This Australian Game Will Turn Us All Into Hackers

Hacknet is terrifying. It’s the closest thing to a real life hacking sim I’ve ever seen.

Developed by Adelaide-based developer Matt Trobbiani, Hacknet is a game that forces players to enter the shady world of internet security. It attempts to replicate the real world of hacking as opposed to the stylised Hollywood version of it. You won’t be bashing keyboards really quickly and talking really loudly about jacking the mainframe, you’ll be utilising real UNIX commands and trying to break through firewalls.

This is scary to me.

Players have to solve the mystery of ‘Bit’, the murdered creator of an invasive security system. As a failsafe he’s left the player a trail to follow, and follow it you must, down the rabbit hole of hackery.

It sounds super interesting. Hacknet is the latest game being published by Surprise Attack Games. These guys tend to support and invest in interesting game concepts, and this is no exception. Surprise Attack is describing Hacknet as “accessible but uncompromising”, which is precisely what you want a game like this to be.

The soundtrack features Carpenter Brut, who worked on Hotline Miami, and comes out August 12 on Steam and the Humble Store. I have an early copy of the game which I’ll be checking out. I’ll let you all know how it goes.


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