Final Fantasy XV's Backstory Shown In New Trailer

Final Fantasy XV's Backstory Shown in New Trailer

The latest Final Fantasy XV trailer is titled "Dawn", and in it, we can see young Noctis and his dad King Regis.

The events that take place 15 years prior to Final Fantasy XV seem to involve two things: Rain and hugging. Oh! There's a dog. Good thing they didn't call this trailer "Dawg."

Final Fantasy XV's Backstory Shown in New Trailer

I'll tell you what, that medieval knights with 1950s style sedans is one helluva cool look.


    Watching this just makes me think of how much our taste in games (and everything else) changes as we get older. Back in the PS1 / PS2 days, the thought of a new Final Fantasy or Resident Evil game would have me absolutely foaming at the mouth in excitement. Now I watch this and I just can't muster up any excitement at all. Not sure if it's because the games have changed or because I've changed or what. It makes me sad... somewhere deep down inside my brain, early-20's me is desperately trying to get out so he can play this, but present-day about-to-turn-40 me just tells him to sit down and shut up while I go play something else. *sigh*

      I'm the same and I'd say it's a mix of both. Our tastes and standards would have certainly changed by now, but the style of the fantasy is not what it was in the PS1 era, or should I say it's perhaps too realistic now. I'm not big on Action RPGs either, I just don't feel it fits with the Final Fantasy series.

      I felt this way with XIII, XIII 2 and Lightning returns. My missus ended up playing those ones while I played other games, just couldn't get in to them.

      I have tried the demo for XV and I was somewhat drawn in, really wanted to keep playing. I found the combat system to be kinda fun in a new way.
      It's a bit hard to describe, Dragon Age meets Devil May Cry meets Final Fantasy.
      I thought the hold button to do continuous base attacks to be lame at first, just another DA system where you attack until a skill is ready, then it became clear that it's just a background feature to keep things moving leaving you focused more on dodging, team combos, skills, magic, counters and teleporting.

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      For me this is a natural evolution of the Final Fantasy series. I am ready to give this one a chance, in hopes that reality will meet fantasy in a nice tail. It's true that as we grow up and get more experience we want stupendous games to live up our expectations.
      When I was 19 years old I though Almodovar's movies were slow, boring and overwhelmingly melodramatic but now I do appreciate them, same way as a novel poem and an impressionist painting. Those source of media captivates their audience with a dipper meaning opened to interpretations and personal point of views.

    Standing in the rain and staying dry, all with the magic power of a hug.

    Seriously wtf even was this? If this is all they showed off (I haven't been able to look at the full conference yet), why bother showing anything. This is what kills hype.

    Is the recreation of Shibuya still in FFXV or not? I recall that was one of the early bits of info about the game when it was once known as Versus XIII.

    More emotion than all three FF13 games combined.

      Perhaps even FFXIV can be a contender with having more emotion than FFXIII (people have cried at certain points in the Heavensward storyline, I've heard).

      This is one of those cutscenes, so massive spoilers within:

    All the dogs in 2015!

      90% will be dead by 2016, the other 10% just won't have been released yet

    This trailer was shit. There was no excitement. Was it supposed to be a teaser? That's two minutes of crying and hugging, two minutes that we can never get back.
    If you haven't watched this trailer yet, don't!

    Digging the futuristic-Medieval setting

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