You Can Now Play The Morrowind DLC For Elder Scrolls Online For Free

You Can Now Play The Morrowind DLC For Elder Scrolls Online For Free
Image: Bethesda

Elder Scrolls Online players, you can have one little freebie as a treat.

While many fans of the Elder Scrolls series eagerly await the sixth mainline entry, Elder Scrolls Online continues to be alive and kicking. Bethesda’s MMORPG has been chugging along since 2014, with updates and DLC continuing to flow.

With Starfield on the horizon, Fable 4 coming maybe, and The Elder Scrolls VI planned for… well, after that, it looks like Bethesda is keen to keep players invested in their online land.

Bethesda has announced today that the Morrowind DLC is now free to play for all players of the game. The post on the official Elder Scrolls Online website reads:

With the High Isle Prologue coming soon, we wanted to ensure that absolutely everybody in the game can experience this first step on the road to the upcoming Chapter by awarding the Morrowind DLC free to all ESO players.

Starting right now and for the foreseeable future, your ESO account has access to the Morrowind DLC upon logging into the game. Note that if your account does not appear to have access to the DLC, you can pick it up from the DLC section of the in-game Crown Store at no cost.

This is technically not the first time the DLC has been made ‘free’. Previously, players of the game that were subscribed to the Elder Scrolls Online Plus service (which is basically a season pass) had full access to the Morrowind DLC. But now, all players of the MMORPG will be able to play the DLC free of charge.

The Morrowind DLC for Elder Scrolls Online was also the first major expansion for the MMORPG and has been hailed as a huge step up graphically in comparison to the original game as well as a nice hit of nostalgia.

As Mike Fahey mentioned in his article on the DLC however, it did fall victim to a good bit of lag, but luckily that seems to have been resolved after an update to Elder Scrolls Online last year for the newer consoles bumped up the locked 30 frames per second to a hearty 60.

Considering the DLC has been a favourite for a lot of players, now might be a better time than ever to get onto it!


  • Now all we need is an Australian server to play it on. The ping times on ESO killed it for me, event though I really wanted to love and play it.

    • Fingers crossed they go in the same way as Square Enix did for FFXIV Online, from what I’ve heard the introduction of the Oceania server has done wonders for Australian players.

    • This right here. If it wasn’t for the ping times ESO would probably be up there behind WoW as my second most played MMO.

      Shame it’ll never happen though given their obsession with the ‘megaserver’ nonsense.

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