EVO's 2015 Moments Video Makes Fighting Games Look Magical

The misty eyes of James Chen and Seth Killian say it all.

You don't have to attend to see some of the magic that goes on every year at the Evolution fighting game championships, but being there in person — as is the case with any major eSports event, really — explains so much more than you would see on a stream.

If you can't do that, however, then the next best source is the "Moments" videos from Richard Li. They're beautiful little short films that capture some of the greatest moments from EVO every year, and earlier today the Moments video for EVO 2015 was released.

Like the others, it's beautiful — something best communicated by the expressions on the faces of the commentators, Seth Killian and James Chen, at the end.



    It makes fighting games look magical because they are magical. I watched the whole event this year, and it really did feel like that.

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