What’s New With Diablo III’s Big 2.0.1 Patch

Maybe you’re curious what’s new with Diablo III‘s chunky new 2.0.1 patch? I haven’t been keeping up on the nitty-gritties of what’s changed in the new patch, so I found this video to be helpful to the point where it made me want to play more Diablo III to see how all the new tweaks feel in action.

Check here for the full patch notes.

How’s everyone’s temperature on Diablo III these days? Still playing? Considering firing it up again for the expansion? Totally over it? Sound off below.


  • I’m loving the pants off it! It is now the game we all hoped it would be (even before xpac is out).

    Get your friends, your dog and your wife.

    • I think its better if you fix your laggy internet. It will benefit you more in the future instead of them making an offline mode for you.

      • Let me get right on that, wait a minute, i dont have $44 billion dollars to upgrade to a fibre NBN

        • I use a TPG ADSL2+ and it does not lag one bit? I’m not asking @lanceuppercut to spend billions on fibre. Just upgrade to ADSL2+ for $30.

          I’m pretty sure he was saying the lag when the server had problem during launch and that was ages ago and his comment is totally irrelevant.

          • I have optus cable. My internet is of no issue. The fact that the servers are not on the same continent is.

            Also the fact that down time is always in Australian peak time. And when it is down then I can’t play in an offline mode.

            Ill stick to torchlight and van helsing

          • There is option to choose your server and you can choose Asia for a better latency but I heard optus have bad connection to Asia in general so I’m not sure that will help.

            The down time is not that common anyway you can always play your torchlight and van helsing while it is down.

            Aren’t you playing Torchlight and Van Helsing on Steam? I’m sure you don’t go offline mode on steam :/

          • Actually that is EXACTLY your issue. Optus cable has a horrendous lag issues to US during peak times due to their overseas routing. I have 100mbit optus cable and the only way to play most online games after 5pm is for me to use a VPN that allows me to access a different connection out of Australia.

            So your solutions are either to use a VPN for 200ms no spiking D3 or switch to a provider that uses different routing. Assuming you have good internet just because it’s cable is a mistake.

          • I am at about 1450 meters from my headend box. I am on the very limit of what ADSL can give, and my last mile copper is utter crap. I do not own it, and those that do have no interest. As far as they are concerned, it is good enough. I get 4m down, 1m up, with a good dose of packet loss, especially on rainy days. How would you suggest I upgrade? I can change providers till the cows come home, but they will ALL be over that same last 1450 meters, which even if it was flawless, wouldn’t support more than what I get, and it isn’t flawless. On top of that, my area is massively oversubscribed, so the equipment itself is overloaded; again, this is irrelevant to who I pay service for, they all just rent ports from Telstra. Until the NBN, I have no upgrade path. Under the “revised” NBN (FTTN instead of FTTH) I will get no relief; it includes nothing for the so called last mile, which leaves me screwed.

            And that’s as an Australian. Dog forbid if someone in, say, a devloping nation, or the outback, or anywhere else without high speed broadband wants to play.

            Online always for a single player experience is a BAD DECISION for the industry, and complacency because it is good enough for YOU is, well, selfish.

          • I agree with everything this guy says. I’m in a similar boat, the node is super close but the copper between my place and said node is the problem.

            At my brothers place they just installed a fibre optic line, and to his place across the street from the node which has no copper line he’ll be getting a fibre optic line. He couldn’t believe it. But like I said before we asked the installation crew on break. Nobody runs copper any more it’s cheaper to run Fibre in the same hole.

          • That is definitely a huge issue there mate. I’m not condemning anyone that is having problem while I am not. I was just trying to make some sense into what @lanceuppercut was trying to say.

            In his case, he was complaining about laggy server because it was not in the continent and the downtime is always during Australia peak time.

            In your case, copper is fucked and I understand your pain as I was there but I moved to another place now. Not saying you need to do what I do but I was just moving because my rent contract ended.

            Always online is always stupid. I was against it at first as well but then I realise I am already connected to the internet almost 24/7 and I’m sure most of the us here are the same. It is not technically bad for the industry but it is pushing the industry to grow. If no one were to make such decision, there will be no improvement to the network infrastructure except Australia since Abbott thinks we only use internet for Skype.

    • You weren’t playing D2 properly unless it was on closed battle.net,
      Same would of applied here if a single player mode existed.

    • Really ? Me and my brother played the other night and his internet was down scaled to 256k because of going over his download limit , He never said anything about lagging.

      Are you sure something else wasn’t at play to cause this issue ? I.e downloading at the same time or your PC hardware ?

  • It is a marked improvement on the first release, been playing with friends since last week when 2.0.1 hit, a newer version of when up tuesday night addressing some of the bugs, exploits that had crept in with the patch, now just waiting for the expansion that is mid march 🙂

    • I have to second this. I created new characters to test the Loot 2.0 the forums are talking about and the feeling to be able to find upgrades along the way is amazing. I no longer have a level 60 character still using a bracer from level 20 (urgh) or wearing a wizard hat with strength (wtf?), upgrades are consistent but sporadic enough to still make them sought after.

      The new legendary drops that alter gameplay actually got me thinking and change my builds accordingly instead of googling copy-paste a build posted “by the experts”. Quite an extraordinary experience I will say, and it really should be what the original Diablo 3 1.0. I actually feel this can work well together with the auction house, but I am not gonna really cry over the closure of that.

      Naphalem valor is gone! Finally I can change skills and spells on the fly according to the mobs I am facing. You still can’t change in combat but I love the fact that if I spot a CC-heavy elite over the horizon, I can change skills to face them.

      My only complain is the BoA items and the limit of 2hr of trading. I understand Blizzard is trying to combat real money trading sites (If Blizz can’t have RMT, no one can!), but it’s really restrictive and defeats the purpose of clans. I wish Blizzard can change it so players in a clan can have up to 1-2 days to trade instead.

      Overall, very satisfied with the patch and look forward eagerly to the new Crusader and the expansion.

  • *Lewt chances = somewhat passable (still requires 1.5 – 3 hours of play per legendary).
    *Still no PvP.
    *Disconnects quite frequently.
    *Itemization is better for your character ( i.e better chance of item stats rolling for your character picking up the lewt).
    *Skills reworked slightly to encourage grinding for paragon levels.
    *Xp temporarily increased to get you back in game to encourage you to buy the expac.
    *Paragon levels watered down individualy but there are more of them to even it out holistically.

    All in all they seem to b copying PoE (yes even with the disconnects) which on the whole is a good thing, but brace your sphincters as blizzard has a penchant of late of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • The current build is how it should have been on release. The game feels fun to play again, and rewards your efforts finally. The loot makes sense and feels much more relevant to the character you’re playing, whilst still having the odd drop you can pass to a friend. Really looking forward to the new content now.

  • I was so excited for D3. Made it all the way to inferno hardcore only a short while after release, too. only then (and after the attack speed nerf) did the honeymoon period wear off and I understood that a severe departure from the base mechanics of D2 were a bad thing.
    repetitive gameplay, health/armor stacking being essential, boring and useless legendaries, woeful storyline… Diablo 3 was a shadow of what it could have been (and if you read the Book of Cain you know they could have taken it so much further).

    No amount of fixing could bring me back to that.

    • I was feeling the same and abandoned it before even reaching level 60. I went back to it yesterday and the loot is great. No more struggling to find the type of equipment for you on Auction House while being rape by monsters.

      My stats went triple with the equipments I found in 3 hours of game.

      • That sounds like enough for me to jump back in and see how things have changed. It’s been a long time.

          • So jumped in for 30 minutes last night before bed. Could have sworn I had a Level 60 but for some reason all my characters are Level 41. With difficulty because my stuff was so crap I killed a couple elites on Hard and everything that dropped was better than the things I already had,

            So I’ll give it some more time tonight / over the weekend I think.

          • Cheers man. I had another run yesterday. Got up to paragon 13 from level 59 and its been fun. Bumped to master difficulty and still able to survive.

  • This patch fixed D3 for me. I gave up on it ages ago, but noticed the expansion was coming. I was still a little worried but then saw these patch notes and the comments associated with. Been playing for a couple days now and its feeling more like D2. Loving it.

  • I’ll be playing when the expansion comes out. Crusader looks like a lot of fun (been wanting a heavy armour class since D2) and it’s been long enough since I last played that I’ve forgotten most of the non-critical story developments.

  • You guys should give it a quick play for 30min-1 hour with the new patch. Will not disappoint with the new patch. After playing it yesterday I feel like playing it all the way and leveling my paragon as high as possible to play crusader.

  • It’s not just the loot though, the leveling experience and new difficulty system make the replay value skyrocket.

    I already had two 60’s level’d the old way (Play through the game 4 bloody times then farm farm farm). This time though, I rerolled another character with a friend and have been leveling on Master difficulty from level one. It’s taken us a few days and we’re just about to reach the end of act 2 at lvl 45. It’s been a blast!

    On top of that, the classes feel a LOT different then they used to. They all seem to have their own unique style and I don’t feel pressured into any distinct builds as most of the skills feel powerful now.

    Loving it so far, bring on the xpac! Josh Mosqueira has saved this game as far as I’m concerned.

  • Everyone should give the new patch a go.
    Blizzard has done a great job in fixing the overall gameplay and feel of the game. And there’s still lots of cool new feature to come with the expansion.

    If you can get over the whole online only thing, this patch is an awesome improvement. That being said… I did like it since release so this is just a cherry on the top.

  • The upgrades to my existing legendaries were…excessive. I walked into the game after months off and raped it up without breaking a sweat. OP much?

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