Speedrunning Marathon Raises More Than $1.7 Million For Charity

Watch The Final Day Of Summer Games Done Quick Speedrun Marathon

The latest Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon for charity has been another massive success, with the event raising a staggering total of $1,714,711 ($US1.298 million).

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The final day saw fans donate around $700,000, having started at just over $1.05 million. Some of the biggest runs were featured in the day's final hours, including the excellent work by the team behind the TASBot (tool assisted speedrun).

While the largest donation was just shy of $79,000, the average amount donated by 30,839 spectators was an impressive $55.60. That's on par with a lot of major Kickstarter campaigns (but not as much as, say, Star Citizen).

If you missed any runs, here's the full archive on YouTube.


    I love watching the Games Done Quick marathons and this one was especially great.

    If you're looking for highlights, check out the Elder Scrolls block (Every main ES game from Arena to Skyrim, including a 5-ish minute Oblivion run), the 1-and-a-bit-hours Demon's Souls run, the *blindfolded* Symphony of the Night run, the utterly hilarious Jak and Daxter run (worth it for the commentary alone), the mindblowingly quick The Witness run and the intense Super Mario Maker race.

    They haven't put the final day's videos up yet (everything after the Diablo II run), but when they do, TASBot, Final Fantasy VI Sketch Glitch, the traditional Super Metroid race, Super Mario RPG and the bonus Super Mario 64 70-star race are all worth watching.

    There was also a really funny race of Curse of Issyos which is worth it just for the interplay between the two runners.

    Overall it was an amazing event and I can't wait for Awesome Games Done Quick 2017.

      I'd also recommend halfcoordinated's Momodora run if you need to restore your faith in humanity.

        Oh man I forgot about that run entirely. My tweet about it even got fave'd by him today, so I should have remembered. It was fantastic, for sure.

      Throwing in the Trauma Center run too, very impressive dexterity required for a full game speedrun.

      Yeah, there is no way in hell that Bonesaw will be coming back to Games Done Quick.

        I must have missed something with this run (I only caught the second half of it). What happened?

          Basically he made a few mistakes and it seemed like his run wouldn't come under time. So he and the people on camera started shooting the shit and make jokes, which also included making Owen Wilson impressions. It was hilarious, even the producers were laughing, and he managed to finish under time. But it's kinda not what Games Done Quick is about.

            To be honest, it was far from the worst run I've ever seen at a GDQ event (one run last year was so bad they didn't even include it in the archive version because the runner was just horrible on-camera.)

    Don't forget the best game of all, PEPSIMAN!!!!

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