Watch Uncharted 4's Incredible Extended E3 Demo

Watch Uncharted 4's Incredible Extended E3 Demo

The most impressive thing I saw at E3 was the behind-closed-doors extended demo of Uncharted 4, a video game about the power of stubble. Now, you can see it too.

Keeping in mind that E3 demos are kinda nonsense — and that they're about selling hyperbole, not reflecting reality — let's sit back and enjoy a video full of car chases, explosions, and brotherly squabbles. Think of it as something to be appreciated on its own merits, rather than as a game demo. Because it's pretty damn awesome.


    As much as I want to watch that, I'm on a self-imposed media blackout until release.
    I've seen enough.

      Probably a good call to be honest. I simultaneously wish I both had and hadn't seen that. Probably best action sequence i've seen in a game full stop. :D :D

    The environmental damage is very cool, am getting excited to play this.

    Hrmm.. hope they improve the physics a bit more. The way Nathan bounces around behind the truck doesn't seem "right" to the eye.. and then one of the motorcyles seems to be a bit too bouncy also..

      If you're concerned about physics, I'd like to point out the section where Nathan is dragged behind the truck while holding on to the rope... and still being able to shoot bad guys... and still finding the strength to 'climb' the rope to reach the truck... Yeah, that bit didn't seem entirely feasible, but damn if it's not entertaining. I prefer to suspend my disbelief.

        I'm not at all talking about realism. I am talking about it looking right cinematically. it didn't look right "cinematically". Watch it again and see if you can see what I mean. It starts just as he hits the dirt on the other side of the river and until he gets up on his feet while still holding the cable. The way he slides around feels quite mechanical and not fluid.. like he isn't making contact with the ground in many parts. This is a game physics issue.. not a "real world" physics issue.

        And yes, it is entertaining but it breaks the immersion for me when my eye picks up on things like that.. the rest of the video is amazing. ND are amazing.

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          I agree he doesn't quite bounce around right, but then again you're talking about a 40 second scene. It would be great if they could clean it up, but given the rest of the footage I just saw, and given the scope of the game, I can forgive that little flaw in what looks like a jaw-dropping game.

    I watched the extra minutes here at work, and it was a real struggle not to applaud with glee. This is going to be so amazing. *throws money*

    water physics also need to be more believable as when the jeep goes through the water at speed should of created a bigger splash.

    i dont care for the series but its good seeing a well made game. Well it at least looks like it.

    The sooner companies stop making games for both the last generation and current generation consoles the better the games will be. The new batman game is probably the best looking game (and great story which is more important) ive seen on console and should now be the standard for this gen.

    It is SO GOOD. We watched this last night and at first thought it was the same E3 demo video, but then, awww man BAM, so much more.

    Elena! I was waiting for her to show up, yayayay.

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