Skyrim's DLC Is Coming To PS3 Next Month

Finally! Skyrim's downloadable content, until now exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC, is making its way to the PlayStation 3.

Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn will all be on the PlayStation Network in February. They will all be 50 per cent off during their launch week.

Dragonborn will also hit PC on February 5.


    This entire issue is of Bathesda's creating. No other dev has had these sorts of issues, maybe BSW are just bad at making games work.

    This is great news if you havn't given up on Skyrim on the PS3 I guess the 50% off is an apology.

    Even with the 50% discount, it's too f***king late to redeem this train-wreck of a release.

      yep especially when the DLC will be 25USD instead of the price that US customers pay

    i dont even play it on PS3 and im glad to hear this.

    I am glad to hear this.

    I have it on PC though and are annoyed at having to wait longer than Xbox. Hey Bethesda don't charge me and Sony users the same to wait longer ya d*cks!

    The really old engine being used (Gamebryo I think it is called?) has been around since Morrowind if not longer and hence it has massive issues being changed to work with the PS3's architecture or even someting like a quad core dual GPU PC. These issues are Bethesda's fault and not a fault of the PS3 everyone.
    I hope they make a new engine or use a good third party one for the next Scrolls game though, that works on both new consoles and PC really well.
    Tech issues aside the actual game is fantastic and I still play it to this day which is a rarity for me after so long.
    If they make the next with great play and solid tech I think millions of people will come to like Bethesda more than most other dev's. Just an opinion guys.

      The Gamebryo engine has only been used since oblivion, and since then most of its individual parts have been overhauled by bethesda. The major issue with coding for the PS3 is that it requires far more efficient coding than you can get away with on both PC and Xbox, but it can deliver better results than the Xbox can. The game was sponsored by Microsoft so Bethesda was bound by contract to build it on the 360, it was then ported onto PC, which isn't too bad, but when it came to the PS3 bethesda had no idea how to code for it.

    Finally.. I can return to Skyrim.
    Let's hope it all works

    Cool. Now all we need is a GOTY edition and I can finally get stuck into it.

    Having 50% off for only a week sounds like a quick cash grab before people realise the issues that have plagued the game on the ps3 still remain. I'm more interested in knowing how they fixed it if they manage to do it considering it comes out around 14 (?) months after release. Regardless, i won't be buying it since i have no interest going back any time soon. i think i'll wait for Fallout 4 on pc

      I have played Skyrim on PS3 extensively and have never encountered any sort of serious problem, I have had a few crashes when my console had been running for long periods of time; other than that I have had no real problem, the game has ran smoothly and quickly all the time, I have upwards of 1000 hours across multiple characters, completing all quests and attaining all trophies.

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