The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Its First DLC Pack Soon

The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Its First DLC Pack Soon

Briefly: The Elder Scrolls Online gets its first DLC pack, Imperial City, soon. It hits August 31 on PC, September 15 on Xbox One, and September 16 on PS4. It’s bundled for ESO Plus members — $US20 for everyone else. If you’re playing ESO, let us know! How are you enjoying it?


  • How is ESO? I know it got a fair bit of hate when it first came out but was curious at how it is now? Is it just a mediocre mmorpg with all the tropes and an elder scrolls skin thrown in or is it something better?

    • It’s a very good MMORPG. As long as you go in expecting an Elder Scrolls MMO, and not multiplayer Skyrim, you’re be pleasantly surprised.

    • I’m not sure how anyone can even really call it an MMO. It is a decent solo RPG but it is a really poor MMO – I play this with a few friends and we have tried to ‘group’ up and play through the game and from lvl 1-35 (all we have played so far) it is just so frustrating.

      Every quest you do in a group, everyone has to complete on their own, converse with NPC on their own, pick up stuff on their own and so on… even to the point where if you are in a ‘dungeon’ and have to channel 5 crystals or complete a puzzle, each player in a group will have to wait in turn for the other to finish before they can do the same action!! Its got to the point where some quests actually give credit to the whole group, if one person in the group completes an objective and we are all shocked and actually think something is broken!

      SWTOR was our game of choice before (WoW before that) and while it is not a perfect game (by any stretch of the imagination) its group quest dynamic was a million times better. ESO would do better if they took the Guild Wars approach and made everything a free for all…

      Only play if you like Elders Scroll games and love the lore etc… don’t go into this with your trusted group of friends thinking you will enjoy a shared adventure!


    • still a heap of steaming shit.
      LOL @ this dlc which was supposed to be released as part of the game at launch.

  • On ps4 Im playing it like a regular Elder Scrolls (pretty much solo) and having a blast. Every now and then i hit a boss i cant punish, pretty soon someone else runs in (or 10 someones) and we all smash them.
    I dont use magic at all so that makes it a bit harder, but really just soaking in the lore.
    Im not an mmo player at all and at some stage i may look at pvp, but yeah loving it solo.
    As long as i switch off the chat. 1st day playing i heard some dude beating the crap out of his kid. The mics pick up everything.

  • Are they releasing what amounts to a content patch that any other MMO would release free, and charging money for it or am I confused?

    • No, no they are not. This is an expansion, it adds new dungeons new PVP options and new PVE areas.

  • I want you to grab the Landscape from that area, the Monsters from that area, the Loot from that area and put them all together. Good Good. Ok now change the colors of the Trees, Grass and Mobs… Perfect. Now increase everything by 10 levels of difficulty. Excellent! Now sell it as an Expansion for $30!!

    But it seriousness, it depends on the price. If this is a $10 expansion, no worries I’m in.
    The additional hours of gameplay in new areas for $10 will be good value.
    But if the price is like $50, they can shove it up their Content.

    Personally, any Expansion that does not add another Class, Race or Craft is not really worth paying more than $10 for. If it added a new Class, Race or Craft, I think $50 would be a fair expansion price.

  • I honestly don’t understand the Hate this game gets, I get the disappointment at it not being a multiplayer Skyrim, I also shared that disappointment and there are still a few things (design choices not bugs) that I would like to see changed, but the reality is that this is a good MMO, it has that Elder scrolls world feel and plenty of lore. As long as you enter it understanding that it is an MMO and not a single player Elder scrolls, then most ES fans should be able to enjoy it.

    Only major criticism is that coming from guild wars its annoying that the game doesn’t adjust your level to suit the area’s or your party’s level, also half of the time if you have already done a quest a lot of time you can’t re-enter a dungeon or area with your friends that haven’t don’t it, meaning if you don’t progress through the same missions at the same rate, then playing with friends is a pain in the arse until end game.

    • I think my issue is that the Elder Scrolls setting really isn’t very exciting. What makes it so popular is the fact it pushes the envelops with graphics and interactivity, presenting a massive world you can conquer in your own way and in your own time.

      The MMO kills most of that, instead relying on the fact that people ‘MUST’ love the setting, otherwise why did so many copies of Skyrim sell?

      See, to me, Skyrim was a viking simulator. It was cool and all, but I have no doubt that other fantasy settings would have been just as good. But no other developer has been able to make me feel like I’m actually there in the same way that Bethesda did.

      Unfortunately, ESO doesn’t give you that feeling.

      • I absolutely understand what your saying and agree that ESO does not give you this feeling. IMHO though, you wont get this feeling from any mmo (at least not the ones I’ve played) and I think this is probably at the core of the hate for ESO, people wanted either a multiplayer skyrim, or the elder scrolls 6 end ESO is simply not either of those. Its an mmo set in the ES world.

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