Diablo III Player Reaches Level 70 In One Minute

Diablo III Player Reaches Level 70 In One Minute

Here’s an insanely skilled Diablo III player Dat Modz proving that it’s possible to get to max level in no time. Sixty-five seconds to be exact. That’s bloody impressive.

And how is this possible? Dat Modz is on the game’s very rare (not THAT rare since patch 2.2, but still rare) Cow Level, and its special event gives a massive XP boost. Also his character is wearing a Hellfire Ring with the Gem of Ease and equips a Leoric’s Signet as soon as he hits the appropriate level. All of these give another huge XP boost. That Ruby in the helmet’s socket and the extra Paragon Levels help too.

Here’s the video showing his Monk, the SSJ3 Goku theme from Dragon Ball fits perfectly:

The pop-ups can’t even keep up with gaining levels this fast, but you can track the increases in the top left, above his avatar.


  • So to be clear, the leveling character just stood there while he was boosted through content intended for very well-geared max level characters and run at the highest difficulty level. The amount of time it took is interesting but I’d hardly call it impressive, and Dat Modz may well be “insanely skilled” but this video didn’t show any skill on his part at all.

      • Credit where it’s due, his team mates were pretty skilled, Torment 6 is pretty difficult. Time spent setting it up isn’t something I find impressive or insanely skilled, though the result is at least mildly interesting.

        • T6 is easy when you are almost fully geared with proper skillset. Running with 3-4 people make it even easier.

          Granted they deserve something for playing up to such high level but the amount of time they staged this video is kind makes it bad. Just like someone was tossing a basketball from 2 court away to do some “lucky” trick shot which he might have been doing for a weeks continuously to record that but only the working shot is uploaded and he boast about it. Kinda lame.

        • I’m sorry but Torment 6 is no longer difficult and hasn’t been for some time now. I leveled my Monk from 1 to 70 at the start of Season 3 (No Paragon Levels) and within 6 hours I hit 70 doing Expert Adventure Mode Bounties.

          At level 70 I started doing Torment 1 Rifts and easily got enough gear within 8 hours of being level 70 to do Torment 6 Rifts and now 20+ hours in can solo clear or carry 4 people through a T6 Rift in less than 4 minutes.

          Can also Power Level a friend from 1 to 70 in 15-20 minutes on average without the Cow Level Rift.

          • I only really touched T6 when it first came out, and I had very few paragon levels. It was pretty difficult at the time, I’ll take your (and @letrico ‘s word) that it’s easier now.

          • yeah no joke, you can run a level 1 to Max in 6 hours, then be doing T6 within a day comfortably.
            its become so easy its a joke.

    • This article would have been alright if the bit about skill and it being impressive was omitted. I mean in and of itself it’s interesting that it’s possible to get a character to level 70 in a minute.

  • Right so they are extremely high level, fully geared, spent maybe 4-5 hours resetting rift to get the cow king rift, spent X hours to level gem of ease to wear hellfire ring at level 1. Not to mention his paragon level.

    Run with fully stacked team and stay behind to leech exp to 70 is “insanely skilled”.

  • Being power-levelled by friends isn’t really impressive, it’s just how it works. It’s also a little bit of a cheat to say “no time” because it completely ignores the 10s to 100s of hours invested in getting the gear and Paragon points that enable you to level so fast, not to mention finding the area and the time invested by your team mates in getting themselves to a level where they can clear the area with little effort.

  • After reading the comments above I understand now, I was thinking was I missing something cos he didn’t actually seem to be doing anything…because he wasn’t. Well, what a waste of a couple of minutes that was

  • This is BS….I have power leveled in D3 before. Not to this extent, but where is my recognition for hiding in a F**king corner while people boost me to level 70 on a rare drop level?….This had to do with chance meets prep, meets well skilled players. It had nothing to do with this mountain man in front of a PC yelling “SUPER SAIYAN GIVE ME THE POWER” Like he was doing something. Fat slob.

  • Not to mention, there are so many glitches and haks even on console that I’ve watched people enter the rift trials and drop 100 paragon levels in a couple of minutes. A real shame so many people strive to shaft the system on this game.

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