Want To Get Into The New Dungeons & Dragons? Get The Core Book For Cheap

If you've been wanting to get your teeth, claws or magic missiles into the latest iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, otherwise known as 5th Edition, it can be hard to grab the core rulebook for a decent price. While it's hard to get it for US-equivalent costs, the Book Depository does have it available for a rather reasonable $42.

At the time of writing, the D&D Player's Handbook is currently going for $42.17 on BD with free delivery.

It's the lowest price for Aussies I've seen anywhere, though I'm not sure how long it will last. A few days ago it was $48, so it could go lower, or climb back to $50 (or more).

For those who want to run a game, the Dungeon Master's Guide ($44) and Monster Manual ($48) are a bit more expensive, though not required.

Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook [Book Depository]

Image: Wizards of the Coast


    Is there a place I can get a good, clear shot of view of Kathie Lee Gifford?

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    Managed to find six Pathfinder books in mint condition on Ebay for $150. Was lucky enough they were from an Aussie because trying to buy them all from Paizo puts it up around the $500-600 mark... Pathfinder is based around v3 DnD from what I've seen, far prefer it over the dumbed down v5

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