand a fair bit of spoken Japanese though so I understand most of the vocal bits and that likely helps.

    Put the finishing touches on the chook pen this arvo, but the rest of today can go die in a fire.

    Last edited 07/07/15 8:04 pm

    Oh wow, I just tried some of the Mexican stone-ground chilli chocolate I picked up in Leura. It's got such a weird texture, it's really crumbly once you start to chew it. So good though.

    Need to get some more. Also the coffee and cinnamon ones.

      I think the name is actually spelled as "Laura", you player, you.

      Chocolate and Chilli are a match made in heaven. There's a place near my parents that makes an Aztec Chilli Hot Chocolate that is to die for. Best hot chocolate ever. Also coffee and cinnamon go pretty well with chocolate too.

    Things you dont want to hear on a work call at 7am "bathroom..asbestos..apprentice..rotary hammer" so thats gonna be a shit of a morning.

    In other news I played Annas Quest last night after finally getting it working...SOOO GOOOD played for nearly 6 hours straight

    I thought I'd share some of the adventures of Gerald of Rivia with you guys.
    He's Geralt's retarded brother that somehow was shipped as the main player character on my copy of the witcher 3.

    This is what happens when I give him instructions
    "Gerald, go look at that book by that ledge"
    - walks straight off cliff.
    "Damn it Gerald!"

    "Gerald, pick loot that crate."
    - Ignites candle.
    "Gerald, I said loot that crate!"
    - extinguishes candle.
    "Gerald, Please loot that crate."
    - ignites candle.
    "Gerald, step slightly over this way and try looting that crate."
    - What crate? there is no lootable crate.
    "fine, walk over this way and try looting that crate."
    - Extinguishes candle
    "Damn it Gerald!"

    Practicaly every time I'm in combat against more then one opponent I have
    thisto say.

    "Nice work on the counter Gerald. Quick now that' he's open finish him off with a heavy attack!"
    - takes wild air swing at guy number two who's across the other side of the room.
    "Damn it! Oh well, may as well hill him now we are over here, try a quick attack at guy two."
    - takes an air swing at guy one back over the other side of the room, gets hit in the back of the head by guy two.
    "Damn it Gerald!"

    "OK Gerald, we're all done in this area, time to find out horse and leave. Mount Roach."
    - Ignites campfire .
    "I said mount Roach."
    - Extinguishes camp fire.
    "WE ARE NOT DOING THIS AGAIN. walk over here, call Roach."
    - Roach runs into ocean.
    "Damn it Roach!"

      Oh god, Now Gerald is seeing things.

      I went up and told him to talk to someone who the map indicated was a merchant. Turns out he's not a merchant. He's just a guy standing around. Gerald is talking to a "merchant" who is standing next to the guy but is on there when Gerald is apparently talking to him. I asked to look at his wares but I never get to see any. Clearly there aren't any wares because there is no merchant. Maybe It's Gerald's imaginary friend all grown up and and with a job.

        Is this a guy in a small encampment right next to a bridge to a fortified island?

    It's time for another instalment of... *SPAM EMAIL TIME*

    Remember about the guy who
    was close to work for NASA
    but then discovered how to
    make tons of money with lotteries?

    Last edited 08/07/15 9:50 am

      I *do* remember about that guy. He was good guy.

    Woke up at 6am.
    Felt like shit, went back to sleep.
    It's now 10am and I woke up 30 minutes ago.

    Leisurely week at work thus far. Been tasked with testing various Linux distributions on VMs for compatibility with our software. End result, kicking back in my chair with my headphones listening to KMFDM at unhealthy volumes while no one bothers me and I don't have to answer the phones. Livin' the dream, man.

    I don't like Malcolm Turnbull. But he isn't an idiot and I can respect him at the least. We'd be in a very different and much better place if he wasn't ousted by the crazier faction, at least I'd like to believe so.

      See, I used to have a lot of respect for Turnbull.
      But he squandered all of that when he became just another lackey for Abbott on so many issues. Even when he comes out with sensible things, it's too little too late.

        He's kinda stuck in his current position. Turnbull's sort of popular and respected by the public but some in his party hate his absolute guts for not being a blind and obedient party member. Also the fact that the LNP has swung hugely to the right while Turnbull has stayed pretty central-right throughout the years hasn't helped him at all. He has to be a lackey for Abbott so that he has a chance of becoming leader when Abbott gets ousted. It's a stupid popularity game that he has to play.

        I'm in the same boat but I love that he's been making barely veiled swipes at the party for some of the stupid policy decisions and moronic rhetoric pouring out the mouths of some of the leadership.

        Too little too late right now, but I'm inclined to give him a second shot if he gets a clear run and has some decent policies I can get behind.

      He's a smarmy arsehole.

      But he's a smart smarmy arsehole.

      He's a bit of a prick but I think he'd actually be an okay PM. Vastly better than Abbott and most of the other cabinet members. Biggest issue with him I have is the level of compromise on his principles he seems willing to make. Hard to tell where he actually stands personally because he's got to tow the party line a lot.

    So after all my whining on Monday about a glitch in Watch_Dogs I went back to it and guess what - when you quit mid-mission you DO get a checkpoint. So instead of having to do the whole mission again, having already done it three times and butting my head against the glitch each time, I returned to my game to find myself standing outside the poker game, and this time it actually allowed me to start the game... of course then it was interrupted for an on-foot chase sequence but this one was actually kind of fun.

    So I got a few more missions into the game, as well as finishing a bunch of side content. Unlocked achievements for preventing crimes, unlocking all the ctOS towers and completing all of the privacy intrusions. \o/

      The side content is what I really liked in the game. I think a lot of the reason for this is you can do a lot of it playing as the character Aiden should have been, rather than the main mission stuff where you're handed an LMG and kill several hundred people.

      Also, the intrusion stuff is great.

        I remember when I first started I tried to hack a ctOS tower but I just couldn't figure out how to get to it and assumed "well this is something I'll probably unlock later" and did a few story missions before taking an extended break from the game. It wasn't until I tried a different tower that I saw a locked gate and realised "oh shit, there's a line leading over that way, maybe I can hack this camera for a better angle..." and then realised what a fucking bonehead I was.

        I don't want to get too mired in the side content since I'm still only mid-way through Act II... I've just unlocked the Bunker and done one or two missions after that that's allowed me to access some "off the grid" location, which I now have to return to the bunker for the next mission ... but the mysteries of the weapons trade, serial killer, ctOS breaches, etc are all pretty intriguing so far.

      Unlocking towers (hi Ubisoft!), reading peoples' emails, trying to stealth shit until you inevitably gun everyone down, and the spidertank and creepy bodysnatcher-world side-thingies were the most fun for me in Watch_Dogs. Everything else... meh.

      I really thought the protagonist would resonate with me, but newp. Not one bit. He's a total jackhole.
      (Edit: Yes, the implication is that I'm not. Help me out, here.)

      Last edited 08/07/15 11:01 am

        Oh I did the Spider Tank "digital trip" and that was a blast. Only made it to the 21st of 24 objective though, gonna have to get it together and try it again. My main downfall was that after a certain point helicopters stay up very high and I can't get an angle to hit them without climbing buildings. I got hit with an objective to kill 30 police and got too distracted chasing choppers.

    @shane I got in contact with Seon who is the founder of Nyu media who localised Tyrano builder, and told him about you using it for your own visual novel. He will contact you over the next few days in case you need any help with the program. Sorry for sticking my nose in, I just want to help.

      Best kind of meddling.

        I will wait until Shane responds before I feel relaxed.

          Hi [insert customer name],

          I'm afraid shane is currently away on urgent zombie apocalypse research and is unable to respond to your query for the time being. He will get back to you as soon as he returns and requests all his customers/fans please continue relaxing until further advised.

          Kind Regards,

          [generic phone/e-mail messaging service]

          Last edited 08/07/15 12:16 pm

      Thanks @scree! I appreciate that - Seon got in touch this morning, and is happy to be on call for any questions I might have. Thanks.

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