Diablo 3 Gets A Massive Patch Today As Well

Diablo 3 Gets A Massive Patch Today As Well

If you’ve been thinking about jumping back into the world of Diablo, today might not be a bad time with patch 2.3.0 rolling out worldwide.

It’s one of Blizzard’s massive patches, with a new wasteland to explore (the Ruins of Sescheron), a new artisan allowing players to catalogue their Legendary abilities, progression tracking for seasons and new Torment levels from 7 to 10 (with a minimum Paragon level of 100+).

There’s a re-coding of skills so they can be bound to the left mouse button. Most of the heroes’ skills have gotten another balance pass, with the Witch Doctor getting two or three pages of changes.

Bounties and nephalem rifts have been heavily tweaked. Low level crafting materials have been scrapped entirely. Magic and rare recipes don’t drop any more and the cost of crafting has been streamlined across the board.

It’s so large that Blizzard’s preview video goes for almost six minutes. The introduction of Kanai’s Cube is pretty important, and if you’re a Diablo fan it’s worth watching just for the cube’s changes alone.

Patch 2.3.0 is live on the American servers and should be available across all regions by the end of the day. If you want to check out the finer details, head on over to the Diablo 3 Battle.net page.


  • The cube is a great change. You don’t have to wear reapers wraps or that reduced set bonus ring anymore. Well you don’t have to wear one of them anyway.

    • Oh, they cut off all PS3 support didn’t they? :/

      Word on the grape vine is that Target is selling PS4s for under $400 😉

      • Yeah, thanks for the heads-up. I already have a ps4, though.

        I play Diablo with a mate in another state, and he’s too stingy to get a ps4. If I migrate my character over to access the new content, then we won’t be able to play together.

  • While I do have it on the PC, I just bought it on Xbone to play with friends. Guess ill be waiting a few more weeks before I can get in on the content 🙁

  • Absolutely mad that Blizzard are still supporting this game at all, let alone to this extent. Other publishers could learn a thing or two about how to build brand loyalty.

    • I first read that a – you were mad that they were still supporting the game. I got it the second time. You’re right. I think it’s a matter of company pride. All Blizzard games are awesome – or at least they will be eventually! Means I’ll continue to buy every Blizzard game that comes out, so it’s probably a good strategy,

    • Isn’t it funny how you barely hear a whisper about battle.net yet people lose their minds when Origin is mentioned. It just goes to show that brands that treat their customers right is all we need to be happy.

  • Good news! It is out on xbox one and ps4 now. I spent last night playing it on xbox one.

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