Awesome Games Done Quick Raises Over US$1 Million For Charity

It wasn't as immediately lucrative as last year, but breaking the seven figure mark so soon after Christmas and the New Year is an outstanding achievement nevertheless. And it's all because of games.

The money's going towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and if you factor in the fact that 2016's AGDQ didn't have the advantage of a Humble Bundle package to market it's arguably just as impressive.

The million-dollar mark was broken during a run of Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (just after 20 hours in), resulting in rapturous applause from the crowd. The response briefly frightened the runners, mind you: there weren't any donation trackers up for the runners, so they weren't immediately aware what the outburst of sound was related to.

Viewership for the event also soared beyond 100,000 for many runs, and one of the event's organisers told Polygon they were thrilled with how the event turned out. The next major speedrunning will be Summer Games Done Quick, and anybody who wants to apply to run a game at the event can find all the information necessary on the AGDQ website.

Summer Games Done Quick kicks off from June 3 (US time) and will run until June 9. The event's slated to be held in the Minneapolis area, with more details to be announced closer to the event.


    The Yogscast also raised ~$1.1m USD for various charities over December.
    Awesome job by gamers!

    Some highlights here:

    I'm going through some of the ones I missed live right now. Love these events.

    yeah iirc there was one donation of 1k and then another for 10k at one stage while i was watching, think it was during the Awful games done quick block

    Id love to see them do an event where its speedruns done without exploits like clipping and such as playing halos campaign on legendary from start to finish with out skipping script triggers and moving outside of the map

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