Guess Which Platform Gets Skyrim DLC First

The downloadable love affair between Bethesda and Microsoft continues with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as the first two instalments of add-on content are revealed as 30-day exclusives for the Xbox 360.

They did it for Fallout: New Vegas, and heck, for awhile there it looked like the PlayStation 3 version of Fallout 3 wouldn't get downloadable content at all, so it comes as no surprise to anyone that the new Elder Scrolls game due out November 11 will be followed by a pair of 30-day exclusive add-on content packs for the Xbox 360.

Now don't get all upset, PlayStation 3 and PC gamers. For all we know those Xbox 360 players might just be getting first dibs at some horse armour. Or they could be getting epic new locations with new creatures and amazing magical items that change the very face of the game itself.

The point is, if we start fussing now we'll be all fussed-out when we find out what the first downloadable content is. We have to pace ourselves.


    B-But... What if we don't ever get the horse armour!!! :'(

    Hmm. I hadn't read to much into this game yet, but this seems to me to be a sure sign that this is going another dumbed down version of Morrowind for a bunch of people who think they are gamers.

      If you've been living under a rock and managed to avoid knowing anything about the game, you should definitely pop your head out and voice your well-informed opinion.

        +1 mann

    Yes well Matthew, its not like they would go backwards in game design, making it less user friendly just to appeal to the more hardcore DnD style audience.

    I've bought Elder Scrolls games on consoles since Morrowind and I do so because I have a crappy computer and it also stops me from opening the consoles or modding the game and cheating.

      You're not doing anything to make console gamers look any less ignorant and childish with that post. If you knew anything at all you would know that one of the most popular mods for Oblivion actually made it harder and more dynamic (removing the ridiculous scaling that it featured), not cheating. And how is adding more depth to a game going backwards in game design? That's like saying cartoons aimed at a three year old are better than the Prestige because they're more accessible.

      It's because of people like you that games are dumbed down.

    Booooo! Exclusive deals suck!

    I kinda figured they would side with x-box for anything slightly exclusive.
    Every bit of game footage bar has been shown on xbox, bar maybe one that i saw being played on a ps3.

    I'm fine with it, as long as they get the mod-tools and mod application right. I can wait until then.

    Honestly, i doubt anyone with a job or school will be done with the vanilla game by the time the DLC comes out for any console. Bethesda has a HUGE hard-on for content, so i'm not worried about waiting for a little more because i play on PC. Shit happens. As long as we get it before TOO long.

    Once again, game publishers prioritise players a 6 year old console ahead of those running up-to-date computers. Sad

    Fuck you Bethesda, I'm not buying any of your games again.

    Meh. I'll just buy the GOTY/Compiled edition in a year or so with all the DLC included on the disk.

    who even cares, I'm over being spoon fed with DLC...

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