Aussie Developer Dream Team Announce Their First Video Game

Prettygreat is a little bit of an Australian dream team. Luke Muscat, creator of Fruit Ninja is at the heart of it, but has teamed up with other Halfbrick luminaries Hugh Walters and Phil Larsen to form a brand new studio. Late last night they announced their very first game.

And that game is Land Sliders, a weird little mobile game that I can't describe but somehow just understand from watching it being played.

That is probably a good sign.

The core idea is this: you don't control the character, you control the world, hence the name Land Sliders. Every 3D world in the game is completely unique. It looks like a lot of fun.

As you may have noticed, Land Sliders bears a resemblance to Crossy Road — just in the aesthetics of it. It helps that the bird from Crossy Road seems to actually appear in the game. Actually that might be the only reason I leapt to that conclusion.

That and the fact that Hipster Whale are helping fund this game. They provided $500,000 in seed money to hop on board as shareholders and advisors.

Prettygreat don't have a release date yet — or a platform, but let's be real here, it's coming out on iOS. But you know how it is with these things: the game will just randomly be out one day like SURPRISE!

I am expecting good things.


    As a fan of everyone involved in this project, this is officially awesome!

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