What's Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2017?

It's been a bit of a cracker year for Aussie games. But which one is your favourite so far?

It's been a pretty solid year throughout, as far as Australian development is concerned. Fan of games on mobile? There was the sequel to the excellent FRAMED, the match-3 RPG Ticket to Earth, and even a open-world multiplayer arcade racer/crasher from the maker of Fruit Ninja.

Consoles and PC's didn't get left out, either. Hollow Knight and Hand of Fate 2, anyone? The beloved Hacknet got a huge expansion this year too, and indies like Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles popped up. And then there were games on the weirder side, like Paradigm.

The Switch got some love too: Mr Shifty was a local production that was one of the first indies on Nintendo's portable platform, while Crawl and Death Squared popped up too. And let's not forget Golf Story.

So, it's time to vote. What's your favourite Aussie game of 2017? Have a look down the list - it's quite large, and you might be surprised some of the games that were developed locally.

As always, yell at me in the comments if I've forgotten something major. The poll will run for a week, and we'll announce your favourite Aussie games post-Christmas.


    hand of fate 2 and mr shifty had me second, and triple guessing, but yea.. gotta be hollow knight.

    Winner: Hand of fate 2, have been hanging out for this for so long
    Honourable mention: Ticket to Earth
    Dark horse that could win: Rumu

    It would have been Symphony of the Machine, but then Rumu came out. so Rumu.

    Rumu loves surveys.

    I was hoping for Metal Dead 2 encore this year :( Does anyone know what happened to it? Last I heard it was nearly complete but they were waiting on the soundtrack...

    Crash of Cars by Not Doppler

    Hands of Fate 2 easily.

    Forts for me. Love it, even though MP is largely playing against people in the US.

    I had to vote for Inflatality because I know one of its developers, but otherwise it would have been a three-way tie between Hollow Knight, Rumu and Hand of Fate 2.

      Rumu and Hand of Fate 2 woulda been our votes too! ;)

    Just a heads up that you left out Earthlight: Spacewalk by Opaque Space. Also Assault Android Cactus got an Xbox release this year, if ports count :)

    Cities: Skylines for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows 10 was developed by Tantalus and released this year.

    What's the G.I.A.N.T.S game? I can't find it in google.

    Hollow Knight. Hands down.

    Golf Story, Mr. Shifty, Framed 2 and Hand of Fate 2 are also excellent. I haven't played Rumu though.

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