A Ton Of Aussie Games Are Available For Bugger All

Two things have rather conveniently combined today. The first is a rebranding of a long-running Aussie publisher, with Surprise Attack today reforming as Fellow Traveller. To mark the occasion, Green Man Gaming are discounting a raft of Aussie indies, including Crawl, Hacknet, and FRAMED.

Around 12 games are available, although not all of Fellow Traveller's staple are homegrown. Most readers will recognise some of the names though: FRAMED, which is now on PC after a long sojourn only on mobiles; the asymmetrical monster slayer Crawl; Hacknet; the split-screen Screencheat, Fort Meow, and Dungeon League.

Note that GMG only sells in USD to Australians, so I've quoted the Australian price at the time of writing, as well as the original listing price for clarity.

The landing page for all the deals is right here.


    A Ton Of Aussie Games Are Available For Bugger All

    That title is as Australian as it comes, mate.


      It was brought to my attention that I haven't used the word "flogging" in a headline for a while, either

        How about "cheap as"?

          That works too!

            Fortunately EB's daily specials are on for a new more days - plenty of opportunities there ;)

    Some are cheap on X1 also; like Super Mutant Alien Assault for $3.36 and Screencheat for $6.58

    Sadly I already have most of these from Humble Bundle... I loved Orwell though, I'd highly recommend it <3

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