Watch The Weeklong Summer Games Done Quick Charity Speedrun Marathon 

Watch The Weeklong Summer Games Done Quick Charity Speedrun Marathon

Forget the sun. Forget the beach. The only island you need concern yourself is Yoshi's Island, the first of more than 140 video games being speedrun to benefit Doctors Without Borders during the 2015 Summer Games Done Quick Marathon.

Easily one of my most eagerly anticipated annual events, the summer companion to January's Awesome Games Done Quick tournament is an excellent reason to stay inside glued to a monitor or television instead of going outside to be backed by our closest star.

Running non-stop today through early next Sunday morning, the 2015 Summer Games Done Quick event is all about cheering on players, community spirit and gaming for good. It's also about rewarding donations to global emergency medical aid organisation Doctors Without Borders with cool incentives. For instance, in the Sunday schedule below there's an incentive for Sonic Adventure DX — if a donation goal is reached, runner KerKro will tackle Big the Cat's story in the game.

Make sure your affairs are in order before you press play — it's impossible to stop watching this stream.


    Well missed the Yoshi's Island run due to time zone differences, but I'll try and catch it on youtube. Love watching Trihex smash the game

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