The Humble Store Sale Will Break Your Wallet

I told you yesterday that this bloody Humble Store sale was a wallet buster on par with a Steam sale and, whaddaya know, they've just gone and proved me right. Hotline Miami for $2.49? Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for $4.99? Give me a break man.

There are also a number of old Final Fantasy games on sale, alongside Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $4.99 and Company of Heroes 2 for $13.33.

So yeah. Don't click on this link if you like money.


    Natural select 2 for $2.50 for the next 30 minutes

    got through about 15 pages of it and not a single game appealed to me, looks like my moneys safe this week

    Damn, i need to find some spare cash to pick up Space Hulk for my Brother-in-law - he'll lose his tiny little mind! :D

      A mate of mine gifted it to me for my birthday a few months back, but I still haven't played it... Was it actually any good?

        I think it's pretty neat - the boardgame is still better, but i still have a lot of fun with it.

    Thanks for this. Picked up FFVIII for a reasonable price. Now just need to mod the crap out of it because community>square.

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