5 Unreleased Rare Games, Revealed

Five Unreleased Rare Games, Revealed

It took two whole days, but someone has finally unlocked the videos in new Xbox One release Rare Replay that show off a quintet of games that the studio behind Blast Corps, Jetpac and Banjo-Kazooie started working on but never released. Some look pretty cool, especially Kameo 2.

The videos could only be unlocked by playing a ton of the games in the 30-game collection and playing them extremely well. Credit to YouTuber XCageGame for unlocking these. It took them two days after the game was released to pull it off, which is about as much time as a quarter of you had guessed.

Here are the games:


Sundown was going to be a horror game, though the video doesn't convey what would have made it distinct from so many other zombie/infected games out there. Maybe we were better off without this one?

Five Unreleased Rare Games, Revealed

Black Widow

This game about driving a spider tank at least made its way to the playable prototype stage. There's a lot of video of it in action in the above clip, and it looks pretty fun. No reason given for why it wasn't made, but it apparently was going to at least survive in some form in Kameo 2, except then Kameo 2 didn't get made. Oh well. At least Ubisoft made some fun spider tank missions in Watch Dogs.

Kameo 2

Kameo 2 was going to be a darker sequel to the bright Zelda-light Xbox 360 launch game Kameo: Elements of Power. Kameo herself was going to have a new shadow power and sport a darker look. The creatures she could summon were also going to look edgier. The early concepts looked cool, but it doesn't sound like the game got past the concept stage.

Five Unreleased Rare Games, Revealed


This is a cute-looking flying game that also made its way to playable prototype. The footage is dated to 2007. It certainly looks like the game could have been the Xbox 360's modern take on the old Nintendo series Pilotwings.

Five Unreleased Rare Games, Revealed

The Fast and The Furriest

This was going to be another kart-racer from Rare, though the idea was to let you steal car parts from opponents' vehicles during a race. That could've been fun!


    I'm still bummed we never got Donkey Kong Racing.

      Why? Nintendo title will never leave nintendo platforms. There was no hope to begin with.

        I mean on a Nintendo platform. They showed off a trailer for it before Nintendo sold their shares to MS.

          Well they did Diddy Kong Racing which was awesome. Would love a sequel to that.

            That's essentially what it was. It was for GameCube. Here is the early trailer.


    I liked Kameo. I thought it had some good ideas. A darker more serious game like the one they were planning would have been quite fun.

    The original was really just too shallow and lighthearted to rank anywhere above had fun/10 though.

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