The Humble Store's DRM-Free Sale Is Still Awesome

Yesterday we made mention of the fact that the Humble Store was running a cool DRM-free sale on its site, most made up of interesting, cheap indie games. The sale continues, and I thought I'd highlight again, mainly because today's deals might be the best ones yet.

Yesterday seemed to be more focused on the cheaper end of the indie spectrum, today's sales are a bit more focused on premium content — which is also cool.

For example...

You can get 33% off Titan Souls, which is a super new game.

Monaco is 83% off at $2.54.

Sokobond — co-designed by Melbourne's Harry Lee — is only $4.99. It's really cool.

Towncraft, by Sydney developer's Flat Earth Games is $4.99. Also a very interesting game.

You can check out the rest of the sale here.


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